Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


[Note] I copied the two files into the TR3 demo data directory to play. [End note]


You start in a water pool. Surface anywhere and go around the sides to a detonator box and a water hole. Pick up a small medipack and dive into the hole. Swim to the bottom and into the only exit tunnel. The other tunnels are blocked. Swim across the floor and into a small room. Pick up a large medipack, harpoons, and a harpoon gun from the floor.  Swim out and evade two crocodiles. Swim straight across the floor under the starting pool and through an open gate. Loop around to the right and pull down an underwater lever. With luck this will lock the crocodiles outside of the room.


Pull down the other three underwater levers in the other corners. I used small medipacks to keep from drowning. Swim into the open gate and open trap door and surface for air. Pick up the detonator key (Klic k detonatoru) and harpoons from the floor. Swim out and into a corner for a large medipack and go back for air. Pull down the corner underwater lever again to open the gate. Swim out and up to the left into a tunnel. The vertical entrance shaft where you entered is blocked. Follow the new tunnel back to the starting pool and surface anywhere. Turn around and shoot four crocodiles.


Go to the detonator box. Stand at the detonator box near the pool side and use the detonator key. You hear an explosion. Turn around and there is a hole in the opposite wall. Go there and enter a cave area. Go forward and see a slope to the right. Slide down the right hand side of the slope and a rolling ball follows you. Jump over the barbed wire in the pit and land in a bush to shoot a snake. There is another snake in a lower bush you can also shoot. Jump the rocks to reach the top near the back wall. Grab the ceiling and monkey swing into a hole in the middle of the left wall. If you go near the ceiling hole you can see a snake.


Follow the tunnel and look above your head for a opening. Pull up into another tunnel and follow the tunnel to the ledge. Shoot a snake and walk towards the green health crystal. Shoot another two snakes that appear in the bush. Then go to the green health crystal for half health. Return to the tunnel and continue to follow the tunnel around a corner. Follow the tunnel to emerge onto a large building roof with a central structure. Go to the low wall over the open area to your left. Go to the middle and slide down. Drop onto a slope and slide down into the lower area. Shoot two MP guards and search the bodies to pick up a building key (Klic od domu).


You can see a quadbike behind a fence. Use the building key in a key lock to open a small door in the building. Hop back to shoot two MP guards. These MPs only have nightsticks and no guns. Enter the room and carefully avoid the fire emitter as you pull down the wall switch by the stoves. You get a cut scene of a pushbutton near a fence. Pull down the wall switch on the opposite wall to open the nearby door. Enter the room and shoot a workman. Ignore the quadbike for now. Climb the yellow box near the wall. Run and jump between the stacks of boxes until you reach the highest box. The wall there is climbable. Climb up and pull up onto the central structure on the roof.


Turn around and run and jump to grab the far wall. Hop down the ledges and pick up the ornate key (Klic k ohnisti) from the corner. You cannot return the same way. Safety drop off the edge of the building and enter through the open door again. Return to the room with the quadbike and use the key in the key lock to open the door. Enter the room and shoot a SAS guard for his pass card (Bezpecnostni karta). Go into a corner and pick up a small medipack, Uzi ammo, Desert Eagle ammo, and shotgun ammo. Go to the opposite corner and use the pass card to open the gate. Run into the room of the cut scene. Just suffer the sentry gun fire and run to the right. Press the pushbutton on the back wall and get a cut scene of a gate opening. Pick up the rocket and rocket launcher from the floor.


Exit the room and return to the quadbike room. Pull down the wall switch near the gate to open the gate.  If you have to maneuver the quadbike, remember


Hold CTRL to go forward and press ALT to brake.

Hold ALT to reverse.

Use END and left or right arrow to dismount.


Get onto the quadbike and drive out the open gate. Drive up a ramp and drop into a trench. Drive through the open gate from the cut scene. Drive up the slopes and drop into more trenches. Stay near the middle to avoid the barbed wire. You can also see a sentry gun near the last slope. Drive up the last ramp and jump over barbed wire. Drive up another slope to jump over a gap and land on a corner ledge. Get off the quadbike and pick up a rocket.


You can drive down on the ground area and run over seven MP and SAS guards. Try to avoid the four friendly mercenaries. The mercenaries actually help you by shooting other guards. Search all the bodies for a large medipack and a small medipack. You may see a helicopter behind a closed gate. Drive up the slope and return to the corner ledge. Drive up the next slopes and stop at the top. Maneuver the quadbike so that it faces the slope entrance. Get off the quadbike. Slide down a slope to pick up a small medipack. Press the pushbutton and hear an explosion. Stand jump over the slope. Get on the quadbike and drive down the slopes again as a sentry gun shoots at you.


Drive down to the ground area again. Drive through the wires against the far wall. If you drove here before the explosion, you would suffer damage from the wires. Drive up the slope as sentry guns shoot you in the back. Stay on the right side and drop down to the ground. Continue to drive and drive up the high middle slope of the next set of slopes. Jump over the water hazard and into another area. Drive around and run down two SAS guards and try to avoid the mercenary. Shoot two SAS guards on the corner columns. Pick up a small medipack and a pass card from the dead guards on the ground.  There is also a mercenary there you only shoots you if you shoot him first. Climb a corner column and pick up a second pass card. Jump to the other ledge and pick up Uzi ammo and MP5 ammo.


If you save the game and reload, you can pick up another two pass cards. But this is probably a bug.


Get down and get onto the quadbike again. Drive up the next slope. Jump over a gap and land on the ground. Follow the path and stop in a large area with a closed gate. Go into a corner with a water hole and pick up small medipack and harpoons. Dive into the water and follow the tunnel. There are no branch tunnels. Evade a crocodile and enter a large pool. Swim up to right and pull up onto a ledge. Be sure to shoot three crocodiles. You may have to get into the water to lure them out of the entrance tunnel.


Go to the side where you see a table and chairs. Go to the right encloesed area with desks and pull down a wall switch. You get a cut scene of guards on a slope. Exit and loop around to the left and shoot the four SAS guards on the slope. Search the dead guards and pick up the blue fuse (Bezpecnostni klic 1), yellow fuse (Bezpecnostni klic 2), Uzi ammo, and a large medipack. Get into the pool and swim back to the quadbike. Place the two colored fuses to open the gate. Enter the next area and use the pass cards to open the fence. Run towards the helicopter and the mercenaries and the level ends.