Levels by Paze & Hmkayfloh


NOTE: The compass often shows the wrong directions. The given ones are the direction of the red needle.


Level 1: Unexplored Ruins (Unerforschte Ruinen) by Hmkayfloh


Walkthrough by manarch2


Right at the beginning you slide down in front of a yet closed temple. Go right and then E around the hills until you can jump into the SW corner to find a button. Push it and go back to the bigger courtyard with several vases. A block has lowered N; go inside the passage and press another button to reveal a rope. Jump onto the S block and from there to the rope. Swing and jump to the column and pick up a Little Medikit, then use the jumplever on it. After watching the cutscene get back on the floor.


SECRET 1: Again jump to the rope and this time head E. Swing to the platforms there to achive a Large Medikit.


Go back S to the beginning of the level. The temple is now open so head inside. Don’t go through the passage yet, instead jump to the NW corner and face the W wall. Jump up and grab the ledge there, then press Jump once more to get into the upper room. Take the Torschlüssel off the pedestal and a Little Medikit in the SE corner. Get back down and this time go through the E passage, avoiding some knifes. The next room has got many fire traps, so watch out for them. Go on the right step and forward until you reach the fires. Jump up when it goes out and quickly monkeyswing above it; you have to overcome such a trap once more. After you’re at the other side pick up the Flares left and use the key on the door which then opens. Run and crawl into the next room. The water pool in the middle is deadly so watch out for it. There are four levers in this room; pull all of them down and you can jump inot the pool now. At the bottom open the N underwater door and swim through the passage. Lara seems to have unlimited air here.


At the end don’t use the underwater levers yet but climb out of the water and throw a W wall lever. A block in the pool lowers so swim through and at the end you find a Crowbar. Run onto the darker tile and a door opens somewhere. Back in the pool swim near the floor again and find the now open door. On the stairway watch out for boulders – jump to the platform with a Little Medikit – and go back again. On the left side you’ll find a button to press. This will let one boulder fall deeper. Opposite of the burning bin you can see a crawlspace so get through it and climb up all the way to the jumplever. After using it and falling into the pool climb the ladder again and backflip onto a high ledge. Run in the corridor and find a Little Medikit to your right. Go E then and climb down the blocks and run to a pool area. After a cutscene jump in the pool and swim E to find an underwater lever which opens the exit door. Back in the bigger room jump to the upper floor (near a corner) and from there to the floor lever (a boulder may be triggered so be careful). Wait until the flame is out and push the lever to lower a block SE. Pry the Golden Star off the wall and jump back in the pool.


Go back S through the white area and exit these rooms. Downstairs jump in the water and arrive in the main hall again. This time use the W underwater lever to open the nearby door and swim through. Climb out SW and catch the wall ledge N. Shimmy right around the corner and press Backward to get to the platform. Turn around and jump W to grab the ledge and backflip on the highest floor. Jump over the gab and use the jumplever on the first left niche to open the S door. Push all three buttons on the S wall to open the trapdoor; fall into another pool. There’s only one way out (W) so climb out there. In an E niche there are Flares; run down the W stairway. Jump over the flames when they go out and watch out for gift arrows. Pry off the Golden Star and leave this room taking a SW Little Medikit with you, which you should use because of the gift. Upstairs take the N path. Use the right wall lever and go through the newly opened door into the pool again. Swim back to the main hall and use the remaining S water lever. Run outside when climbing out to see a cutscene.


Do never get on the floor as it leads to instant death! Jump across the platforms until you see an E opening. Jump there and get an Edelstein. Going back you have to drop from the ledge and shimmy left until you can crawl and then run again (with a ledge jump). Then jump to the S end of the room and use the Edelstein in a E niche. Run-jump over the dark pit and at the other side you can see the two last stars in the pool, but as it isn’t dry yet you have to do it yourself. Find a SE passage and climb there. At the end get up the ladder and backflip onto a platform. There are six levers in this room, five of them kill you, only the middle one on the right (W) wall makes the pool dry. So – get the two Golden Stars and run and climb back to the room with the levers because you otherwise couldn’t get out of the room. Pull the lever back and leave this area. Back over the platforms and through the pool you are in the main hall. Place all four Golden Stars in the receptacles and the E door opens. Swim to it and slide down in the dark to make the level change.



