Lara Busts On In

Level by Cain

Walkthrough by DJ Full

- Conserve medikits.
- Remember some of them can't be used at all.
- Save as many grenades for killing eels as possible.
- Sometimes it is better to avoid the enemy and kill it later.

- If you wanna kill an eel when you've run out of grenades, you need to hit him in the head. Notice Lara ducks a bit in certain point of backflip animation. In this moment she's more likely to hit eel's head. So backflip while shooting whenever you can. If your trigger finger is fast enough to take advantage from switching targeting to manual, it may be advisable. Also, you can make some space by letting the eel come closer to you, then rolling and backflipping as many times as necessary to get to the other side of the place. Then you can duck to hit the opponent in the head more efficiently.
- To kill a T-Rex, draw the shotgun and wait for the dino to switch to the attacking state. Then, send it to the eternal archeological museum by firing one shot only.
- The most efficient way to kill a demi-termi-god is to get as close to him as possible to make him unable to fire bolts at you. The best weapon for this enemy is the crossbow, as firing only 7 explosives wipes him out.
- Mummies are bullet-resistant. Use the explosives.

Kill the Indian (according to Cain's readme, he's called Billy Otis Simon Smith). Pick up the key to his gate, put it in the keyhole and enter the garden.

A = ahead
L = left
R = right
Jump over or kill two eels. Go around the house and press the switch next to the door leading to the maze. Enter it. Keep close to the left wall. Following this method will take you at least 5 minutes, but you will succeed for sure. At the end, hop on the block and grab two medis: small and large. Drop down to the tile on the left of the block and unexpectedly find yourself in the hidden pool. Swim into the underwater maze. On the following junctions, go R,
A, A, L, 4 x A, L, R, 4 x A, L, 5 x A, R, A, A. Get out to the grass.

Pick up the Hut Key. Kill the demi-termi-god (refer to the KILLING TIPS if you need to). Collect 6 big medis from the two platforms sticking out of the lava pit. Get on the 3rd one, grab the wall and shimmy left.
NOTE: The author's intention is to set lara on fire and make her waste all the medis on her way to the pool. However, it is possible to avoid the flames on the 4th platform. Make sure Lara's finger are grabbing the wall EXACTLY between two tiles. Backflip and land behind the flames. Strafe to the right corner and do the swan dive to the other side of the pit, to land on the last platform. Jump over the three fire pits and hop into the water.

Go around the maze to find a lonely hut. Place the key and enter it to grab some items:
- 5 big medis
- a crossbow and 100 explosive arrows (you have 10 normal as well)
- a shotgun and 12 more normal shells (you have 18 in total)
- a grenade gun armed with 4 normal grenades and 36 more super grenades.
Switch crossbow ammo to explosive and choose super grenades. Throw a switch to open the main door leading to the house and breed some eels and T-Rexes. To kill the dinos, follow the instructions described in the KILLING TIPS section. Bust on in the house.

Annihilate the eel horde in the hall. Press the switch to open the door next to it. In the music room, destroy another herd of eels. Find the passage behind the toilet. Upstairs, blow up a couple of demi-termi-gods and another pair of eels. Stand in the window in the NE passage and kill some more eels from there. Proceed through the corridor to kill next termigod and a couple of eels. Find yourself in the upper living room, blow up some more eels and press the switch, launching another termigod and opening the door in the last corridor. Go through it, into the kitchen. Eel some more enemies and grab the Dining Room Key lying on the floor in the NE corner. Backtrack to the main hall, notice the keyhole and use the key on it. That spawns another T-Rex. In the dining room, there are two more of them and the Load key to pick up. Exit the house and go right, around it, then SW to find the separate bathroom. Use the key to open it (launches a giant mummy behind you - refer to the KILLING TIPS if it's necessary). Proceed through the building, wiping out an eel squad, and execute a whole regiment of mummies surrounding the pool behind the bathroom. Blow up a lonely eel in the pool, jump in and find a hole in the NW corner. Swim through the passage to find a lever switch in some dry place at the end of it. Pull it to open the door leading from the outside to the kitchen on the ground floor of the mansion. Backtrack to the main yard, blow up some eels stuck on the platform containing the motorbike and draw the pistols. Enter the kitchen and backflip to lure two gladiators out of the house, into the open space. Kill them and get back to the kitchen to open the freezer and find another gladiator in there (he can't leave this place, so if you wanna kill him, don't leave as well). Pick up 2 small and 2 large medis from the shelf. Also, there are 40 additional super grenades. Grab the key the gladiator has dropped. On your way to the next switch in the last kitchen, blow up some eels and giant mummies. Press the button to be able to reenter the hall and go ahead to fight three more gladiators and an eel in the last room of the mansion. Press the switch to spawn some more eels and be able to go through the door located in the corridor on the first floor, behind that cat statue you probably already know. In the bedroom, kill some more eels. And, if you want to, trigger an extra eel by standing on the square on the left of the bedroom entrance. Now let the opposite door lead you out of the house, to perform the running jumb and grab the ledge of the cage containing the bike. Pull up and move a switch to finally access the motorbike. Drive to the 1st floor, in the corridor go through the left door, run over several gladdies and go up the ramp to jump out of the house. Land on the wall, fall down to the other side, go across the yards and around the pit to finish the ride near the raised block. Go through the hole in the wall. Turn left and notice a switch on the wall. Press it to open the gate. Two seconds later, the level ends.