Ignore both zip lines: just safety drop down to your right, on a blue block, get on the catwalk and pull out the block so you can pick up a Key from beneath it. Follow the catwalk till the other end and jump to the opening on the right. Use this key on the very end of this corridor to enter the quad course. Ride on and drive across (there's only one way to follow). When you reach one block before a pit, get off the quad (Roll + Direction key) and climb on the block, jump to the central column and grab the grated ceiling to monkey swing over the pit. Dropping on safe ground again, jump to the block right in front of you and then to the slopes, jumping each one until you are on a plain block again. From there, take one running jump over the last slope to slide another one and jump to a bridge. Cross it, jump to the crawlspace ahead and crawl down the passage. You'll reach one area with green and brown pillars. Safely jump across the green tiles and slide down the tunnel.

End of Level.
Secrets: none