Tomb Raider Olkaira 1 - The Stone Of Death


Levels by Philip Reinking


Walkthrough by Josť




The torch


Run to the end and drop into the pit. There's a hole in the bottom, go in and to a room with slopes and spikes. Jump from slope to slope with left or right curves to reach the E ledge and pull the switch there. Return to the pit and climb from the E side. Take a running jump to the open door in S wall and continue to a room with rolling balls; ignore them and use the high ledges to reach the other side. Pull the switch in NE corner to raise a ledge in the next pit and jump to the other side. In this room climb the mound to its top with single jumps beginning from the SW side; from the top, grab the monkeyswing and follow the green path to the NW ledge in the other side of the room; pick up a torch here and return all the way back to the initial pit.


The waterskin


Now jump to the opening in N wall, advance and carefully light the torch in the serpent head when the fire stops; light the other head to open the door. Run over the breakable tiles and in the next room jump over the slopes and in the last one jump to grab the monkeyswing to reach the other high side of the room. Drag the skeleton and pick up the waterskin. Go back to the beginning room: drop into the pit and climb the ladder in SW corner; monkeyswing over the pit with the spikes. In the initial room fill the waterskin twice to use it in the bowls each side of the W grated door to open it.


The Pink Crystal


Jump over the blades (easier from the right side, there are only two) and in the next room jump into the water and pick up the easy-to-see Pink Crystal. Climb the opening in W wall, at the end of the corridor climb the ladder almost to the top and jump back with twist to grab the edge of the ledge behind. Go E to the high ledges of the room and place the crystal in the serpent mouth in N wall to raise a block W. Climb that block and jump either N or S wooden ledges to finally reach the highest ledges of this room. Here there is a big circular switch; pulling this switch is a bit tricky, position Lara over the grassy tile facing S and use it to open a door below. Jump into the water and go there (N); advance to see the cutscene and finish the level.





Channel area


Pick up the pistols at your feet, jump into the water and swim N and W to the end of the channel. Turn right and pull the underwater switch between the wooden pillars to open the door behind you. Return to the initial ledge, run up the left stairs and turn right; pull once the moveable box encrusted in S wall and push it W against the decorative ladder to climb the red awning; slide to grab the horizontal pole and swing to grab the next E awning; jump to the NW awning and use the pole in the clothesline to reach the N one. Jump NW to the next awning, slide, grab and shimmy left to the end, hoist up and jump back to land on the small ledge behind. Jump to the next clothesline and swing to the next small ledge W; jump to the last red awning and jump again to the flat brown part of the roof to pick up a large medipack. Return to the awning and jump S with grab to the right side of the open door below.


The library


Climb the ladder and time the warrior's swords in the corridor. In this small room pick up the Cross over the yellow ledges and climb down the W stairs to a big library. Pick up a small medipack under the first bookcase to your left and see the high red book in the small alcove in S wall. Move the wooden box in the center of the room here and pull the small book to open a bookcase-door in W wall. Go there and at the end of the corridor shoot the electrical box and pull the switch inside. Return to the library and shoot the soldiers. Notice that a new lamp has appeared in the E side of the room; use the moveable box to climb to this lamp and jump to the other lamps to finally reach the first floor of the library. Run this narrow ledge in an anticlockwise direction all around to the N side. Now there's a tricky running jump to the rope near the lamp; I started to run from the NE corner, three or four strides and turn left with a last jump to the rope. Once got it swing W to the high beam and use the monkeyswing to pull the jumpswitch in W wall. Advance to the outside area, shoot the soldiers and use the cross to open the door. In the room with the tomb open the floor trapdoor to your right and continue to the next level.





Timed run


[NOTE:] There is a sort of "bug" here. If you kept the waterskin with water from the first level, you can use it in the bowl of the N building, avoiding some tasks and some backtracking. [End note]


Shoot the aggressive monkey and advance E; turn left to the N building and pull the switch in its left side to raise a block behind you. Use the moveable grey box to climb the block and jump to the first floor of the building. There is a grey tile in the floor; stepping on it a door opens in the S building, but it's timed. Run over this tile and jump to ground floor, sprint SW to the right side of the S building and grab the green vines in the corner, climb, shimmy around the corner and run to the open door.