Level 2: Inner Complex (Der innere Komplex) by Paze


Walkthrough by manarch2 & DJ Full


A dark level. Ergo, two things to remember:

1. To make some light, hit Esc and things get brighter - sometimes this is better than a flare.

2. Break the old habit - don't dare fire pistols to make light, as they have limited ammo!




Throw a jumpswitch on the N wall to open the door next to it. Pull the block located on the right of the revealed corridor out of the wall. Push it on the marked tile to open the door in the S wall, but don't go through it yet. Throw the revealed switch to open the far door in the N wall, but also don't go there yet. Climb the central block in the chamber and pull up on the piece of floor on the top of the polerope. Now, the whole part here requires some platforming. Hit the N jumpswitch (it opens the middle N door on the ground). From the pedestal in the niche in the middle of the S wall, grab a torch and leave it by the E block. Push that cube to set another torch on fire. Pick up the dropped one and light it with the one on the wall. Throw the torch to the bottom, get on the cornice by the S wall and go E to spot a jumpswitch. Next to it, there is a broken pillar, so hop on its nearest corner to avoid slipping off it and throw the lever from here (opens the left S door on the ground). Fall down. Now pick up your dropped torch and light another one, on the central pillar. This opens the middle S door. Now you can choose any of the open portals.






When you enter the passage, another door opens automatically (and closes behind you). Go across the following room and stand on the ledge to watch a flyby welcoming you to the Hall Of Levers.

Jump on the SW cornice and throw a lever to see a cutscene showing you something. From footsteps of its chitin legs sounding in the black you can assume it's a giant scorpion that has awaken at the bottom and now is lurking in the gloom. There are two ways to get down:

- the fast one: use the N platforms to descend a little bit. Not a safe height yet - drop SE onto a lower block losing some health and find a torch in the NE alcove.

- the safe one: get back to the ledge in front of the entrance, drop E (twice), platform S and runjump/grab/drop from the E pole. Catch the pillar on your left, shimmy around it, hop off the wall and grab the N ledge. Pull up to find a torch.


Throw it down, get back on the last block and grab the ladder on its E side to get down. Now you can safety drop, but beware of the scorpion. Avoid it by jumping on any block. Wait until the arachnid is anywhere else than close to you and stand in front of any of the 3 levers (4th one is misplaced). If you throw the switch when the scorpion is passing one of the spike squares, that should impale the enemy. If you don't succeed, you have 2 other levers to try.




When the lever is pulled, standing on:

- any spike square

- between the NW and NE levers

- the tile on the E of the SW lever

opens a door behind the S blocks and triggers a camera showing you the roof you're under. However, if you step on:

- any square with a flame above it

- the misplaced switch tile

- the square on the W of it,

before you launch the camera, the trigger for it DEACTIVATES and you're stuck. Also, if you save/load after you open the door and stand on one of the spike squares, the trigger works again, so the door closes. In this case, either load the previous savegame, or save/load the actual progress and step on the square again to re-open the portal.


I don't know why it all happens, maybe it's a TREP bug or something. Never encountered such behaviour of triggers before. Gotta report this somewhere in the forum...

So, AFTER you make sure you've seen the camera, pull the nearby skeleton for some flares and a small medi. Climb the S blocks and hop through the open door behind them to find a switch at the end of the passage. Throw it and a camera shows you the same place as previously, allowing you to see a block rise. Get back down, retrieve the torch you've dropped somewhere around and light it by touching any of the flames with it. Go over the N block to find a passage. Jump on the rocks on your left.




Going through them, ignore the first part of the left wall - there's an illegal slope. I tried to find something there, but it resulted in stucking only. So go N, avoiding the small dark scorpions, and E before the bright spot. Reach another place where the light shines through the rocks and advance E, watching out for another illegal slopes and the falling stone, to find SECRET 2 - a small medi. Go back and follow the left wall to notice a gap between the sculpture piece and the wall. Go through it to enter the chamber with eye of Horus symbol on the wall. Pick up der Siegel (Seal) and don't mind the collapsing ceiling as it is harmless... on the contrary with a giant scorpion falling down after it.




Sometimes the scorpion doesn't appear.

Grab the torch, escape all the scorpions and return to the Hall Of Levers.




Grab the N side of the right E pillar. Jump and grab several times, turn around and hop into the N niche. Catch the neighbouring ledge and pull up to climb the familiar ladder. Jump into the alcove where you found the torch and

runjump/grab the upper part of the same pillar as previously. Shimmy right to move to the E side, turn around and do a curved jump, turning left to land on the platform. Get on the platforms above, runjump the W pole and continue jumping in the same direction to follow the platforms across the place. Drop on the SW block to throw a switch to bring a rope on the NE. Slide the W slopes to get back to the bottom. Return to the "torch alcove" following the same path as previously and swing the rope on the lowest of the three platforms (you once used to descend) and climb them back to the top. Get on the raised block at last to reach a slot for der Siegel. Place it and, watching out for the surrounding knives, grab 2 more Siegeln from the top of the roof. Drop W to place them. Hear a thump. Actually, nothing more to do here, so go back to the main hall.






