Venice, Vino, Vendetta


Back to Basics 2010


Level by codo


Walkthrough by D&G Productions.


I found that it was easier to go without the Bike, first opening up the route for the bike ride to come. I found 2 more Medipacks, but as I was unable to collect them I didn’t add them to the walk. They are in the section under the Square at the Villa.



Night time Venice, Sewers.


Hop into the windowsill W for some Flares. Go have a look from the jetty SE, we’ll pass over these canals in a bit and if you fall in, the way out is in the SW corner, you can then circle the building and arrive back at the Vespa scooter.


Go into the opening N of the Vespa and stay along the left (W) wall, go down a passage NW and save at the pit. Hop onto the breakable ledge in the water and jump forward to grab the wall, pull up and dive into the next passage. Follow through and go left at the wooden ceiling, climb out and climb up the wall to use the chain pulley, a door opens up. The door is in front of you, but it is better to hop back into the water behind you and swim N underneath the wooden floor, looking back in the next room you can see why.


Drain the room for the Torch.


Head up the ramp SW, down into the lower part and climb in right (W). In this room Lara will stare at the Crowbar behind the fence. Go to the S, on the ledge overlooking the room with the ramp is a lever (S) opening up a timed gate back to the room with the pulley. Here’s what you have to do now in a Timed sequence after you throw the lever.


From this terrace a jump into the opening with the low fence NE, run left around the corner and hop onto the higher floor. Throw the “drain” lever there; it will start the propeller. Quickly run back to the opening and stand on the right hand side against the low fence, turn left and standjump with a left curve onto the safe corner of the wooden floor at the Blade. Crawl under the blade, stand up and run to the higher floor S, grab up and throw use the pulley again to close the floodgates at the Blade.


Now the Timed grate you opened should still be open so you can drop down W into the drained room. Get onto the ramp again and go to the terrace with the timed lever. Jump into the room NE again and this time go down the dark ramp NE, careful. Jump from the crate to the crate W and get a Torch.


Go back out and to the drain switch, hop W over the pipe and get the Shotgun ammo there, then ignite the Torch standing near the pipe with the burner (safe here). Hop back over the pipe and go to the opening S to jump out right to the ramp.


The Library, the Library Key.


Go open the double doors S and step into the Library, in the S side is a low pillar, light it with the Torch and a Wraith shows up. Drop the Torch and run back N, down the ramp and get into the remaining water in the trench. Back in the Library you will find an open curtain SW, get out the harp and pull/push it into the far SE corner on an unmarked tile. A block goes up SW, climb it and grab the crack in the wall, go left but not too far, pull up into the crawlspace as soon as possible and follow through to get the Library Key. Get back out and go to the NW corner of the Library, open the door with the Key.


The Balcony Key.


Go up to the upper floor and find a lever E, just next to the window. The big doors below open up. A Gangster shows up, shoot him and pick up the Balcony Key he drops.


Mask Piece #1.


Go SW up the ramp to a smaller room, climb the first bookcase left face NW and do a runjump/grab to get to that jump lever. A curtain opens SW, go in there and along the N side a Demigirl will attack. After shooting her you can pick up Mask Piece #1 she leaves.


The Crowbar.


You will hear a door open up, go into the far NW corner and into the opened painting there. Go over the first breakable ledges and then the second set, above the pit is a passage up to the right, just jump in there from either side of the pit and get Secret #1, M16 ammo. Jump out to the right (E) and go to the lower passage with the fan. Jump over the fan into the passage S and follow down to the Crowbar in front of the fence. Go back to the fan and runjump up right over the fan, open the crowbar door and you’re back in the drained pit.


Mask Piece #2.


Go back into the Library and right into the open door NW, up to the small room where you opened the curtain and go to the door E, use the Key, go down to the room with the Uzis on the table. From the balcony you can jump N and grab the next balcony where you’ll find Mask Piece #2. Drop down to the street. Go N and you are back at the Vespa.


