TR Anniversary Retold - Part 2 Prequel


Level by Philip Reinking


Walkthrough by Josť


[Note:] Players had some problems with some new movements which are not well explained in the readme file, so they will be explained when necessary in the walkthrough. [End note]




After the animation quickly advance a bit and drag the skeleton to pick up the crossbow (the only weapon I found in this level). Shoot the snake and jump into the lake to get arrows at the bottom. Climb the N ladder from the water using CTRL + UP ARROW. Once up, watch the flyby and run right to pick up more arrows in the SE corner, you'll need them to kill the nasty crow attacking you. Now explore the area to find more arrows at the E grey rocks near a green bush and just opposite (W) in the other side a giant white sea snile. Shoot this sea snile to clear the way and enter into the crawlspace with DUCK + SPRINT KEY (be sure that Lara is not on hands and knees); inside you can pick up flares and the Crank. Go outside and use the crank in the S side of the well to get up the bucket and pick up the Temple Key (called Continue).


But don't go there yet, you still need another item. Go between the central broken pillars (camera angle changes) and situate Lara with her back against the short one, then take a standing jump against the short pillar and when you are about to hit the tall pillar press ALT again and Lara will jump back with twist so you can grab the edge of the short pillar. Once up take a running jump to the N ledge to pick up more arrows and return to the top of the short pillar. Take a standing jump to the top of the high pillar and pick up the torch there. Safety drop to ground floor and light the torch in the nearby burning trunk. Now you can go to the temple.




Leave the torch in the entrance and use the key to open the temple door. Enter and go left to the end to pull a switch and open the second temple door. Return to the entrance and pick up the torch. Now you must cross the room with electrified bolts and light the pedestal in the N side. Notice that the rays only fall over the lower tiles so the higher tiles are safe; but even if you don't touch the lower tiles, if you jump over them when the ray falls Lara will be toasted. So time the jumps over the higher tiles to the other side of the room and light the pedestal there (a hatch opens somewhere). There are arrows in a lower tile near the W wall if you want to risk your life. Return to the entrance the same way and at the end of the left corridor is the hatch you've opened.




Safety drop through the hole and jump to grab the crack at the very beginning of the corridor (W); jump again to grab an upper crawlspace and get the Silver Ball there. Go out and run W to the final room with the fire. When you approach, two swinging blades appear and two rats too. Deal with the rats and time the blades to get the other side. Pick up the flares in SE corner, place the ball in its receptacle and a jumpswitch appears in NW corner. Pull the jumpswitch to raise a block in the previous room. Go there and find the raised block in NW corner; climb the block and jump to the E pole to reach the next ledge; from here take a running jump S to the ledge with the switch.




Now save your game and prepare yourself for a very hard timed run. Pull the switch, turn right, walk to the border of the ledge and jump to grab the W pole; press DOWN ARROW to turn around and swing to the E pole (difficult to grab, when Lara is upside down, release the CTRL ARROW so she does the jump in the next turn and DON'T PRESS THE UP ARROW, only Ctrl again when you're near to grab the next pole or you'll not get it); when grabbing this second pole simply press ALT to jump only one tile to the next ledge (no swing), take a running jump to the right side of the ledge in the corner and without stopping another running jump to the N ledge in the other corner; now take a final running jump to grab the rope and pray so Lara grabs it with hands and legs and you only have to do one swing or you'll have to reload; quickly go down to the bottom of the rope and swing to the ledge in front of the door, trying to land just one tile before the entrance so she can take a single standing jump through the (hopefully) open door.




Slide into the next water room and climb the ladder in NE corner, once near the ceiling press UP ARROW to grab the monkeyswing. Swing S, drop over the sloped ledge, slide and jump over the big central column, pick up a small medipack (you'll need it soon!) and jump to the opening in E wall. In the next water room there's a very dangerous fish in the water but I couldn't kill it from the entrance. Jump into the water, open an underwater door in N wall (difficult to open, try to press Ctrl in the very center) and dive to the end to pull an underwater switch to open the next door; go back to the room and climb the ladder under the entrance opening to the top, using all the medipacks you need in the process. Now situate Lara in the center of the entrance and jump to the first vertical pole (no grab, Lara will stand over the pole with no keys pressed), UP ARROW to the next pole, RIGHT ARROW to the last and UP ARROW to land onto the sloped ledge; jump to grab the pole (without the up arrow pressed, remember) and hanging from the pole press ALT to do a one tile jump to the next sloped ledge (a swing means your death), slide and jump to the safe ledge in front of the open door.




Shoot the rat from your safe position and take a running jump to the central tile with the item, pick up the Golden Ball and time the spikes to jump SE and pick up a pack of arrows. Jump into the water hole and continue to a room with a huge rolling ball waiting for you. Jump over the pit and go left against the E wall. Walk slowly up the ramp as near to the wall as you can and when the giant ball is triggered duck and wait for the ball to pass at your right side. Grab the crack in E wall and shimmy left to the open door, enter and spot the high jumpswitch to your left behind the flame emitter.


Save your game in front of the wall switch to your right. This task is very tricky 'cause pulling the switch will raise a timed block in front of the flame emitter, then you have to roll and quickly run, jump onto the block and running jump to pull the jumpswitch. You have to be lucky 'cause you can't see the flame emitter to time it, but I did it so: position Lara in front of the wall switch facing the flame emitter (N) and use the look key to see it; when the fire starts and the flame just reachs the highest position, turn around, pull the switch, roll and run to do the task. Once you've got it time the fire (now it's easy) and return to the entrance. Take a running jump to the opening in W wall (without the up arrow pressed, remember) and pull the switch in the new room to release a pole; situate Lara just under the pole and jump to grab it; swing to the high alcove and finally place the golden ball. Return outside and the S door is now open.




Use the pole to reach the other side of the pit and in the next water room jump to the central platform and move the pedestal over the patterned tile to raise a block in the SW corner. Use the block, timing the fire, to do a running jump and reach the opening in W wall (there seems to be something invisible in the center so use one side). Continue and time the slide and jump over the spikes, jump to grab the crack in the W pillar and shimmy right to restore the camera; jump again to reach the top of the pillar. Turn left and jump E onto the slope, slide a bit and jump over the spikes too; climb the E opening and at the end of the corridor find yourself at the top of the water room with the moveable pedestal.


Go to the SW corner, face E and take a running jump to grab the pole and swing to grab the rope; swing to the E ledge and go to its N end; grab the zipline (there's not a handle!) and slide into the W opening. Go left (S) and slide a couple of ramps jumping to the pole at the end to save the spikes. Swing and continue sliding to a new room with a small pool. Go to the caves to your left and pull the skeleton to get the Key to the Folly (called Continue); go back to the room with the small pool and the door is open there. Advance and watch the final cutscene.


September - 16 - 2009