Face a thumper. Timing it, runjump/grab the block on the other side of the pit. Shimmy left around, drop on the shelf and throw a switch to hide the block. It's not necessary to grab the polerope on your right - just stand on the edge and do a curved jump, turning left in midair to land on the slope. Bounce, midroll and continue bouncing, curving right until you are on the next block. From here, jump onto a platform in the next room and runjump/grab the following crack. Hop off the wall to catch the ladder and climb it to enter the above-ground part of the complex.




Go through the portal and follow the corridor. At the end turn around and climb the W ladder. At the top you can see a jumplever block with spike holes. Using it leads to death so don't mind it for now. Jump around the building until you can spot a wall lever. Get there and SAVE before you throw the lever, because when you pull it, you'll have 2 seconds to escape to a piece of floor on your left, before the spikes activate. See the N door open automatically. Runjump/grab/pull up on the cornice in front of it and go through to solve a pushable. Move the colored blocks on the corresponding tiles. Move the green cube first, otherwise the beige block will block the path for the green one. When the blocks are placed, the spikes under the jumplever are deactivated; jump there and use them. Climb down to the floor again and since a S door has opened go through.




Jump on left or right flat point in the slope. Jump to the middle S column and directly further S to avoid being killed by knifes. Slide down the little ramp and running drop SW holding Action to get to the wall lever. Throw it and slide down. Timing the blades by the central pillar and watching out for an illegal slope below them, go to the other side of the pit. Jump on the NE standable sand, then runjump SE to land under the bars. Swing to the jumpswitch. Throw it and slide back to the bottom. Now you need to backflip on the slope on the E of the central column and bounce to grab the (left) E side of the pillar. Hop up several times, shimmy left around (not too far to avoid the blades), jump off the wall and catch the ladder to backflip on the top of the column. Now you can grab the pillar on the left of the swinging axes, hop up twice and reach the cracks above the trap - hopping off the wall, grabbing and following a now complete monkey swing leading to the first of them. Grab it, shimmy around, hop off to grab the second crack, shimmy right, hop off (you may need to curve this jump) to throw a jumpswitch and, again, slide down to the very bottom. You know the way back, so... some time later... time the swinging axes, making haste, as the floor under them is collapsible. On the other side, throw a switch and... oh, no... get back to the bottom and use the pillar for the 3rd time. Nothing more to do here - get back on the first platform, stand on its left or right side and - that requires some precision - runjump/curve/grab/pull up back to the corridor and in the patio you came from.




Go across the central blocks and jump in the N corridor to throw a switch at the end. Go in the new trap room. You'd better crawl to pass it. Move 2 levers by the exit and the axes are stopped. Pull 2 chains behind them. That opens the exit. Sprint into the corridor behind it and hit Duck to roll under the spinning knives. Crawl to the left corner at the end, don't release Duck and hit Draw to get closer to the wall. Now you should make it without using a half life medi. SAVE in this position and grab the crack above you. Shimmy to the middle of the wall and hop off to throw a jumpswitch behind you. Fall/Duck. Turn around, crawl backwards and drop into the pit. SAVE again, as there's another danger - slide down the slope and bounce off it to jump over the hidden spikes. From the alcove in the NE corner, get a small medi and some flares. Grab another small medi from the pit behind the S block. Throw a switch in there, climb the SW ladder, shimmy around the corner and over the slope to get back on the top. SAVE, again below the spinners. Climb the upper ladder but don't pull up normal way. Release/hold Action to free your legs and immediately hit Duck+Up to get on the top crouching. Get back through the trap and SAVE. You've done your job here - backtrack all the way to the spike pit. When you grab the crack above it, shimmy to the S side and place yourself as far on the right as you can. Hop off curving left to land on the platform. There's a raised trapdoor allowing you to return - you need to do a right curving jump on it from the next block. Then, hop back through the thumper and you've completed this part.






Follow the passage to drop in the pit with a lever switch. I couldn't find a function for this lever, but I think it wasn't supposed to raise that bars on your right, as they don't seem to be a door - there is more of them in the level and none of them opens. However, looking through the bars you can see a guy with a rifle, standing at the bottom of the bright hall.






Take the torch with you. Going through the passage, you'll find another one on the wall. Light it and jump across one of the two gaps (the left one is much easier). Light one more torch and the door opens. With the torch still in your hand, slide down the revealed slope to wake up two mummies. Hop on the block and SAVE before you set the torch above it on fire, as if you commite a mistake during the following task, you'll get stuck. Do as follows, as fast as possible: light the torch, drop it on the raising platform, pull the lever in the alcove, don't get back on the block or another one falling down will crush you, hop on the raising platform, pick up your torch, get through the open door and light the last torch on the block on the left of the passage. A cube raises in front of the exit, and some fragments of the slope are not so steep anymore. It means this part is over and it was only a break before something bigger. Get out of here.






