Level: Kidaguchi Misao.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

CS=crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, MP= med-pack, Jmp= jump.

The Offices.

Shoot the grating after the slide ended and push a button to open the door, go straight into the passage, shoot the Guard dog and go L in the end, open the door with a button, get a flyby of the lab with all the Guards and get a ˝ MP at the window, climb the corner computer to get the Key and go back to the offices, L and into he office where you saw the Guard before, get the Uzis from behind the door and push the button to open a door in the Hall, go shoot the Guard that comes out and get some Ammo, look on the bookcase in the other corner to find one book sticking out, it will open the centre bookcase.

The Library.

Go in, shoot the Guards and look for the stuff the 2nd one dropped and more on the floor around the table. Another book to pull in the back of the room and push the back wall block in the alcove in, so you can get the Ammo R after shooting a Dog. Now go into the opposite passage and light a flare to spot all the pushblocks. The first one is around the corner R, to get the Shotgun inside. Go out and push the last one L, to the r you’ll see a blue door, go L and the next one is R, go L and push the block in the end. Go L after you shot a Dog and get the Flares and Secret #1, a Skull. Then go to the passage the Dog came from to get some Ammo, return to the blue door and get the Lasersight, throw the lever, (which will raise a block in the Hall) and return to the Library and to the Hall. L near the settee is a grating in front of a duct, shoot it and climb in using the block you raised. Follow to a bluish grate, shoot it and drop into a store room, jmp over the crates and go into the SE passage.

Timed door.

When you go around a corner, a trigger Tile will open a timed door, stand on the side of the door, back to the trigger Tile and L in the passage, hop back so you touch the Tile and sprint to the door, you should make it in time, you can also hit jmp while sprinting, so you swan dive into the next room. Go R and shoot the grey box in the corner to push the button behind it (reopens the door) shoot some windows to the pool and open the trapdoor in the far R corner.

UW Maze.

Swim to a hole in the ceiling, a Croc will come for you, so return and lure him to the pool, so to shoot him, then swim in again, go in the hole and look for the UW lever, which will open a gate in the Maze, swim on into the maze and Croc #2 will come out, shoot that one in the pool too. Now it’s time for more serious business, swim in and go R at the crossing, into the open gate and let the current take you to a room in the end of the tunnels, get the Ammo and shoot the crate to get the Key from it, throw the lever to open another gate in the maze, swim back and go 1st R, down into a room for some supplies and an UW ceiling switch in the purple corner, now get some air and swim back up to the maze, when you come out of the gate, go R into the next gate, drop into a room with a Croc, shoot it fast and get some Ammo, climb the ladder and get the Flares, open a door in the end of the room and go up the alley, jmp/grab the Jmpswitch over the hole and drop back into the maze, swim W and R, down in the hole and get the ˝ MP, swim L into the lower part and around the centre block to go down once more, R and get Ammo in a hole in the corner, swim on and get Secret #2, a Skull in an alcove, now head back for air and swim back to the pool, go to the store room and into the open NW door.

The Lab Area.

Crawl and shoot the window, drop and go down a hole in the glass floor, get some Ammo and climb down a pole to the lower floor, get some Ammo in the opposite corner and shoot the Crocs in the pool, swim under the ledge of the pole to pull the UW ceiling switch and swim into the S tunnel, open a ceiling hatch in the next room and get Ammo, Flares and a Key. Return to the pool and climb back to the glass floor, S side to open the door. Go up the stairs and open next door, get ready to fight a bunch of Guards and get a MP, go to the N side of the room and open the door there, shoot the Guard and get the Shotgun, push a button, shoot the Dog that comes in. Go out and L, shoot the Guard and go to the Ctrl room at the lasers, turn them off with the switch and enter the passage.

Shoot a couple of Guards while following the passage down to a room with a bunch of Guard dogs behind a glass wall, protecting a Crowbar lever. Go around the glass cage till you come to the entrance door again, turn back and find a passage behind the SW door, get the Crowbar and a Key from the desk in the office and go back to the entrance door (NE), go around the cage again to the NW door and turn back again, to find a passage behind a door in the SE corner, go follow up to the hole leading down into the cage, shoot as much Dogs as you can from up here and drop down to finish off the rest, throw the Crowbar lever to re-open the entrance and get a ˝ MP before you climb back out and go up to the Lab again.

The Roofs.

On the E side of the centre structure is a key hole to open the E doors, get the Map from the desk and get into the CS E, slide down to another area, where you get a flyby of the high building you’re in and all the resistance to deal with. The next part you’ll need all the MPs, I had to cheat with the Save editor, check the health regularly.

Get down to the grey floor, the sandy floor is booby trapped, shoot all the windows and do a runjmp to the L side of the window opening. Stand on the edge, hop back once and do a runjmp/grab over, run to the L and around the pillar, grab a MP and push the block once, get the Revolver from under and run back around the pillar to the closed door, climb the roof over it and stand behind the W wall, arm with the revolver and jmp up a few times to take out at least the 2 Guards (less firepower), then climb up and runjmp to the pillar R and throw the Crowbar lever, the Guns will explode, take the MP and jmp back to the wall, from the highest part, do a runjmp to the alcove where the guns were and use the Jmpswitch to open the door below on other side, jmp back and drop down into an office, get the Amulet of Horus from the desk and the Key from the table. Hell breaks loose.

The Escape.

Climb back up to the roof, jmp back over to the W building and runjmp to the grey floor, open the door and slide down the ducts to a customized Bike. Climb on and go L up a slope to drive it into town.

End of the level.