Pick up the items and crawl into the cave. Climb up the ice wall and crawl in at the top. Slide down, avoid Larson, and climb up to the passage in the other side. Head left, jumping over slopes and then crawl in. Either path will lead you to the same way: another crawlspace. Soon enough, you'll come to yet another one. Ignore the skeleton passage, but head into the next left: climb the unmarked wall to find SECRET #1. Get back down and enter the shelly passage. In the end, climb up the icy wall. Slide down to reach the remains of an ancient city. In the pink building you can collect the Uzis and in the dark brown head through the underground passage. Crawl through and take the zip line over the lava pit. The icy column by the skeleton can be clambered upon. At the top, back flip and deal with some hungry wolves and giant bats, then enter the cave and slide down to a lava pit. Run across the breakaway bridge e crawl through. Climb up the column on the right and push the block twice, then push the second block until the end, but don't drop into the water yet: in the middle of this corridor, push a third block to retrieve the SECRET #2. SAVE YOUR GAME. Drop into the freezing water, swim through the passage and climb out quickly. Run around the tower and pull out the block to get in and climb up to the top of the tower. Jump to the crack and shimmy right, then walk through the spikes. As soon as the camera changes to a front view, sprint and crawl into the space before the boulder smashes you down. Return to the place from where the boulder fell and climb up to uncover SECRET #3. Get back and crawl through to reach a lava pond. Run across the catwalk to spot a safe cracked glass-like platform on the lava. Jump onto it and use it as a boost to get to the other platforms until you reach the switch. Throw it and return to the drained water tank. Throw the lever and return to the lava pond. Jump onto the glass and then onto the platform on the right. Monkey swing until the door, crawl in and climb up. Try not to hit Larson (he can't be killed), but make this area safe. SAVE YOUR GAME. Dive into the freezing pond and throw the underwater levers. Use medipacks so you don't freeze and quickly return to the surface. The boulders rolled down and revealed two switches, throw them and crawl into the new opening. Rush beneath the crumbling ceiling and jump over the wall knives. Climb down the hole and ride the zip line. Crawl in, quickly swim across and as you climb out of the water, dodge the avalanche. Then go up the ramp and climb to the higher grounds, drop into the hole to the right, slide down and climb up the ice wall. Push the two blocks onto the pink spider tiles. Get in and jump over the knives. When you reach the icy mud, wade across touching the far left wall. Monkey swing until the wall crack, then let go and grab it, crawl in, throw the lever and shimmy to the other end. Cross the door and pick up the WOODEN KEY. Run through the alley and dive into the water. Swim across quickly, throw the two levers and enter the ice palace.

End of Level.
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