At the end of the corridor, you will find yourself on the edge. Grab the crack on your left, shimmy around the wall and hop off to grab the platform. Pull up and SAVE. When pushing the lever the NE door opens but you have to hurry as three spike traps will come up. Turn immediately left and jump as early as possible holding Action. If you landed safely run down into the new room. Here you also can see the spike holes… Go to the central column and then E. Pull the timed lever, then backflip with a mid-air turn and sprint-jump to the door. Pick up the Torch there and light it N in the tunnel. Unfortunately the spikes are activated now. Your task is to light all eight torches on the central column. To realize this a block has lowered in the SW corner, pull it out and all the way to a brown floor tile. A white trapdoor near the lever has opened.




Go to the very end of the corridor and through the crawlspace. Find a skeleton and pull it off a small medikit. Enter the N corridor to find take a look at two inaccessible areas - a huge hall with an obelisk, and a hypostyle leading to the far temple exit.


Get back to the corridor and through the door closest to the trapdoor you came through. See 3 switches. Press left and right lever as fast as possible, then the middle one. Timed run! Reverse roll, sprint back into the corridor and through the second left door, which close behind you seconds later. Two new levers - the left one deactivates the spikes up there and the right one lets you out, but SAVE before you exit, as the floor in the corridor is no more. Jump across the passage and grab a crack. Shimmy right, jump off the wall and grab another crack. Shimmy left, jump off the wall and grab the bars. Swing a little bit S and catch the third crack to shimmy right and grab another set of bars. Swing back to the trapdoor and get outside. Some spikes are off so it's easier to get back through the trap and into the N alcove, where the torch is lit now. Take fire with you, hold Shift, as the spikes supposed to be hidden are still here (must be a bug) and light the torches surrounding the central block. That opens the door that led you here, so get out, return on the spike platform, grab the rope now hanging in front of the exit, shimmy down it and swing to land in the corridor leading back to main hall.






Sprint down the ramp and avoid the spikeball chasing you by escaping to the corridor on your right. The spikeball follows you, so follow another ramp (no need to sprint) till you can runjump to catch the left rope. Spot a crack, glimmering in the weak light of the torch. Super swing to grab its left side (it's important - otherwise you'll fall). SAVE in front of the switch and press it. Timed run! Runjump SW through the hole on your left to land in front of the door. Sprint down the ramp, as another spikeball chases you and the next one approaches from the opposite slope. Hide in the right alcove.




Watch the cutscene warning you there's something you should watch out for, climb the block and face the two slopes with a deadly hole between them. Runjump as far as possible on the left one to slide backwards and grab the ledge. Shimmy right. Don't stop and you will make it to the place where you need to pull up and bounce several times to go over the raised piece. Again, grab the W ledge and shimmy right without stopping until you hit another raised fragment. Pull up. Now you need to bounce off the slopes, curving right, but watch out for some rolling balls - when you land on a trigger for them, curve left to escape. Repeat it one more time and reach the safe platform. Pull the lever and climb the ladder to get through the open door. SAVE before you enter the next room. Stand on the square between the torch and the exit. Roll 3 times (to activate spikes, avoid them and get back before the trapdoor opens). Grab the torch and jump into the E hole. Getting to the next room hides spikes blocking the way out, but the door is still locked, so pull the chain to open it. Light the torch with another one, take it back and jump curving left over the open trapdoors. Bouncing off the slopes back towards the first platform, SAVE when you land on the preultimate red part, because getting on the next one triggers the remaining falling spikeball. Reach the platform. Light the torches to get out and don't drop the one you have - it will help you see where squares begin and end, as you're after a secret hidden in the dark now.




Jump over the right slope behind the exit. Roll on the third walkable square and escape on the opposite ramp to avoid a spikeball. Return to the previous ramp and SAVE on the fourth square. The fifth one triggers one more spikeball and the first thing you need to do now is to BELIEVE it's possible to survive, as all the miracles require some faith to happen. Roll on the closest part of the mentioned square. [Blue43: I tried a new technique: I tried to just hop back instead of rolling and it seemed that gave me a quicker start and I was able to jump that curve into the opening after the third attempt!] Run (don't sprint) down the ramp. In a place where the angle of the ramp decreases, jump curving left (in some cases, you may need to bounce off the right wall to shorten the jump). Land in the alcove and roll before the spikeball smashes you. Now WAIT until it returns and falls into the pit. Now you can safely reach the top of the spikeball ramp for SECRET 3 - pull the skeleton off a small medi and a pack of flares and get them. Go up the opposite ramp and do a single super swing from the second rope to return to the corridor leading back to the main hall.




When you complete all the tasks behind the mission doors, all the torches but one catch fire and the exit door opens, letting you in the burial chamber with a hammergod statue surrounded by some guardian skellys. Pull the lever behind this monument several times, time the blocks (a single sprint will do it) and roll through the closing door to fall into the pit, what ends the level.



