Level by tombraiderxii


Walkthrough by Andzia9


Note:There are few new moves. They are mentioned in read me.

You meet lots of girls, which look like Lara.



Level 1 Ė A visit with Stacy.


You started near the train. You can see what Stacy is doing, when she doesnít move.Enter E opening, go N and up stairs. Enter N yard, donít worry about dog, it will not attack you.

Camera fixes are very frustrating, but you canít do nothing.Enter house and turn to E just after entering.Climb down stairs and turn left to crawl space. Crawl to the end and turn to S. Pick up large medipack and turn sticking out book. Now crawl out and go to W side of room. Go down and enter to opened door.Turn book and you see view of large gate. Go out and near door on E side is second crawl space.Again turn book (use flares to see it, or if you want to spare it, just use pistols to make some light).At N side are crossbow explosive ammos.Go back to upper room and again down stairs to now opened door at E side. Turn book to open bathroom behind you, enter and pick up Uzis ammo from bath.Enter S dark room, take revolver bullet ammo near piano, and turn book.Now you will see large gate opening.Pick up small medipack from books at W side. Go back upstairs and go to N side of house.You are at very big hall.


Turn to W side, and next to N and go to small stairs. Shoot glass window and enter to kitchen. Pick up first secret reward.Go down to S and you are at second hall. Letís call it Red Hall. Go to end and turn to W gym hall, continue forward and notice a closed vase at N wall. Hop down to second hole and pick up Memory Card. Go to pool at E, jump to water and swim to hole to see closed door. Swim to SE corner and pull underwater lever.One of the higher doors in main hall is now open. Swim to underwater door, and open it by pressing Ctrl.Swim in and pull underwater lever. The gate with vase is now open. Go back, shoot vase and pick up second secret reward. Go back to Red Hall and enter E opening. When you will be near room, you will see view of girl in bathroom. Search S wardrobe for third secret reward. Go to SE picture and press invisible button. Enter and pick up crossbow.Jump to bath and pick up second crossbow.Now go up either stairs at N side of Red Hall. Turn around and climb the upper wall. You are back at first hall. Go up N stairs, follow corridor and enter W room. Turn book to open white door. Enter bathroom and go to SE corner. Pull up at crawl space and turn right to pick up fourth secret reward. Crawl to other side, pull up at end. Go to orange wall and use Ctrl button to push invisible button on wall. This will dry the pool outside.


Go back to corridor and enter N big room with dancing pair. Turn book at N and enter right opening. Youíll get view of girl. Jump down and grab jump switch. Youíll hear spikes. Enter a room, and you will see that unfortunately, spikes killed girl. Climb on either side of books and shimmy to other side (climb higher, because on lower position Stacy canít go further). Turn book and you will see opening gate ahead of jeep. Go downstairs and go to NW corner. Climb brick pillar, turn around, jump and grab ledge. Enter opening and turn N. Pick up two crossbow ammos, explosive and poisonous. Go down stairs (just go further, till view changes). Pick up small medipack and flares from black tile on N side. Go to S side and pick up oil lamp. Go back to doorand turn to W. Put a lamp by pressing ď1Ē and take crossbow explosive ammo. Go to end and light a lamp.You can leave lamp here but remember where it is.


Now go to upstairs and to E site of bed. You must go slowly and push ctrl to pick up flares and fifth secret reward.Come back for lamp again, go to black tiles with booksand carefully light them. The door in other side in main Hall is opened. So go there, just continue forward (there is nothing in room N) and climb down a stairs. Pick up the Hand of Sirius from books, two small medipacks from other books and another two small medipacks from bath.


Go down to main hall and to SE corner. Enter to crawl space at NE corner and pick up revolver bullet ammo. Continue ahead and around the room to red wall. Push invisible button. You can go now to empty pool or you can do it later. If you want to do this now, here is descriptions. Just climb down to floor below. Use Hand of Sirius on empty receptacle. Go to N and turn right. Go to fireplace, turn around and hop down. Take grenade normal ammo and Uzi ammo. Now enter a water and swim left. Search a room for Uzi ammo, Grenade Launcher, shotgun wideshot ammo, shotgun, crossbow poisonous ammo, and crossbow standard pack. Now jump to NE corner, behind grave and pick up sixth secret reward. Swim out and pick up crossbow explosive pack from W site.


