Catacombs Sample Level

Level by Keith T. (January, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You slide down a very long slope and emerge into a large room. You get a flyby of the room. Climb the block to the west for flares and notice a closed door. Avoid the two skeletons and go east towards the stairs. Stay on the ramp at the wall side and side jump to the stairs when you see spike ball. Then go to the bottom of the stairs and climb the green wall section on the north wall. Climb to the top and go through the crawl space and into a room. Go to the north wall to press a big button. You get a cut scene of a door opening in a tunnel. Avoid a skeleton and collect the crowbar, small medipack, and six large medipacks before you leave the room. Climb back down the wall and go up the east stairs. Hop onto the south ledge and pick up the crossbow. Go to the far end of the ledge for Uzi's. Avoid another two skeletons and hop on the block at the east wall. Monkey swing to the west over to the central column. Drop onto the column and pick up the Horseman's Gem.

Safety drop to the ground and run to the south-west corner. Shoot the brown vase and pick up crossbow explosive ammo. Now you can get rid of the skeletons. Go east to shoot a white vase for the laser sight. Go behind the high ledge and go to the south-east corner to find a water hole. Dive in and search the first underwater area for the shotgun and red shotgun shells. Swim west onto the ledge for blue shotgun shells. Swim into the next area and swim east for grenade normal ammo, grenade flash ammo, grenade super ammo, and the grenade gun. Then swim to the north ledge and into the north-east corner. You get secret #1 and pick up Uzi ammo. Swim back to the hole and pull up into the main room.

Go to the floor lever and face south. Use the floor lever and you can see a door open in the upper south wall. Go around the columns to the south wall area. Hop onto the short block and run and jump to grab a rope. Use the rope to swing up onto the south wall ledge. Enter the open door and go down the blocks into a room. Go to the south-east corner for secret #2, a revolver and three revolver ammo. Light a flare and stay near the south wall. Go west to pick up five revolver ammo. Go back to the blocks and get out of the room. Safety drop to the floor and go west.

Pull the tower out of the west tunnel. Follow the tunnel until the camera view changes and appears to come from a room. Enter the room to the north and get a flyby showing a room of columns and an item on a flat column. Go to the north-east corner and climb the ladder to get onto a flat column. Jump the sloped columns to another flat area in the south-west corner. Continue jump the slopes and finally reach the flat column. You get secret #3 and pick up the Mechanical Scarab with Key. Safety drop to the ground and go to the south to exit the room and return to the tunnel.

Continue east and follow the tunnel. Destroy a mummy and follow the tunnel to the end. Climb the ladder and pull up into a long corridor. A wraith will start to attack you. Ignore the ammo and run to the north end of the corridor. There is a bird statue at the wall so you can get rid of the wraith. Destroy a skeleton that has been trailing you. Now go back and search the corridor for four revolver ammo and five crossbow explosive ammo. Exit through the opening in the east wall near the bird statue. Slide down a long slope and dive into a water hole. Swim south and take a small opening to the right. Continue to swim south and take another small opening to the right. Swim to the west and find a hole for air. Pull up into a tunnel. Go north and press a big button on the wall. You get a cut scene of the door opening above the blocks in the starting room. Continue north and climb the pole. At the top, back flip into an opening.

Safety drop into the starting room. Go north and climb the blocks to reach the open door. Light a flare and follow the corridor. Watch out for the many spike traps on the floor. Go north and pick up Uzi ammo. Then go east and follow the corridor to the end. Climb down a ladder in the hole. You drop onto a block in a large room. Destroy the mummy and go west to pick up Uzi ammo. Dive into the water and swim south and then swim down the west tunnel to find an air hole. The other paths are dead-ends.

Pull up into a room and pick up grenade flash ammo. Run north and destroy four skeletons. Turn to the east and crawl under the south wall. Kill three skeletons and crawl under another south wall. Go east and follow the north corridor. Climb a wall and drop on the other side. Use the Horseman's Gem to open the door. Enter the dark room and destroy five skeletons. Exit by the doorway in the north wall. You face a ledge over a deep dark room. Go to the rope and use it to swing onto the west column. Pick up flares and the Music Scroll. Jump to the north-east and jump into a pool of water. Get out of the pool and go to the east wall. Use the Music Scroll to open the door. Enter the door and run up the ramp to end the level.