TR Forge Advent Calendar 2009 - A Special Tutorial Level

Level by Soul

Walkthrough by Yoav

Go through the triangular opening, a few steps forward and jump from the right side of the column pink. Next, stand with face SW, run and jump bypassing the column, you should grab the ledge underneath, then make a monkey swing. Climb the green wall until the upper ledge and follow it west and climb the flat ledge. Stand position NE to the column pink and take a standing jump. Pull the switch to raise two trapdoors and return back to the green ledge.

Go west again and jump from the corner over toward a south trapdoor. Down to a crawl to the column pink SE and make a perfect crawling. Pull the switch to open a tall trapdoor and return back to the green ledge. Keep climbing the green wall, once on a ledge, stand close to the green pillar with face SE. Jump up with right arrow press/hold, release jumping when half body stuck in the pillar and find yourself on pillar top.

Reach the next pillar when facing the north wall and closer to corner. Turn NW, crawl once, release and voila! find yourself on the top (with little patience from you, it will work perfectly). From where you are standing take angled jump to grab the upper ledge. Jump into a small pool and surface when facing the west pillar wall and closer to NW corner. By pressing jump you are teleported directly to the pillar top (when you're on the top pillar, press 'roll' to avoid falling back to the pool).

Jump and hold the SW rope and swinging three times, when reaching the highest point and swinging back jump off over toward the next rope. Locate the next rope, when facing it turn a little bit left. Swinging and jump off when reaching the highest point, hold the next rope and once again swinging and jumping this time over toward the red square. A short flyby will show you three purple squares to reach.

Right above Lara's head there is a rope. Facing the far south purple square, jump up and press Ctrl with Backwards arrow as soon as Lara grasps the rope and release. This will send Lara in high speed to the square and she will be returned back immediately. Reaching the far west square will be more attractive and worth it to try. When it's done, repeat action to reach the ledge above (hold Ctrl little longer).

Once it's done, go toward a lake with several pink blocks, jump to the south block and save. Facing west, hold shift, one step forward, release and press jump to land on the next block, then reach the next block in the same way. Go to the NW edge, then step back, take a running jump over toward the far block (keep holding jump with forward arrow) land without grabbing (press 'roll' to avoid falling). Next jump is more challenging. Go to the SW edge and step back, take a running jump towards the highest point of the next sloped block (keep holding forward) and Lara will hit the slope and reach the next block.

Jump to the south floating slope by jumping the next two slopes and grab the red ledge. Shimmy left until the end and fall down onto a slope. Read the title on your screen to make the headspring jump model (run/jump with jump and shift pressing together). Lara will land in front of a green block without any damage. Climb the block and take an angled running jump, grab the NE floating ledge and pull up. As the title instructor, you have to make the next jump perfectly. Go and stand at the west edge and take two steps forward, now run and make headspring jumping one step before the edge, you should survive this hard jumping without any damage.

Climb the green block to collect flares and drop east. Pull the switch and get brief flyby of track you have to make by timed running. Run and jump toward the NW lower steps, continue and climb up higher, slide and roll, hop back and drop without grabbing the edge to land into a tunnel. Crawl into a crawlspace and drop into another tunnel, run down, slide and jump forward to land on the beginning ledge. Turn west and you see two electric islands you have to choose from. When green is Try Timerun Again or red with Finish trigger.