Level 3: Temple Surroundings (Tempelumgebung) by Paze


Walkthrough by DJ Full


A dark level. Thus, two things to remember:

1. To make some light, hit Esc and things get brighter - sometimes this is better than a flare.

2. Break the old habit - don't dare fire pistols to make light, as they have limited ammo!




Another situation when it's better to hit Esc than to light a flare. Reverse roll and go under the building to fight the first bat (3 shots are enough). Now, 3 switches to throw. The first one: find a slope on the SW, backflip on it and bounce off to get on the pillar, then runjump NE on the roof to press the switch (activates some spikes).

SHORTCUT: From the NW corner of the roof, runjump (with Action) the platform for 50 pistol ammo.

INTENDED WAY: Go between the W portal and the pillar on its left, around this column to find a ramp you need to jump on and get on the E block. Jump on the following platform to grab 50 pistol ammo.

Second lever: Go between the W portal and the pillar on its right, hop on the block (don't fall in the spike pit on the right of it) and on the N roof. Hold Walk and step among the activated spikes (it seems that lever on the previous roof was to DEactivate them, I think). Third switch: on the other side of this roof. Press it and don't hop back - a ball falls. Get down and through the open gate.




Kill 3 more bats. For a secret, sprint down the ramp and wait behind the trapdoors for them to open and for the boulders to fall through them. Follow the balls, safety dropping into the pit. Hop on the polerope, turn around and backflip with a midair roll to land on the hidden platform, what confirms finding SECRET 4. Pull the skeleton off 2 packs of ammo - one of them for rifle, another one for pistols. Press the wall fragment to reopen the trapdoors. Grab the pole once again, turn around and backflip with a midroll to land under the ladder. Climb it back to the bottom of the ramp. Go through the diagonal passage to find a rock (a reference point). On the left of the rock, you'll find a corridor with a jumpswitch on the right wall, a switch in the niche at the end and a ladder near the latter lever. Press both switches and climb the ladder, 3 clicks higher than the nearby cave ledge is. Release/hold Action to free your legs and shimmy to the opening ledge. Pull up to throw another switch. Two torches are lit now. On the right of the rock, there is a spike pit. Jump over it to land on the middle triangular flat surface. Jump on the next one and into the niche to throw a switch. 3 torches are lit.

SHORTCUT: Slide backwards down the nearest slope, hit Action but don't grab the ledge to land in the lower passage. Drop to the spike-free fragment of the pit and find a small medi among the spikes. Climb the ladder to return to the corridor, in front of the open door. Go through it, climb the next ladder and get back to the bottom of the ramp.

INTENDED WAY: Get back on the rock and to the bottom of the ramp. Find the open door on your left and drop to the lower passage behind it. At the end, drop to the spike-free fragment of the pit and find a small medi among the spikes. Climb the ladder to return to the corridor and get back to the bottom of the ramp.

Return to the place you started the game from and hop into the pit. Grab flares from the NW corner and press the switch in the SW one to light the last torch. The door behind the torches opens so you can go through.




Follow the side triangular flat fragments to jump around the pit. Jump across the pool and go left around the block to fall into the hole. Land in the water and collect a small medi from there. Pull up to the E and jump over the rocks, into the bigger pool. There is an evacuation path through the darkness above. Even if things seem to be pretty hopeless - as it's too deep for you to grab the ladder - when you swim into the NW part of the pool, a camera shows you a crack on the rock (you can't see it, but you can assume something's up there indeed). Pull up on the triangular bank. From there, jump into the SW niche. Walk into the spikes and turn around. For not to lose health when jumping out of here, you need to know the walkjump move, requiring less space than the normal one. Hold Walk, then, still among the spikes, add Jump and release Walk when leaving the spikes, so Lara jumps. Curve this jump right to be able to grab the crack the last camera indicated. Jump to grab the upper bar and hop off the wall to grab the opposite crack. Shimmy right to land on the platform and jump on the next two. Runjump/grab the ladder. Climb to the top.




You may ask: "Why does she have to jump around, if it's enough to follow the first bar and grab the ladder?" So I explain: as soon as Lara moves from the bar to the ladder, a bug teleports her to the left side and locks her there, so she is able only to drop back to the pool.

SAVE. Slide backwards down the slope behind the blocks and roll at the bottom. The spikes are about to appear! Avoiding them, runjump/grab the jumpswitch. Fall down and behold the moment of another backtrack.