Go back outside of House and go W. Pick up oil lamp (if you left previous one), light it at fire and light all black tiles around it. Go back to main yard, go to where dog was(S and turn W), and light black tile. Go back to yard with fire and climb down hole. Enter the cave with skeletons and two cages. Pull out cage from E side and from N side. Pull out skeletons and pick up crossbow standard ammo, crossbow poisonous ammo and crossbow explosive ammo. Enter crawl space. Crawl to end and pick up crossbow poisonous ammo. Next go to SE corner, the skeleton will be move, but be careful to not be so near, or you will be stuck, the same is for other skeletons. Pick up binoculars, and Uzi ammo from NEside. Now crawl to NW and pick up small medipack and shotgun wideshot ammo. Finally crawl to SW and pick up crossbow standard ammo.


Go to hole on left and climb down. You will fall to water. Donít swim to middle in room. Climb to ledge and to block. Jump and grab a ladder. Climb to the top,back flip, roll and grab pillar. Jump to SW opening and choose pole or wall, and climb down to grey platform. Back flip to NE slope, jump and grab ladder. Shimmy to right around corner, climb higher, and shimmy left, around corner, climb a little bit down, let go, and quickly grab jump switch. Immediately press jump and grab ladder. You canít go to platform now, because itís burning. Shimmy right as far as possible (but not to wooden wall), to right corner of platform, and drop down. Stacy should be land on safe place. Jump and grab pole, climb up and back flip to ledge. Turn to S, run, jump, roll and land on slope. Slide and jump with right curve to right ledge. Now run and jump to W and land on floor. Climb E ladder, to one tile before top, and back flip to bridge. Jump and grab second jump switch. The gate on W will open. Go there and jump to water. Pull underwater lever on N side.You get cut scene of opening gate in fire yard.


Come back to poison pool, pull up on E ledge, slide and jump to another ledge.Now just jump to water. Climb again to ledge, run, jump and grab E ladder, and come back to skeleton cave. Go out, back flip to slope, jump and grab ledge, and pull up. Go to S, and pull up at crawl space. Drop down and go to W. Youíll get a cut scene of girl, aiming with pistol to another girl. Just continue ahead, and level will change.


Level 2 Ė The Base.


Go to E, and kill 2 dogs.Climb E ladder, and you will see two receptacles. Only one is to complete. Two soldiers looks like friendly, but you must kill them.Pick up two stones half and combine them. Put them on receptacle. It will open trapdoor on N. Hop down and pick up seventh secret reward. The girl will not do anything with you. Climb back up, and enter opened gate at E.


Slide down and go to glass blocks. Pull out W one, and pull down jump switch. You get a cut scene of raising block at beginning. Pull out N block and pick up eighth secret reward. Climb a ladder on E pillar, and climb on wooden platforms on left. Turn to S, and you can run, jump and grab second pillar ahead. Shimmy around and back flip to wooden platform with pole. Run, jump and grab rope and swing to higher flat tile. Jump back to opening and leave to outside. Climb on raising block and push lever. Again go to room with poles and this time jump to water at SE corner. On N side is underwater lever, but leave it now. Swim S and pull up at room. There are spikes, cage and pillars. Pull out cage and pick up ninth secret reward.


Now come back to underwater lever and pull it. Come back to room and you see raised block. Climb on it, jump and grab pillar. Shimmy around and back flip to another one (use ctrl, shift and alt). Do the same with next two. You will see a girl fighting with soldier. Crawl to E crawl space, to the end and pull up at room with a girl. Takeflares from statue and guardian key from candlestick.Go back and enter W crawl space, to middle and pull down jump switch.Crawl to N and pick up crossbow poisonous ammo. On other side is shotgun normal ammunition. Continue crawling on W side. You are in tunnel.At N side is Key Piece behind glass. Climb on invisible wall on W and pull up on opening.


Continue ahead and enter to big room.You will see girl killing a soldier. If you attack her, she will attack you too. Pick up revolver bullet packs from soldier. Enter another invisible wall on the left next to wall where you entered before. Pick up flares and tenth secret reward. Come back to room and pick up Uzis from NW block.Pull and push all blocks to appointed tiles- cage to SE corner, block with Pharaoh headto SW corner. Go to NE and push lever. The block will raise and continue to pushing it forward. The block with animal move to NW corner. All three gates are open. Pick up first Key Piece. Go to NE corner and use guardian key on receptacle. Climb to crawl space on E. In end crawl trough invisible N wall. You land on room with second Key Piece. Take it and simply walk through glass. Combine two Key Pieces and use on circular door. You get flyby of destroyed train. Get down to blue tile and slide forward. Leave jump switches, they are fire trap. At end jump ahead, because the nearest water is deadly. You must land on block. Go forward and climb a ladder. Kill two girls, two dogs and a soldier. Use rope to swing to NE jump switch (NW is a fire trap).


