Quest for the Golden Eye

Level by Brazilian Croft

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start by sliding into a lake. Collect crossbow normal ammo and swim west to climb out the lake and keep climbing the west wall. Enter the forest and go south, cross the bridge and reach the top hill. Go around the hut, collect small medipack and climb up to roof, drop inside and move the object. Get the Yang (black piece) and make your way back to forest. Find the west opening and follow the bridge into the house and you have to deal with three thugs. Go east for flares, return and go down the south passage, reach a room with several objects and deadly floor. Jump north and carefuly step behind the middle object, then push it once forward and get the Ying (white piece). Jump out and back to forest, reach the north receptacles, use both pieces to open the door. Cross the cave and enter a small forest place, climb the south pillar then run/jump over to the north ledge and enter a new opening house. First pull switch behind the south flowerpot, then go through the opened door to a room below and pick up the Thing. Return to the upper room and climb into the ceiling hole, place the Thing to open nearby gate and take the Gem. Back down and use the gem at its receptacle, exit to balcony and jump over a tree. Jump onto the east balcony for revolver ammo then take safely jump down, kill the thug and exit east.

Reach the waterfall, climb north and light flare, step west and fall into underground room. Collect revolver ammo and throw the switch, then climb out and step east, collect the Revolver. Go through the opened door and come to the houses and deal with thugs, reach the end and climb the walls. From the upper balcony jump into sloped columns place and kill the thug. Grab the first sloped column, pull up and slide, jump over the next column and do so until the last, then grab the crack and shimmy left. Pull up and go west, in the green wall there is a crawlspace, you have to crawl backward and drop into hidden room then pull the switch to open door and climb out. By progressing with backflips, jumping between the two sloped blocks, you must be with your face west to grab the climbable wall and move into the opening alcove. Follow the passage, kill the thugs, switch to another passage, jump several deadly holes, do a monkeyswing, grab the wall and move forward, in the end exit to balcony. Jump to the north roof, go west and jump the next roof find there a Gem, go north and drop down, come to the receptacle and use gem to open the door. Slide down and come to a place where you can see the Golden Eye lying on a ledge and here your quest is ended.