Head into the building S, up the stairs and open the crowbar door. Go left up the stairs to the terrace and run into the opening in the floor, from the lower part, facing W and hold Ctrl. You will land one floor down where you can pick up Secret #2, a Medipack.


The Nitrous Oxide Canister.


Dive into the water and swim SW into an opening, stay near the ceiling to go over the Blade and in the next room is some Uzi ammo. Swim back, get some air in the hole E and then swim into the opening NE, climb up into a dark room with bats and go up over the crates NW to get the Nitrous Oxide Canister. Swim back to the large room and look for the underwater lever in an alcove E to open the way out. Swim SW and climb up to the street, follow back to the Vespa.


Opening up the Route. (Most of the tasks are preparations for riding the Vespa through town later.)


Head into the tunnels N again, this time when you are at the pool, climb up left to the pile of rubble. Turn SE and jump to the wooden floor. Run and jump into the opening E (SE) before the boulder hits you. Go on into the next room and climb up SE to a floor with crates. Hop over the crate and get a small medipack NE, then go to the W side of this floor, look W and spot the jump lever there.


Make your way back to the room W and then to the pile of rubble NW in the other room and climb up to the NW corner. From the block there you can grab a monkey climb and go over to an opening E, drop/grab and crawl through, hang out the other end. Traverse left to the jump lever and use it to open the door below.


A couple of Secrets.


Hop backwards into the water below and climb out SE, go through the opening S to get Secret #3, Uzi ammo. Back out and into the water, climb the slanted block W and go up the ladder, climb off left and go climb up SE to the floor with the crates again, go to the N end and shoot the windows N, jump over there and face the room standing on the edge of the balcony, take one step S and hop back over the edge, as soon as you are past the floor hit Ctrl so Lara will land on the balcony below. Grab Secret #4, a Medipack. (There’s a crack in the E side of the balcony, maybe to get back to the floor left, but I couldn’t get onto the crack.)

Dive into the water, swim into the opening NE, climb up left and turn SW, jump into the windowsill. Go through and run out to the right onto the wooden ledge. Dive in to the water and swim into an opening E.


The Theatre, the Shotgun.


Climb the brick block and grab the ladder up W  (or jump up N and hoist up), off to the left and turn around to shoot the small window E. Jump to grab in the crawlspace there and you are in the wardrobe, go into the office NW to get the small medipack. Go back and up the steps SE and up more stairs to the floor above, look behind the plant SE and use the button to lower a block.


Now go use the Mask (combine the 2 pieces) on the stand N. Take the left hand opening where you just lowered a block and get the Shotgun there, return to the hall. Take the right hand opening and follow through, get over the Blade with a sidejump or backflip along the E wall and follow through to a room with a swinging crate. First pull the chain W to get out some ropes in the Theatre. Then jump into the window behind the crate to get the small medipack. Jump back and use the chain next to the crate to get down to the stage floor.


Go up the stairs to the to the ledge next to the column S and from there jump and grab the first rope. Then to the second rope and from there go to the jump lever over the window where the medipack was. You will fall far, but a trapdoor opened so the landing will be safe.


Flooded Basement, open a Door.


NW is some M16 ammo. Get some air again and swim through an opening S and go straight S, through the next opening (S wall) and turn right. In the end is an underwater lever to open a door outside. Quickly swim back and go up to the stage floor, go up to that column S again and jump out through the open curtain S. Go down to the wardrobe and crawl backwards out of the opening W, drop and turn S to climb up to the ledge.


Raise the Platforms.


Hop up to the ground floor corridor of the Theatre, shoot the windows NW and get onto the roof outside. Hop SW onto the wooden walkway and throw the lever inside the building to raise platforms next to the building. Face SE and shoot the windows there as well. Dive into the water below and swim to the door you opened SE (behind the gondolas).


Over the Roof, the Valve Pipe.