The torch


Continue to an outside area with some natives in a cave. They are not hostile so don't worry for now. There are two big trees here, go to the E one and climb it from its W side (jump to grab the crack and shimmy left). The crow is not hostile too. Now do a running jump E to grab the crack in the other tree, shimmy right and hoist up onto the branch. Jump NE to the next branch and NW to the next one; Lara looks W at something between the fog. Go to the N side of this branch, face W and take a running jump to a hard-to-see ledge in the other tree and pick up the torch there. Now you have to go down; two options: you can drop to ground floor with the torch in hand losing health or you can face E, throw the torch and safety jump to the branches in the other tree and descend to ground floor looking for the hard-to-see torch in the N side of the E tree. Once down go to the S cave where the natives are and light the torch there (you can light some bushes in this area but I don't know what it triggers); turn around and go NW to another cave which will lead you to the beginning area with the two buildings.


The knife


Shoot the vulture and climb the block returning to the first floor of the N building like you did before. Light the bowl right of the door to open it. Inside there are some darker tiles in the floor (spike traps) but one of them is different than the others; step over that tile to open the door in N wall. Drag the skeleton there to get the Knife (crowbar).


The ladybird


Now you must return to the place where the natives are: do again the timed run to that outside area and again climb the trees to the place where Lara looked to the W. This time jump SW to an higher branch and jump W to a ledge where you can use your knife to get the Ladybird. Now you must return again to the initial area with the two buildings and place the ladybird in a brown trunk between them. Then the native opens the E door for you.


Room with two switches


In the next room there are two switches; pull the left one first to raise a block behind you; climb the block to a room with a spiked pit. Jump over the pit and drop from the S side over a grey tile. Return to the room with the switches (a block has raised under the door), use the switch again to lower the block and go there to pull the second switch. Turn around and climb the block behind you; time the swinging spiked artefact and carefully jump onto the central grey tile to open the door in the previous room. Pick up the large medipack and return there.


The rapids


In the next room climb the chain to reach the high opening (you must jump looking ahead to the opening). There is a dangerous river with rapids now. First jump to the S ledge in the river to pick up the Golden Ball. Return again to the entrance of this area (there's a low ledge in W side) and take a running jump to grab the rope; swing to land onto the rocky ledge in the river to your left, from here another running jump to the next ledge E and a last running jump to the high ledge in the cataract (right side). From here it's easy to jump from rock to rock to the top of the river where you can place the golden ball. Now jump to the previous ledge and a running jump E to grab the top of the cliff.


Pools area


Into the temple area jump over the spiked pit and crawl under the blades. Use the rope to save the next pit and continue until you find a switch. It's timed so pull it to raise a block to your left and run around the pillar, jump onto the raised block and up to the opening above. In the next outside area with two pools shoot the natives and pull the skeleton in SE corner to get the uzis; there is also a small medipack near. Push a moveable column in W wall to get the first Idol Piece. Jump into the pool and dive through the underwater crawlspace to get a Blue Gem in the other side. Return and place the gem in the receptacle to open the big doors.


Inside the temple


Enter and shoot more natives; go to the room to your left (S) and shoot the gong to open the grated door of the N room. Go there and from the very center of the N wall jump and grab the edge, hoist up, jump back and jump forward to grab the chain; jump ahead and pull the switch to open a trapdoor below. Jump into either water hole and pull the underwater switch to lower two blocks in other rooms. Go to the room where you shot the gong and pick up the second Idol Piece. Return to the underwater switch and pull it again to raise the blocks, now go to the corridor and right to the room with the big circular door. Climb the block to your right and take a running jump to the high ledge in SE corner. Combine the idol pieces to get the Golden Statuette and place it to open the big door.


Shiva's room


In this new room shoot the natives and climb the chain behind the Shiva statue to reach the high closed door above. From here you can access to the N and S high rooms by jumping over the more flat parts of the roof near the statues. Go to the S room first and shoot a native; jump to the high block in SE corner and pull the switch. Now go to the N room; a block has raised there; use the moveable grey box to climb it and pull the switch. Descend to ground floor, a door has opened near the big circular door; pull the switch there and Shiva awakes. Now you can kill Shiva if you want or simply avoid her and climb the chain again to the next room. Behind the left side of the waterfall there is an opening. Climb there and advance to finish the level.





