Level by Beck


Walkthrough by Harry Laudie



Slide down a hill and enter a subway station. Run down the platform and when you reach the second brown box, kill the two dogs (1, 2) that attack. Halfway between the second and third yellow pillars, jump onto the track on the left side for a small medipack (1). Continue and pass large red pillars. Kill the guard (3) that attacks and pick up the shotgun shells (2) that he leaves. More forward, on the last brown block near the penultimate pillar and before the last pillar there are some flares (3). You can't do much upstairs yet. There is a movable block behind a flame and some thugs on the other side of a wall.


Go up the right track and jump a pit. Continue into a hole in the left wall. On the other side jump into the right corner for a large medipack (4). Climb out and crawl up an incline and kill two rats (4,5). Stop in front of a pit and notice that the ceiling has a sign "Beck" (the author). There is an opening to the right. Go inside and see several tall pillars. Kill two guards (6,7) shooting at you from top of one and from a corner. At the top of a ramp is a door. Beside the entrance way is a climbable wall so climb down. Go to the corner for a movable block. Kill a guard (8) and get a small medipack (5) from him. Pull the movable block to the other side and put it beneath a pushbutton. Press the pushbutton, turn left, jump down and run to the climbable wall. Climb up, turn left and sprint to the timed door at the top of the incline. It worked better on the second attempt since there was no cut scene to use up time. Go around the outside ledges to the corner to get shotgun shells (6). Continue and jump to the middle pillar and get the Smuggler's Key (7) from the dead guard. You could continue jumping and get into a cave in the left corner. This leads to a difficult jump over a spike pit to get back to the level beginning. After that you have to come back to the same pit area. It is easier to carefully get down and go back to the deep pit at this room's entrance. Moderator's note: Even so, don't do that, or you'll miss the trigger that turns off the flames protecting the moveable block mentioned above. After picking up the Smuggler's Key, jump to the next tall pillar ahead and to your right, and from there to the dark opening in the corner to your left. Follow the underground passage to the spike field, jump to the far slope, slide and flip turn in midair. Jump back and forth between the facing slopes, using the arrow keys, until you reach a safe flat surface.


Follow the passage and drop down at the keyhole (you don't have the needed key yet). The fire down below is now out, but whatever you did along the way to put it out is not made known. The moveable block is not needed until later, so go down the stairs, loop around left and go up the right track and jump the pit again. Continue into a hole in the left wall. Slide to the bottom, enter the crawl space, turn around at the other end and start climbing down. When the camera pulls back from Lara, back flip to a ledge. Follow a crawlspace into an area with boxes and a track. Kill a guard (9) and two thugs (10,11). Climb a box for Desert Eagle clips (8). There is a closed door to the left so go right down the track until you see water. Dive in, swim forward and surface in an area with two frogmen robbing a safe. Pick up the K3 Key (9). Dive in again and go the bottom to find a tunnel. Follow it and surface on the other side. Notice the obvious underwater door you passed. Turn around and jump to grab a crack. Shimmy to the right to pull up. Turn and jump to a ledge. From there jump to a monkey swing and follow to drop to a crawlspace. Go in and down the corridor. Kill three rats (12,13,14) and a thug (15). As you approach the key lock, kill another thug (16) who sneaks up behind you.  Use the Smuggler's Key and the underwater door opens. So go back and drop into the water.


Swim into the door and after a few turns enter a square tunnel. Half way down the tunnel stop to pick up a large medipack (10) and shotgun shells (11). Continue to swim through a small triangular hole and turn right. When you get a to dead end, swim up and keep following the tunnel. You eventually surface in a dark room. Before you pull up, dive into a hole and pick up Desert Eagle clips (12). Continue to return to the surface point. Pull up and kill two guards (17,18) and a thug (19) on the other side of the channel. Kill a guard (20) above you on a platform. Jump the channel and pick up a small medipack (13) from the thug. Dive into the water for flares (14) and swim around to find a K2 Key (15) behind the wall. Go to the far right corner to pull up back onto the floor.


Go to the left side to pull up onto a beam. Stand on the left side and side flip to a slope. Jump to the next slope and jump to grab the upper walkway. Pick up Desert Eagle clips (16) from the dead guard. Drop to a flat beam and run/jump to a pillar in the corner. Then run/jump/grab the pillar on the left wall. This was very difficult and took a lot of tries (made easier if you hang from the first pillar, pull up and reverse roll before jumping). Jump to the other pillar and finally to the other side of the upper walkway. Climb the wall and at the top back flip onto the starting subway platform. Now go up the stairs and the fire is hopefully still off. Pull out the movable block and climb the tall pillar beside it. Notice the two alcoves on both sides. Jump and grab the brick wall in front and climb up. Near the top back flip to an alcove. This is the alcove that leads from the room of columns over the spike trap. Use the K2 Key and a door opens. Go down and jump into the alcove since the door with hands has opened. Drop and shimmy left and pull up. Monkey swing to the other alcove and use the K3 Key to open the door.


Go in and pick up the Desert Eagle (17). The light comes on and you see a picture of the wall at the top the stairs down. Slide down and go back up the stairs. Enter the far area and kill the two thugs (21)(22). Go to the right and walk through the spikes to reduce damage. Kill four dogs (23,24,25,26) and continue up the stairs. Continue up the stairs and kill two guards (27,28) and read the sign on the wall "Thank you for playing". Jump the fires and go up the final stairs on the left to end the level.




End of the level.

Pickups: 17

Kills: 28

Secrets: none