Laraís first try by Ken the Kenster

Walkthrough by eRIC

Lara stands in the middle of a room with a cartouche receptacle in the S-W corner , a gate South , a little gate in the S-E corner and a crawlspace in the N-E corner. After exploring the room and collecting flares and revolver ammo, enter in the crawlspace to an outside area where you can collect flares, revolver ammo, and a small medipack. Kill 2 small scorpions and dive into the pool to pick up the revolver and the Ba cartouche. Return to the previous room and place the cartouche to open the little S-E gate. Crawl to a new room with a mummy and a lever in a corner, this lever opens the door in the previous room. Going down, you kill a ninja and a little scorpion , and can pick up goodies : grenade flash ammo, Uzi clips and a big medipack in the water. You can return to the upper room by the South brown block , then return to the first room via the crawlspace. Exit by the opened door, the second door opens on approach to a big room with plenty of goodies. Pick up the crossbow , the laser-sight , the Uzis and various ammos.
According to where you have walked in this room, the grenade gun can be on fire or not, to get it without triggering the fire, when you enter this room , go along the right wall until the corner. Collecting the grenade gun triggers a ninja. A small scorpion can also be triggered according to where you have stepped.
Exit this room by the corridor in the corner, a big door opens on approach to a room with a pool where you can dive to find shotgun ammo. The exit door opens where you stand in the N-W corner. Pick up the shotgun and kill a small scorpion. After the next corridor, climb the ladder to an outside room. Kill 2 small scorpions and pick up Uzis clips on one of the corner pedestals. Slide down the sloped corridor to arrive in a room with a central pool. Kill a small scorpion. A ninja also appears if you pick up the Uzis clips in one corner.

In the pool are two openings, North-West and South-East.

Take the North-West route and swim to the next area , collecting explosive arrows on the way. In the new room, enter the N-E crawlspace. At the end of the crawlspace, jump to the ladder ahead. You can climb to the top of the ladder for explosive arrows. Climb down the ladder to a room with water in the middle. Go to the other side, kill a ninja. Notice that one of the pillars is broken, climb on it to pick up Cartouche piece 1. Now you can dive and swim by the opening to a room with mummies behind closed gates, shotgun ammo on a corner pedestal and Cartouche piece 2. When you pick it up, the two gates open and the mummies come out.

Note : It is quite possible to exit this area now and return to the pool with the two openings to place the cartouche, so the next paragraph (written in Italics) is optional and therefore can be skipped. But you would miss part of the fun.

Enter by the S-W gate , after a bit of crawling , the gates close behind you. After going down one block , you can notice a corridor with a closed gate on the right side, thatís the way back. For now, go down some more blocks and jump to grab the pole rope ahead. Back flip to a water room where you can kill a ninja, pick up a big medipack and shotgun ammo. Swim into the underwater passage , at one point swim down to find a hole with the Hand of Sirius. Return and continue your swim to a room where you flip a lever. It opens a gate to exit this area. Swim back , grab the pole rope again, back flip to land on the blocks, turn left , crawl and place the Hand of Sirius to reopen the gate to the mummies room.

Now all you have to do is to find your way back to the pool with the two openings (swim to the previous area, climb the ladder , crawl to previous areas and swim again). Once youíre back , itís time to take the South-East route.
Swim to a corridor and combine the two pieces of the cartouche to open the next gate.
Enter the next room. Beware of 4 spiked balls that roll down the big ramp. You can pick up explosive arrows and kill a small scorpion down in the left hole. Run up the big ramp, turn
back to get rid of 2 ninjas. Jump to the climbable wall , left of the double doors, and shift left into the opening.

In the next area , you are welcome by an earthquake. If you go left you will find a dark area
with a ladder and a closed gate. If you go right, there is a pole rope on fire. In the centre
of this area there is a pit you have to cross over. You can do this by two different ways
1/ The long way : go right , jump and grab the pole rope, back flip at the top, grab the ceiling bars. Monkey swing along the East wall until the end. Run/ jump to grab the rope above the pit. Swing West to the other side aiming the pillar in the corner. Climb the ladder. Grab the ceiling bars.
2/ The shortcut : Go left a bit and make a jump in diagonal to land on a higher block. Go left and grab the ceiling bars.

Monkey swing along the West wall to the other side, drop down to the pillar in the N-W corner. Go down. Pull the statue once to pick up Uzis clips. Do not forget to pull the lever to open the double doors in the previous room with the big ramp. Donít return there yet though. Now climb the ladder in the corner, at the top pick up explosive arrows. Jump to the first rope, swing/jump to the second one. Turn left, and swing/jump ahead. Pull the lever that opens a gate behind you. Return to the rope, and swing ahead. Kill a ninja and pick up explosive arrows. Pull another lever that opens a gate at the beginning of the earthquake room , in a dark corner. Return to the earthquake room using the two ropes, go down the ladder and climb the other ladder in the N-W corner. Monkey swing back to the other side. Go down and climb the ladder in the S-W dark corner. At the top , kill a ninja, jump over a spikes pit, then use a rope to swing over a fire trap pit. In the next corridor, avoid the dart emitters and kill another ninja. Ignore the first blocks that go down to your right , go down the next opening to your right. Flip the lever, donít loose time to go by the opened door as a spiked ball has been triggered. Climb the blocks, turn right and climb the ladder to a room with a movable statue. Pull the statue to the centre of the room then push it on the brown tile along the West wall. Kill a small scorpion and pick up the Hand of Orion.
Return to the earthquake room , jumping over the fire and spikes pits then return to the room with the big ramp and exit by the double doors East. After jumping on the pillars above a deep pit , you can place the Hand of Orion to open the last gate. Slide to the end.