First caves


Advance between the thick fog and drop into the water hole at the end. Swim S and to your right you'll find an air hole in the ceiling near a pack of flares you can pick up. Go out of the water through the air hole and continue S until you find a closed trapdoor with lion statues in both sides. Turn right and look for a nearby triangular crawlspace W; go there and pull the reach-in switch to open the trapdoor. Jump into the water again and dive E to find four pillars; behind one of these pillars there is an underwater switch, pull it to open a door somewhere. Return to the air hole to take a breath and this time dive W; you can pick up a small medipack over a ledge to your right. In the W wall there is an underwater door you can open; do it so but don't go inside yet; turn left and swim to the S wall, left again to a place where the camera angle changes; there is an underwater crawlspace, dive in and pick up a Key from a skeleton near the entrance. Return to the airhole to replenish your lungs.


Room with two circular doors


Now dive W through the door you've opened before and follow the path (don't touch the jellyfishes) to another air hole where you can use your key. Dive back a bit the way you came and to your left is the open door. You arrive at a huge room with two big circular doors; climb the E ledge and go up the stairs; run W and climb the ladder at the end. If you want you can jump to the S ledge, grab the edge and shimmy to the left to pick up a large medipack; return to the top of the ladder. Now go N and use the horizontal poles to grab the rope and swing to reach the far N ledge; jump to the ledge with the big circular door and... surprise! you can trespass the door from its left side.


More caves


In the room behind use the rope to get the other side of the pit and continue to a junction. Go E first and to a room with pillars. Climb the NE one, jump to the pole and swing to the next, jump to the ladder, climb it and jump to the top of the central pillar. Pull the jumpswitch in E wall and return to the junction. Go N this time to a room with a lion in its centre; climb the block you've raised with the jumpswitch and jump to the E high crawlspace. Pick up the small medipack in the SE corridor and jump into the water. Follow to another huge room.


Spider room


Climb the central platform with the tent and watch the cutscene. Approach the body and Lara will look up, discovering a key under the spider above. Pick up a difficult-to-see Skull Key from the enemy and move the grey box N and W in front of the horizontal pole in the NW pillar. Climb the box, jump to the pole and swing to reach the ledge in N wall; turn left and jump to the W ledge; go S and use the pole to reach the next ledge; continue around the ledges until you find a keyhole to your left. Use the key to move the spider and go back to the ledge nearest from the high SW pillar with the spiderweb. Now take a running jump E to grab the spiderweb and go to its centre to pick up a Blue Key. Return to the previous ledge and to the previous keyhole. Continue W to find another keyhole in a corridor where you can use your new key to raise a block forward. Follow the path climbing ledges and climb the ladder at the end to finish the level.





Climb the green vines in S wall and pull the jumpswitch to open the door. In the corridor run fast and jump over the spike pit to grab the next ledge, other way you'll get stuck and have to reload. Now there are two grated doors to open, so it's the same if you go first left or right.


N side


Jump into the water and pull the underwater switch at the end to raise two blocks in the previous room. Go back there and use the pole (single jump) above the entrance to reach the top of the first block, a running jump to the second block, another running jump to the ladder, climb to the top, another running jump to the S sloped ledge, slide, jump to the pole and swing to the next ledge. Press the button there to open the first door and safety go to ground floor by jumping to the N block or to the water hole.


S side


First pull the jumpswitch in NE cascade to raise a block, drop into the water and follow the underwater tunnel to pull another switch. Go out of the water and move the grey box so you can climb to the raised block in the corner, jump to the pole, swing and grab the crack in the tree; shimmy left and hoist up. Turn around and jump to grab the green rope, swing to the high N opening, pick up the small medipack to your right and press the button in the other side to open the second door. Go back there.


Room with the small pool


Go through the S opening and jump over the water hole or you'll have to reload. Climb the vines to your left and in the next room jump over the SW slope and climb to the top of the room. Take a running jump to the E side of the room, turn left and jump over the fence to pull the N jumpswitch. Return to the previous room and a block has raised blocking the way, so jump now into the water hole to return there and climb the raised block to pull the switch. A door opens high in W wall; from the block take a running jump NW with a hard left curve to get there. In the corridor run to avoid another of those spike traps.


Wooden bridge room


Continue to a room with a wooden bridge. Shoot the skellie harpy and drop into the pit. Use your knife in the face in the floor to open a nearby trapdoor. Drop into the hole and go to the end of the corridor to pull a skellie lever. Return to the pit and climb to the bridge; a running jump to the open door W and pick up a white Skull inside. Return to the bridge and go N to place the skull in the left column. In the next room pick up the... Left Gauntlet(?) from the pedestal and Lara looks to her left. There is a high crawlspace over the skeleton in W wall so go to the left or right of the skeleton and climb there. In the other side of this crawlspace Lara will find herself with an old female villain...


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