Again on the top of the ladder, jump on the block, turn left and see an opening. Go through it and reverse roll to safety drop to the bottom of the pit. There is a jumpswitch in a niche in the middle of the E wall - throw it to deactivate some spikes. To get out, hop on a flat part of the SW slope, then over the gap and finally towards the ledge to grab it. Pull up and go back through the opening to runjump on the polerope. Climb it and backflip on the shelf. This is the place with the spikes you've deactivated, but the trap is still fully-working in front of the entrances, so don't go there. Face two skeletons. Escape them N till you can go right into the corridor. On the junction, go left. Behind the next corner, do several steps ahead, roll and throw a jumpswitch above the exit. If, when pulling the lever, the skellys stand below you, roll as soon as you fall to avoid their swords. Go through the open gate and jump on the platform. Don't touch weird red objects like this one in front of you - I don't know what they are, but they suck Lara's life out. Skeletons are good jumpers as well, so they follow you - draw the "shotgun" switch to Spezial Ammo and throw the skellys off ledge. Jump on the SW rock for some flares. Hop back on the central platform, go right around the killer something and into the N passage, where you need to turn left as soon as you enter. SAVE and follow the corridor until you see a ramp, roll to activate the ball and avoid it by sprinting out of the passage. Go up the now safe ramp.




Try to watch a cutscene. The whole following part of the game takes place above an illegal slope. From the "balcony", runjump NE to land on the top of the column. Ignore the timed switch for now. The pillar you're standing on is actually a ladder. Grab it, shimmy around and descend on the next platform. See the next ladder and repeat the last instruction. Grab the third ladder and descend to get in the niche. Press the wall fragment to lower some kind of a wooden blockade. Climb the ladder almost to the top and jump with midroll to return to the last platform. Shimmy around the other ladder and climb as high as you can, but DON'T pull up. Jump off the ladder with a midroll to grab the opposite ledge. Pull up and go around the last ladder to backflip with midroll for the last time and finally grab the ledge of unlocked balcony. Pull up and SAVE before you pick up die Sonnenscheibe (Sun Disc), because as soon as you grab the artifact, you'll have 2 seconds to get on the neighbouring square and avoid the spikes emerging from around the pedestal. Jump on the pillar with the switch you've previously ignored above it. Throw it. Timed run!... or rather: timed slide! Safety drop on the part of the slope on your right and slide down it and - depending on the phase of the spike at the end - bounce off either to grab the ledge and pull up, or just to land in the following passage.




Go through the door and DON'T stop. Otherwise, you'll be stuck.




Know the mist at the bottom of the pit is deadly. Also remember: generally, getting off the two E platforms triggers timed spikes. Jumping back on these platforms deactivates the traps. Getting off any W platform launches permanent spikes, so don't try to return on these two unless you have pulled a certain lever. Now, when you know how this place works, you can:

- use the timed spikes to your advantage, as they can kill the bats

- platform to any switch and throw all of them to make the W spikes timed and open the SW exit. Before you get through it, go for a secret.




Pull up on the block on the right of the switch and hop (Action recommended) on the one in the closest corner. Go through the passage to find yourself in the destroyed hall. Follow the flat parts of the collapsed floor to jump across all the pits and grab SECRET 5 - a small medi - from the pedestal on the other side of the hall. Enter the nearby passage and move the block to reveal a switch behind it. Press this lever and go back to the spike platforms room.

Time the W spikes (you can't deactivate them by landing on their platform) and stand in front of the exit. Two bats fly out of the cave. Like previously, don't waste ammo but just wait for bats to kill themselves. Get in the cave.




Go right around the invisible trap and go down the ladder in the pit. At the bottom, pick up flares from the left of the steps and go upstairs to use der Sonnenscheibe. And throw the 2 side switches. Go back up the ladder and through the portal on your right. Some more bats to eliminate. Go around the green blocks. There is a huge dead wolf behind them. It bleeds when shot, but You can’t do anything more with it – for now, it’s just an ex-wolf. Go in the W corridors, on the junction go towards the torch and pass it by. Follow the passage to the huge, dark cavern filled with some ancient constructions. There is a jumpswitch under one of the “windows”. You can see it from the central platform, facing ESE . And you need to find the way to it. Find some flares in the NE corner. Runjump/grab the ledge of the S block and pull up. Runjump on the W platform and continue in the same direction to jump/grab the opening ledge. Get in, between the far pillars and jump into the SW niche for SECRET 6 – a large medi. Go back through the pillar platform onto the previous one and runjump/grab the SE jumpswitch. There is nothing among the pillars next to it (and a bug on the nearby green block), so don’t go up there. The NW cage is open – pull the lever inside it. This raises the wooden bars in the previous cave and opens the SW exit - follow the corridor behind it. Before you enter the crawlspace, turn around and throw a switch on the left of the passage you've just left. Pulling it raises a gate on the other side of the pit in the first cave and resurrects that wolf which you’ve already met. Crawl through the hole and kill the enemy behind the exit (7 shots are enough). Again, watch out for the red sponge-like thingies on your way to the raised gate. There are several ways to pass them by, but getting on the E green block

and runjumping N is definitely the safest one. Jump across the pit (watch out for the sponges on your right) and go up the ramp behind the gate, avoiding a skeleton on your way to the courtyard.