Jump over the jetties and up into the windowsill E, turn around and jump into the windowsill NW. Jump up to the awning and then up to the flat roof. Go SW and slide down into the opening in the E wall, open the trapdoor and drop into the fireplace. Go into the room, pull the table away from the wall so you can push the button to open the painting S, Then use the lever in the SE corner to raise a platform in the room behind the painting. Go in there and from the platform a jump to a jump lever up W, next to the open painting. Climb the raising platform and jump with a right hand curve into an alcove NW. Get the Medipack and on the pipes is the Valve Pipe. Get out W and drop down to a small square. Dive into the water and swim NW and swim through crack in the wall, go in for a small medipack. Swim back into the canal and S, climb up into the doorway there, turn NW and jump onto the jetty, go to the Vespa.


Roof Top Bike Ride to the Square.


Combine the Valve and the canister and mount the Nitrous Oxide Feeder on the Vespa. Go up the stairs S and then aim for that pointy roof NE, jump to it and go NE over the top, stay left to end up on a flat roof. Now go NE again and into the windows of the theatre you shot before (if not you have to do that now). Drive the Vespa into the Theatre corridor and go out the window NW, carefully over those platforms you raised (with the lever inside the wooden hut) and go W. Then left and into the opening to the right. Go around right over the gratings to the door you opened before (with the jump lever above) and then take care you don’t fall down. Take a sharp left onto the wooden floor and line up for a run up onto the pile of rubble W to the floor above. Aim for the windows N and use the Nitro (“sprint” key) to jump over to the canal.


The Square, the Villa.


A bridge forms out of raised platforms and a gate opens back to the start of the level, a Gangster opens fire so deal with him first. To the N is the Villa, go over the bridge W and follow the streets up to some double doors, shoot the Gangster coming from the stairs to the left and pick up the Bundle of Keys. Go back to the bridge to the square, to the N wall and into the canal.


Timed Burners, the Villa Store Room.


In the NE corner is an underwater opening, swim in and go left, climb up N and shoot the rats coming for you. Find the Timed lever SW behind a burner, time it and use the lever, side flip right and run through the passage to the next crossing. Go left and use the next Timed lever. Sprint N through the passage and get some Flares on a block in the room left. No need to use the valve there, that’s more for when you had to go back for the Keys. Go into the passage SE from the valve and spot the gate needing a Key, around the right hand corner are more Flares.


Now use the Bundle of Keys on the gate and go into the storeroom. I went in and out again so the dog came for me and I could shoot it from the entrance, because I got killed when shooting it inside the room? Well it says TNT, doesn’t it…

Jump onto the high stack of crates E and get the Uzi ammo, get down and open the double doors NE.


Get the Flares from the table; shoot the windows E and go outside to shoot the Gangster and his dog. The M16 will be dropped by the Gangster. Go back in and through the opening S to the Villa lobby. Go up the stairs to the landing and I stood on the table there to take out the 2 Gangsters, one on a balcony SE and the other SW. Use pistols. You have to get to the SW balcony where the Gangster was. Take a running jump from the table to the chandelier, just jump to the next and get the Villa Key from the balcony.


Last Secret.


Jump back to the chandelier and turn around (W), jump down to the balcony below and throw the lever to open a curtain on the first floor landing. Go up the stairs, back to the landing and out to the balcony W, just around the corner is a Timed lever, use it and run inside to the first door left. Be sure to jump over the Blade… Get Secret #5, another Shotgun and 2x Shotgun ammo.


Retrieve Stolen Goods.


Crawl back under the Blade and use the Villa Key on the door left. Jump over the Blade trap into the Hall. Inside are 4 Gangsters, 2 on each side, take them out and go up the stairs N to shoot Luigi Briattore, the Maffia Boss who’s trying to get out with the Red Wine, pick it up.


Then go into the room N, get the Stolen Money and the Code Card back. Go back down and over the Blade, down the stairs to the lobby. Open the front door and step outside.


Mission accomplished.