The Power of the Dragon


Back to Basics 2010


Level by Matie


Walkthrough by eRIC


Firstly, make sure you have the original (2000) title.tr4 in the data folder to avoid possible crashes.  There are 5 secret bags to find in the level, they are not necessary for progression or to finish the level.



You are welcomed by a first elegant camera fly-by. Your main goal in this level is to found two roses so to access the theatre. The particular order for the two roses quests is not important.




Just in the direction where Lara is looking, on the ground is a different tile, which in fact is a circular trapdoor. Go place Lara on the side of the trapdoor, and looking East, and make action to open it. Jump in the hole of water. A closed door is at the bottom. Pull up out of water into an alcove and pull the wall switch.  Return in the water and notice in the middle of that underwater corridor the Underwater Switch on the right wall. Before pulling it , let us go for the first secret. Swim farther and notice on the left a wooden door in the water. Pull up out of water above that door and get the 1st SECRET BAG. There is another alcove on the other side: go there and pick up the Crowbar.


Return to the UW lever, and pull it to open the wooden door. Swim there (if you are curious you will notice by trying to pull up into the secret alcove that the secret is not accessible anymore) into a short underwater corridor, pull up out of the water to the right, into a moody corridor and a room with steam emitters. Kill a Rat. You also have to endure mice that you can’t kill with weapons (you can get rid of them by diving into the water a few times if you want but that is not really necessary). In the room with steam emitters , shoot the white box on the wall near the corner, place Lara in front of it , and make action: she will take Wires with the crowbar. Go to the opposite corner of the room and climb the ladder. Pull up, behind you and beyond the hole near a fan, are Glock 17 ammos.


Enter the bigger room; notice a floor lever on the left , and a wall pipe on the right which needs something to function. It is better to pull the floor lever first, then go to the wall pipe in the corner and place the Wires by pressing the Action key. A door opens to a crawlspace and a steam emitter is on. Enter by the open door into the crawlspace. Jump over a big pipe and at the end, place Lara on the right wall facing West and jump up. Lara grabs and opens a ceiling trapdoor. Pull up in the room above. Pick up Uzis ammos on the right , then go to the left. Shoot the window with the pistols; you are back outside on a little bridge overlooking the starting area. Make a long jump with grab to the long ledge ahead. Pick up a small medipack. At the end a diagonal jump to the right to the next white ledge, and another one to the orange roof with the handle of a zipline.


Take the zipline to go across, at the end keep pressing the Action key, Lara will automatically grab the roof. Shimmy a bit to the right and pull up on the roof. On the left are shootable windows. Before shooting them, jump and grab the red awning . Pull up and to the right, you can make a diagonal running jump to land on the top of a closed white hanging bridge. And from the top of this bridge, you can easily make a jump down to a small stony area North with the 2nd SECRET BAG. To return, jump and grab the wall on either side, shimmy, pass the corner and pull up on the top of the white hanging bridge, then with a diagonal running jump you are back on the top of the red awning. Go down and now shoot the windows and enter the building. Kill a white gunman (these guys are tough gunmen, so to not lose much health, a strategy is to shoot at them, hide behind pillars, and when they show up, shoot at them, hide again, etc…). When that foe is out of the way he gives you a big medipack; notice a painting in the wall opposite the broken windows (this painting is in fact a door), and a corridor on the right side, at the end of which is a wall switch. Pull the switch, another baddy shows up in the room, a black gunman, those are easier to kill. This one will give you Uzis ammo when dying. Jump into the alcove that was behind the door/painting and pick up the 1st ROSE.




Now that you are done here, return to the broken windows, and safely go down to the starting area. Once at ground level , face North and shoot the windows of the building. Enter here and jump on the table (Lara can stand on them) and pick up the Glock 17 Revolver. (The windows on the side of the room can be shot too, and you can explore a bit of a canal but there is no real need to do that). Get out of the building back to the starting area. It is time to explore the town.     


Go East and into the canal, swim forward and get out of water to a large garden on the left, a garden with a few crosses. If you go forward, Lara will look at something to the left, then something to the right and up. Go left where the crosses are; you will notice that one is smaller and a bit darker: you can pull this one once and get the Laser Sight that was under that cross. A burst of action music hints of danger: a white gunman shows up, kill him quickly with the Glock 17 Revolver. Combine the Revolver with the Laser Sight and shoot the bell hanging at the top of the right wall: you hear a door opening. This door is located just behind you, on the other side of the canal. Jump there and climb the ladder.


Go forward in the corridor, you are soon overlooking a courtyard which has three floors. You are currently at the middle floor, and there is nothing to do here. Your only next step is to go down at the lower floor : the courtyard below. Pull up the 2 wall switches East and West, a door South opens. Enter a dark storeroom with 3 floors, the door closes behind you. You can pick up Uzis ammos on a crate, notice a different tile in the middle along the South wall, a ladder in a corner, and a table with a mirror on it in the opposite corner.


This object is movable: move it to the different tile, which is in fact a high raising block. Once it is placed, go behind the ladder N-W. There is a block with a wall switch. Pulling it opens a trapdoor in the ceiling of the middle floor of the storeroom. Now to reach that middle floor you can of course use the ladder, but you can also reach it by a jump: place Lara on the switch block looking South-East and make a running jump with a bit of a left curve and grab the floor of the middle floor. Pick up a small medipack on the crate in the centre. And go on the white block in the corner. Face West and pull up at the upper floor by the opened trapdoor. Kill 2 bats. Pull the wall switch located on the East wall: that raises the block at the lower floor, which consequently rises the movable object to the middle floor. Go down safely to the middle floor and pull the movable object once, onto the different patterned tile. That opens a door at the upper level. Return there.


