Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


You start inside the walk-in freezer. You can see Winston trying to enter the door. Climb up onto the ledge with the meat and a trap door opens above your head. Face the open trap door and jump up to grab the wall above it. Climb the wall inside the hole above the trap door. Pull up into a small room. Turn to your left and see a closed door. Go there and loop around to the right to enter a short tunnel. You may notice a short vertical shaft in the left corner. Drop into a hole, slide through the ceiling and land in the corridor outside the freezer. Press the pushbutton on the wall to open the freezer door. You will return there again.


There are two closed doors in the corridor. Turn left as you face the the freezer and go to the closed door and it opens for you. You enter a room with a piano and a fire in the corner. Go to the right and down the ramp to the lower room. You see closed doors needing a key. Jump onto the table at the right wall and press the pushbutton. You hear a door open. Return to the freezer and climb the wall again. Go left to the open door. Pull down the wall switch and hear a gate open. Go to that short vertical shaft in the corner. Climb the wall and pull up into a room with boxes. There is nothing on the tall boxes. Climb the short box in the corner and drop into another room. Pick up the Door Key (1) from the floor. Go back to the room and down the vertical shaft. Drop back into the corridor with Winston and return to the room with the closed doors.


Use the Door Key to open the doors. Exit outside and see a quadcycle. Pull up onto the ledge with the round bush that is behind the quadcycle. One of the gates open in the right side wall. You can drive around but there seems to be no place to go. Go into the corner to the right of the entrance door to the house. Pull down the wall switch on the red wall. You hear a door open. Jump into the alcove to the left of the entrance door. Press the pushbutton on the wall and hear a gate open. Go into the trench behind the ledge and see the open gate. Enter the tunnel and drop into the water. Swim down and be carried by the water current. Swim up a vertical shaft and through the floor to enter a large pool. Swim to the side ledge and pull up out of the water.


Go left and go around Winston. If you go to the alcove with the stereo, some music will play. Go up the steps and the door opens as you approach. You enter a room with boxes, a bed, and closed doors with a key lock. Climb the boxes and jump up onto the chandelier in the middle of the room. Run and jump with grab towards the wall opposite the boxes. You will go through the wall and land in an alcove. Pull down a book switch and jump back to the chandelier. Jump onto the tall box in the corner of the room. Then jump back to the chandelier to pick up the Door Key (2). Safety drop to the floor. Use the Door Key in the key lock and the level ends.


End of the level.
Pickups:  2
Kills: 0
Secrets: 0