Grab jump switch, slide, back flip and grab a rope.Swing to S ledge and jump down to water at SE corner. Swim to room and take Hand of Rathmore. Again climb to ropes and swing to N alcove. Climb a ladder and back flip to room with aliens statues. Use Hand on middle alien. It will come earthquake. Enter SW door. Jump up to blue tile. You will be in water. Swim to N room. Climb to crawl space and follow to big room with ladder, monkey swing and jump switch. Monkey swing to jump switch and use it. Come back and climb up a ladder. Choose another crawl space or opening ahead and follow to swinging chains. Carefully enter S alcove and pick up eleventh secret reward. Now go to NE crawl space and use a lever. Come back to first room, this time use a crawl space, because the other way is now blocked. Climb down a opened trapdoor. You get a cut scene of jail and somewhere in water. Then level will end.


Level 3. Flashback ĖThe incident Ėbonus.


Below here is spoiler how to get password to unlock Bonus Pack.


You must have all secrets. The number of them is the name of password. So for example, when you have seven secrets, you must write ďsevenĒ as password. If you didnít find all secrets here is answer: ďelevenĒ.


Now you must replace all files to original and you can play. Search any level you want. I wrote a solution to third level.


Take a shotgun from S and shotgun normal ammo from N. Go to W and there will appear Torso, mutant and a doppelganger. (I donít know if doppelganger is friend or not. When I killed Torso, doppelganger was already dead).Then kill a mutant. Pick up large medipack from doppelgangerís body. Take Golden Ora Dagger from pedestal. One of mutants dropped Golden Vraeus. Use it on receptacle. The cage will raise on end of W side. Climb it, and go through wall. You will be in water. Quickly swim to opening (because of crocodile) and pull up. Push a button and you can kill crocodile if you want, or just avoid him and swim back to previous room and up to now opened trapdoor. You will be attacked by ice wraith, so hurry up and climb up a ladder and to nearest water. Now notice a boulder in ceiling. Slide down a slope backwards, boulder will dropped and miss you. Jump to water, swim to opening and pick up revolver and a shotgun. Climb up and jump to crawl space and get in. Jump to water, swim to other side, climb out and get to another crawl space. Jump to water and swim troughS wall-where skeleton lies, follow to the end and pick up Guardian Key.


Now come back to ladder (where boulder was), run, jump and grab ladder above. Move skeleton and take two shotguns normal ammo, two revolvers bullet ammo and a laser sight from hole. Immediately climb up and take weapons because you will be attacked by three mutants. Combine laser sight with revolver (or with crossbow) and shoot ball at ceiling. Enter opening door and you will see three receptacles. One is already used, so you need to use two. Place Guardian Key and come back to room. The glass floor has been disappeared. Drop down to hole and take Golden Vraeus. Place it to last receptacle. Return to room with waterfall and grab crevice on W. Shimmy left to crawl space and press left or right button and roll. Shimmy around and pull up in crawl space. Continue to next crawl space behind waterfall. Go N and climb a ladder.Pull up and enter a big room. Kill four crocodiles and jump to SE ledge.


Now here is tricky move. Find middle crevice and run jump with right curve and grab. Pull up to upper ledge and go to room(there is nothing in crawl space). Shoot skeleton-be careful for boulder from NE red room. In room where boulder was, there is swinging ball. Shoot it, immediately jump left side and you will be attacked by ice wraith. Jump to pool, wait till wraith will disappear and repeat climbing up. Go to SE, jump up and grab the wall above(donít use slopes on NW corner). Climb to the top(in middle is closed door, but itís not useful). Climb the block and take shotgun normal ammo. If you want, drop down and go to SW and press button to open door, that you saw before. Climb back up or if you still in upper ledge go to NW corner and run and jump to ledge. Jump to SW and enter to next room. Go upstairs and kill two mutants. Take large medipack from first and revolver bullets from second. Follow stairs, ignore first opening and exit in another ledge in previous room.Climb a ladder in hole and back flip.Go to the top and press a button. The room in below itís now flooded.Swim S to big red room. Avoid skull tiles and swim to other side. Pull up and go to S opening. Shoot mutant centaur from right and flying mutant from left.Run and jump to where centaur was. Run and jump to second alcove in S. Stand jump with left curve to next alcove on right. Go forward and push lever on first left alcove. Enter to second turn around and kill a mutant. When you come closer to door they will open. Go to SE corner, turn around and shoot another mutant.There is nothing in SE far corner and in S back wall. Go back to door and jump back to ledge and go back to entrance. In red room run, jump and grab the hole above. Pull up and enter S door. Now only go forward, till level ends.


The fourthbonus level is very short and for only few minutes so there is no need to write walkthrough. Besides there is nothing to do, only walk around and search few things.