SAVE. You need to press the side pieces of wall, but remember to start with the right one or they won't open a trapdoor for you. I highly recommend to throw these two before you reveal the bosses!




Time for fight! Get on the central platform to light the torches and wake up two hammergods. Throw the 2 jumpswitches in the alcoves where the enemies come from. TIP: do it before they fall on the floor (it takes them some time). The side spikes are gone and the jumpswitches behind them are accessible - lure the hammergods away of the E lever first and press it, then do this with the W one (you need to grab the crack on the right of it and shimmy left to place yourself above the switch). Catch the crack again, shimmy left as far as possible, hop to catch the upper crack and shimmy right until you can pull up on the platform. Get on the next one, turn around and follow the monkey swing to the end. Drop next to the giant fireplace and go through the passage behind it. On the junction, SAVE and go right to enter the speedrun chamber. Here, everything happens 2 times faster than normally. Pick up 120 x MP 53 Normale Ammo and climb the ladder in the SE corner to exit. Safety drop back to the corridor and continue through it to find a switch in the next chamber. It raises the bars on your right, so go behind them to time the far right flame and throw a lever behind it. Watchin the flyby, try to spot something on the left of the exit. You can't, but you know something important is there. Indeed, the army of skeletons has arisen from beneath. Time the flame again an go through the raised bars on the left of the previous lever to find yourself on the balcony. Runjump S to find another Sonnenscheibe vital for finding a secret. Turn around and spot a jumpswitch. Unfortunately, it's too far to grab it. Be patient, pass by the skeletons and hammergods and backtrack up there to throw the lever. Now the temple door is open.




Don't enter the temple yet. Hop into the W pit and grab a small medikit. Watching out for skeletons possibly fallen in, and for the illegal slope in the left corridor, follow that passage to find an open trapdoor near the locked door. The trapdoor is the one opened by those switches you've pressed before the fight started. Drop into the hole and find a switch at the end. Throw it to open the door next to the trapdoor. In the revealed passage, there is a slot for your Sonnenscheibe - use the item and proceed through another open door to find yourself on the ledge. Climb the ladder on your left for 240 x MP 53 Normale Ammo. Grab the E ledge of the platform you're on and descend one click. Backflip with midroll to grab the opposite ladder and get on the next platform for 120 more assault rifle ammo. Hang on the N ledge and hop off the wall to land on the opposite platform (lower). There is a SECRET 7 (a small medi and another pair of assault rifle clips) on the far E niche. Jump in this direction, curving right to land on the cornice. From there, jump SE over the hidden knives to claim your reward. Picking up the medi is safe. To get the ammo without a health loss, walk to the pickup square to trigger the knives. This way, they'll push you away of their own range. When the trap deactivates, grab the bullets. Now you need to get back to the courtyard. Face W and climb the ladder on your left (NOT this one next to the last pickup). Get 240 more bullets from the top and drop SW on the familiar platform. Runjump/grab/pull up on the ledge in front of the exit. Now you can return through the underground corridor, bypass all the enemies once again and slide down the slope behind the temple entrance to infiltrate the Inner Circle.



Level 4: Inner Circle (Der innere Ring) by hmkayfloh


Walkthrough by DJ Full






After the slide, grab some flares from next to the pillar. So you've made it inside. You need a new weapon here. Go left and into the nearest passage beginning between two torches, for a revolver and a laser sight for it.

Enter the N passage to throw a switch. The huge gate opens, so you can grab some flares from the revealed room and press the switch at the far wall to launch some timed spikes behind you. A single sprint solves them. Pull the last switch back to its previous position to open the exit.


Approach the ladder behind the SW corner of the pool. Now you have enough ammo for killing bats, so wipe out two of them and climb the ladder. There are 2 raising blocks on your left. As you can see, they are already raised, so you need to lower them by shooting a ballswitch on your right (either combine your revolver with laser sight and snipe the ball, or target it with your rifle, what works as well) to reveal some more flares and a wall switch. Press it and descend back to the pool room.


Get in the S corridor to throw a switch, what opens the gate. Behind it, move 2 vases on marked tiles and pick up some flares from between the railings. Throw the lever that locked you in once again to free yourself.

Now all doors blocking the passage in the W wall are open. SAVE and go up the ramp a little bit, reverse roll to activate a boulder, sprint out of the corridor and hide on the side to save Lara's life.