Then climb on the crate before the swinging crate, and hop with a standing diagonal to the right crate ahead. From this one, make a running jump with Action to land in the opened door. Pick up the Bundle of Keys, and press the button to open the exit door. Go there by the way you came: jumping and avoiding the swinging crate. Turn left and go out: you are at the upper floor of the courtyard (the door closes behind you). Go left or right, to the other side and use the Bundle of Keys to open the door North. In the small corridor, kill a Bat, go to the end and pick up the Waterskin on a crate right. Return outside, then left or right, and from the broken bridge go down safely to the middle floor of the courtyard, then to the exit North. You are back overlooking the canal.


[Note: At the bottom of the courtyard there is some water where you could fill your waterskin, but that would imply too much of redoing, and that is not necessary as you will be able to fill it when you will need it. However, if ever you choose to fill your waterskin here, you will have to flip again the two switches at the bottom of the courtyard to reopen the door South, then climb again the middle and the upper floor of the storeroom, flip the button in the alcove where you picked up the bundle of keys earlier to reopen the exit door of the upper floor of the storeroom, and from the upper floor of the courtyard, go down to the middle floor of it, then take the exit North.]




It is time to explore the town farther Eastward. Dive into the canal and swim East. At the end, notice a wooden wharf where you can pull up, but you need a yellow key first, so continue swimming North, on the right is a section we will explore in a moment. Continue swimming North and pull up on another wooden wharf. Climb the ladder, at the top shoot the windows and the black gunman in the room. Pick up the Yellow Key and Glock ammos on the table. Go back on the balcony, and with a running jump, reach the balcony North. Shoot the windows and enter a small library. Pick up Uzis ammos, and on the right at the end use the Crowbar to open a wooden panel/door and pick up the 3rd SECRET BAG. Return to the balcony and dive in the water, swim South to the wharf seen before. Use the yellow Key to enter a house. Kill a black gunman, pick up the Uzis on the table on the right, and on the left pick up the Blue Key in a corner.


Go out and turn right and right again, swim to the wharf East. Pull up on it, you are at the beginning of a bigger water area. Turn left and jump to a wharf where you can use the blue Key. The door opens and you can push the double doors behind by pressing the Action key. Pick up the 2nd ROSE in the little room. Go out and to the right there is another wooden wharf South where you can pick up Uzis ammos.


Now it is time to reach the other side of the bigger water area. Swim there and kill 2 dogs from a safe distance. Fill up there the Waterskin and go use it on the Water element receptacle along the right wall. You hear a door opening. Go East in the big entrance of a long hall. Ahead is the door you have just opened, but firstly go to the right and to the end of the long hall and shoot the last window on the right. Pick up the 4th SECRET BAG in the alcove.


Now go to the other side of the long hall, pass the entrance , and shoot the 2nd window on the left. Pick up a Torch in the alcove. Go down and to the opened door East to a garden. Save your game. Beware that as soon as you will have passed the door, a camera will start showing two rolling balls coming towards Lara. You can control Lara while the camera shows the rolling balls, quickly run to one side of the garden, left or right. There are a couple of fires on the ground, light your torch and go back to the long hall. Light the wall torch at the South end of the hall by placing Lara at the highest part of the square: an opening has appeared at the other side North of the long hall. Go there and pick up the 5th SECRET BAG. You can now throw the torch away and return to the garden by the opened door. Go to the right and place the 2 Roses.                                




As you enter, another elegant flyby shows the next place to raid. Obviously you will need a Mask you don’t have yet. You also have may noticed a button on the left wall at a floor that is yet unreachable. From the entrance make a jump to a small ledge left, then to the next balcony. Pick up Glock ammos. Jump back to the small ledge between the two balconies. Make a long jump South to grab the first chandelier. Then monkey swing to the next chandelier. Make another long jump to the wooden platform South. Pull down the wall switch: a door opens in the North-East corner at ground level. Go down there: a harp is on a square patterned golden tile. Pull the harp to the West until you find the same square patterned tile at the centre of the theatre. A red door opens in the South-West corner and a flying phantom appears. Kill the creature with the weapon of your choice, then go by the opened door. At the end behind a couple of crates, in the corner pick up Mask piece 2. As you return, a Blue Wraith appears. When you’re back in the theatre, you notice that a rope has appeared. Go to the West side and make a roll, make a running jump East and grab the rope. Turn 180 degrees and swing to the upper floor West. Go right and pull a Jump Switch on the West wall. A Fire Wraith appears, neutralizing the Blue Wraith, and a wooden trapdoor has raised in the North-West corner.


You can easily make a jump to the trapdoor. Place Lara on the North-East corner of the raised trapdoor and make a standing jump with Action to grab the rafter North (this rafter is a bit difficult to see without using the binoculars or a flare). Then go right on the rafter. Pick up a small medipack, then go right again, then left on the large rafter East. Now you have to make a running jump down towards the ledge East where the button is, while pressing the Action key. Go push the button on the East wall, that opens the floor at the centre of the theatre, revealing a small pool of water. Go down and dive in to pick up Mask piece 1. Now you can combine the two pieces of the Carnival Mask and place it on the stick receptacle South. The trapdoor behind you opens. Go in the hole and slide. At the end, save your game before a plinth blade, and a room with breakable tiles over deadly water and fire emitters, and a swinging spiked thingy. Time a jump along the right wall over the plinth blade. Stop at the entrance of the room. Jump to the breakable tiles left, run and jump to the right on another breakable tile at the exit of the room. After a short slide, jump over a hole and run in the next corridor, a rolling ball is following but you are soon safely out of reach, and can quietly pick up the Heart, which triggers the end of this good adventure in Venice.