Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


Level installed with full TR3 game as in authorís INSTALL_TR3 file.

Go forward to pick up some
Desert Eagle clips (1) and face the wall. Climb the wall ahead and to the right of Lara who seems to get inside the wall to pull up. Run/jump to a ledge on the left. Climb the wall with difficultly (hand-over-hand) and go to a ledge to the left. Turn left and pull up onto a ledge. Run/jump to another ledge on the right then look down to see a ledge below with a crawlspace. Lara takes big damage running off the ledge onto it. Crawl in and at the end turn around and drop. Slide and grab and drop again. Pick up the Desert Eagle (2), Get down from the block and press the button to open the door. Go inside into a large room. Go to the right to kill a guard (1) and get the K1 keycard (3) he dropped. This opens the door immediately right of the deaf guard (the door seems to explode when it opens). Go into find another keycard reader and a gate at the end. Go to the end to push a button to open the gate and go inside the washroom to pick up a small Medi pack (4).


Exit and go back toward the entrance. Keep going right and into a corridor on the left. Enter and enter the room on the right to kill a dog (2) and pick up Desert Eagle clips (5). Roll to kill the guard (3) shooting Lara in the back. The boxes were not movable. Go the other room to pick up more Desert Eagle clips (6). In the back left of the locker room is a closed door. Go back out and continue left to get to an outside area with some trucks against the left wall. Shoot two guards (4,5) and a dog (6). One of the guards drops another K1 keycard (7). Go back in and notice the keycard reader in front of you. You come back here later. Go left in a room with blue tables and in the far corner is a small Medi pack (8). You hear some guards. Go out and kill two guards (7)(8) and one will drop Desert Eagle clips (9). Go to the room and use the K1 keycard. Jump to the other side to pick up some Uzi clips (10). Dive into the green slime and swim to an area underneath the entrance. Pull the underwater lever and swim into the crawlspace near the floor on the right side. Swim in, down, through a gate to pick up Desert Eagle clips (11). The gate closes behind you, so swim up to a dark area and pull up.


Get into a crawlspace and follow around to a room with a block and a door to another area. Push the movable block to get Desert Eagle clips (12) and pick up a small Medi pack (13) from the floor. Go out the door and kill a dog (9) and two guards (10,11), one of whom drops a K1 keycard (14). Going left around the central core, there is room with a Medi pack (room 1) on the floor, a door with a pushbutton (door 1), a room with movable blocks (room 2), a door with a keycard reader (door 2), another door with a keycard reader (door 3), a door with a pushbutton (door 4) and a door with nothing (door 5). Push the movable block in front to door 2 to find a second K1 keycard (15). Pull the blocks from the room 2 to find a crawlspace where you can get the Grenade Launcher (16). Use the pushbutton to open door 1 to find grenades shells (17) on the floor. Don't linger or the door closes and you are trapped. Use the pushbutton to open door 4 and go forward. The door closes behind you. Climb into an area with steps going down. Go down to find a room with two large tape-drive blocks and a closed door on the far wall. Walk around until two guards (12)(13) attack. Kill them and they drop a P1 blue fuse (18) and a K2 keycard (19). Notice a second closed door in an alcove behind the tape-drives. Climb a tape-drive block to get a large Medi pack (20). Go back up the stairs and push the movable block. Climb into a room to push a button to open door 5. Exit into the central area again.


At this point, I stopped the game for the night and started it the next morning. Some strange things happened to some boxes afterwards. Perhaps a minor bug caused by restarting the game. Back in room 1 with boxes, the top box had dropped and could be pulled out of the corner. Lara could walk into the other two boxes and pick up Uziís and ammo (21). But I could not move the first box from the door so I expected to be stuck there. However you can climb on the now unmovable box and walk through the wall out into the central area. Go to open door 3 and pull a movable block into the room. Climb up to get into a room with a door and pushbutton. Push the button to open the door and exit into the earlier locker room. If you go into the room with two unmovable boxes, Lara can walk into them to get grenade shells (22).


Go out to the central area and left to kill a guard (14) who drops another K1 keycard (23). Go around the corner to open up the other unopened keycard room with the K2 keycard. Shoot the two guards (15,16) and pick up the P2 yellow fuse (24). Back to the locker room and down to the second central area. Open up the final door 2 with the K1 keycard and go in. Follow a crawlspace to a slide. Go down and pick up grenade shells in the corner and go the through a crawlspace to overlook a large green cave. A guard (17) shoots at you but you cannot shoot back so use the grenade launcher to kill him. The grenades will also kill two dogs (18,19). Jump to the left corner and then to the right ledge and dive into some water to get down. When you emerge from the water another guard (20) was shooting. Kill him. In the water, you can find Desert Eagle clips (25), a large Medi pack (26), and a hole leading to a closed gate. In the columns to the other side are more Desert Eagle clips (27) near a crawlspace you cannot seem to enter. In front of the crawlspace in the wall with the pushbutton are Desert Eagle clips (28) and a small Medi pack (29).


Push the button to open the timed underwater gate. Swim in to pick up a small Medi pack (30) while the gate closes. Follow the tunnel and see a closed gate on the left. Go right, up, and right again to get a small room for air. Push a button to open the door and see a closed gate on the left, a small Medi pack and another closed door. Dive back in and go straight at the crawlspace for a small Medi pack (31) and return. Dive back in and go to the right at the crawlspace and then turn right at a T-junction. Find an underwater lever and return to pick up a second P1 blue fuse (32) in a hole that appeared in the end of the tunnel. Go back to the lever and go left to another underwater lever. Pull it and quickly swim back to the timed closed gate you saw when you entered this tunnel. Follow the tunnel to the right to pick up Desert Eagle clips (33) and pull up in a room. The underwater tunnels are tight to swim in and you get lost easy. Takes a while to find the right route and I used three large Medi packs to prevent drowning. In the room there are two pushbuttons on the wall. The right button opens the closed gate in the other room. The left button opens the door beside it. I guess they connect just in case you forgot the blue fuse. Enter to get a small Medi pack (34), pull up into the crawlspace for Desert Eagle clips (35). Pull up to the right to stand up to climb a ladder.


At the top, kill a guard (21). There are two doors in front requiring the fuses. Open the blue fuse door to see the tape-drive room you were before. Open the yellow fuse door to get a room with a rocket. Go to the bottom of the room to the back wall to use the second blue fuse. You hear a door opening. That door is in the other room with the tape-drives. Go there and into the door. You hear a rocket launching. Follow the way down and get into an upper crawlspace on the left side for a small Medi pack (36). Continue down into a large room with a burning floor. Aftermath of the rocket launch I guess. Run/jump over he flames into the tunnel on the left side of the room. Run down the tunnel towards the Medi pack, hear some TR music and the level ends with a cut scene to the next level if the full game is installed. I was left with a K1 keycard. I found no secrets and I assume there were none. The statistics said six but I assume that was for the original jungle level.


End of the level.
Pickups: 36
Kills: 21
Secrets: none