Sprint up the ramp and hide on the side to avoid the next rolling ball. Continue to the end of the passage to watch a cutscene and SAVE before you kill a guy - probably a sinister minion of unknown evil corporation that wants to find the artifact Lara is after and use its power to achieve world domination. I advised you to save because of the pickup the enemy drops. It's der Siegelstein (Seal stone) - an item which is crucial for finishing the game, and I had to replay 3/4 of this level because it vanished in the pillar object and I missed it. So get it and hop in the pool, swim into the passage and ahead on the junction to reach a dry place, where you need to throw a switch behind the railing. Timed swim! This is a hard one. Reverse roll (it's faster than midrolling in this case), jump over the fence into the pool, swim back to the previous one and sprint through the gate before it shuts. When you're behind, the gate opens again. The jeep ride is unlocked, but you haven't got vehicle keys yet. Approach the car... and realize you actually don't need to look for them, as the jeep is wrecked. So enter the accessed might-have-been racetrack on foot and throw 2 switches behind the corner to open the exit and kill another baddy (don't let him launch a grenade!).




Go N, then through the passage on the left to eliminate 2 more thugs, and upstairs, to annihilate the last 3 of them. Climb the polerope and backflip on the upper floor. At the end of this corridor, there is a spike pit. You need to jump diagonally to the right side of the passage to grab the monkey swing. Follow it across the trap. Throw a switch and watch the trapdoor under the polerope open. Swing back and safety drop to the middle floor to kill a bat. Slide down the pole to drop into the flooded cellar. Flounder to the dry piece of floor and throw 2 jumpswitches above it. Climb the polerope back to the middle room, go downstairs, through the passage, ahead on the junction and notice the raised block is now hidden so you can throw a lever behind it to see you've dried the pool. From the shatter crate on the left of the switch, collect den Siegelstein and some Revolver Ammo.




Hop in the dry pool and follow the no more underwater passage. Go right on the junction, collect a small medi from below the ladder and climb to the top. Some spikes to time, so SAVE. Backflip on the slope, bounce off to land on the first spikes square and DON'T stop but runjump over the flame emitter on the safe block immediately. Time the next set of spikes, jump over the following flame emitter, time the third spikes and runjump in the side niche for another Siegelstein.




There is a secret above you! Pull up into the upper room for 50 pistol ammo. This is SECRET 8 - the last one. And the main gameplay thread is approaching end as well. Time the remaining spikes/flames the same way as the previous. Go upstairs, through the following passage and face the place you know from the load screen.




Throw a jumpswitch on the pillar. This opens the side doors.

Behind the E portal, place die Siegelsteine in the receptacles behind it. The door opens and lets you in the lava part, full of slopes - slide and bounce off them all to grab the ladder. You don't have to pull up - climbing as high as possible, hanging with your legs free and shimmying around the corner to drop on the rock is enough. Runjump on the next ladder. Shimmy around and hop off with a midroll to grab the next one. Shimmy to the opposite side and put your legs back on the ladder. Get on the left side of this wall. Climb to get high enough (but not too much) and backflip/midroll to bounce off the slope. Land on the rock. It seems there's nothing to find here, but it's not true. You're right beneath a monkey swing trigger. In this moment of the game I didn't know what to do, and dmdibl said the word "monkey". Even if he didn't mean THIS one, he made me think about monkeys, so I managed to find the trigger, so thank you dmdibl. Grab it to reveal a switch in the passage on the W of the receptacle room. Follow the ceiling back to the exit and don't throw the mentioned switch yet - it'll be a little bit faster if you collect one more Siegelstein first. It is hidden in the basement behind the S passage leading into the pit. Get down there. To get the item, you need to raise the door. Pull up to the outside, grab revolver ammo from the shatter crate and throw 3 switches to reveal den Siegelstein in the basement you've just left. Watching out for a skeleton, grab the item and hop on the rope. Climb it and swing to get out. Now throw the switch you've revealed by grabbing the monkey swing in the lava part. Get back to the jumpswitch pillar room.


The W portal leads to two more receptacles. Place die Siegelsteine in them and go in the pool room. Jumping up, kill 2 snakes in the water before they go buggy, what makes you unable to get rid of them. Jump in and throw an underwater lever in the S niche.




The underwater bars you've just removed are also buggy and won't work if you reload progress saved after this moment. So don't save now and during the whole behind-the-bars part.

Go through the removed bars and exit to some dry piece of floor. Behind the crawlspace, grab the monkey swing. (This is the ceiling trigger that made me assume there is a similar one in the lava part. So if you've already read the lava part description, you know how I managed to deal with that one.) The door in the passage on the E of the last receptacle room is open. Go back into the pool, out through the railings and press the wall switch behind the mentioned portal.


Now the double door in the pillar room is open. The passage behind it leads to the adventure conclusion. The torches are lit, the skeletons attack, and you can grab the artifact - Erdelement (Earth Element). Ignore the pedestal with a small medipack - it's a trap. If you want to, snipe the skeletons' skulls with your revolver. After you finish your business here, go through the S corridor to watch Lara, followed by the army of skeletons willing to eviscerate her, escape, probably into the next part of the game, which - according to the 1st episode release date, and to the final "Fortsetzung folgt" ("To be continued") writing - should be played and described soon.