Area 51

Level by Agent Falkan

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Behind the boxes on your left, there is an electronic panel cover. Shatter it to reveal the switch. Pull this lever to open the door behind you. Get out of the warehouse.

SHORTCUT: Don't slide down into the canyon yet but go ahead and runjump to grab the ledge of the E, horizontally protruding rock. Pull up and explore the S ledge.

Slide down to the bottom of the canyon to kill an alligator and pick up the shotgun from the darker part in the middle. Climb the farthest rocks on the W and jump onto the following ledge. Shatter the barricade in the crawlspace and get through it. Follow the passage, at the end of it turn left to enter the lower part of the warehouse and go through the next corridor to reach the room with the green boxes. On the left of the farthest box, there is another cover to destroy, hiding the switch to pull. Do it and go back into the canyon. Climb the highest rock in the middle and jump onto the W ledge. In the SW corner, there is a smashable wall - shatter it, go inside the container and find the crossbow with 10 additional normal arrows for it. Get back on the ledge, move along it and jump NW on the other rocks, to kill a warthog roaming behind them. Advance farther NW to go through the open gate (the last switch opened it). In the new part of the base, go right and leave the dam on your left - just bypass it for now. Hop onto the SW ledge.

Kill a SAS among the containers and shatter the metal W door leading into another part of the warehouse. Get in and left on the junction to find normal shells. Reverse roll and check the second corridor to find the Bay gate key at the end, by the grated window. Get out of the building and safety slide down to the bottom of the canyon. Notice the door on the E - it's the bay gate, so place the key for it in this portal. Slide down, into the dark. When you land on the cornice surrounding the huge pit, two SASes attack - kill them both. Go around the pit and into the only one exit.