Legacy of the Lament Rose


Back to Basics 2010


Level by 3spn4life


Walkthrough by D&G Productions.


There are more ways to go through this level, but this is how I played it …



The Crowbar.


Slide down and climb up into the SW corner for a Medipack. Head out N to a square and shoot a Gangster leaving behind a small medipack. Open the manhole on the square and climb down, go W and left behind some pipes is a hole in the wall, climb in and get the Crowbar there. Hop back over the pipes and go to the wooden wall S, you can open the panel in the middle with the crowbar.


Deadly water, the Yellow Key.


Hop onto the breakable platform and runjump to grab the one with the Blades on top, shimmy left around and you’ll reach a crack. Traverse to the left, around corners and timing a Burner to get into an alcove, grab a small medipack in the back before you jump to the floor SW. In the passage where you are is a valve wheel, turn it to open a gate SE, jump to the ledge and save, then reload to get rid of the pesky bats. Follow the ramp up (SE) to a room where you’ll find the Yellow Key. It’s a bit tricky to pick up as rubble will fall from the ceiling, top up your health and hold “roll” when Lara picks it up. The gate will open up (N), so leave through there.


Torches, burning the Lemon Trees.


Run to the next corner and duck to shoot that Demigirl. Then proceed and throw the lever to open the next door, go in and shoot the Gangster. Pick up his Uzis and grab a Torch from the table; then ignite it on the wall torch and go into the passage W, (notice the Element Bowl). Drop the Torch for now, go open the double doors (with the lever in that passage or push them open) and step outside with the Torch.


Route 1: The Terraces, 2 Lemon Trees.


Go left over the jetty and up the steps, turn around and here you can jump up onto that small roof ledge on the pillar, jump N over the roof ledges on the pillars to the small terrace in the middle of the water. Ignite the Lemon Tree (1). Jump over to the jetty W and go around the corner, up the stairs and ignite the next Lemon Tree (2). Drop the Torch and find a Medipack on the SE corner of the roof. Now go to the NW corner of the roof and jump to grab the roof N, shimmy left to the corner and pull up to backflip to the awning. Jump to the S side awning and get the Blue Key there. Dive down to swim SE and climb out in the far away corner on the jetty SE.



Route 2: The House, 3 more Lemon Trees.


Go inside and get a new burning Torch, go up to the roof ledges on the pillars again and this time jump those all the way to the NE corner of the town, jump down onto the square there. Shoot the dog and Gangster and get the Shotgun ammo he left behind. Then pick up the Torch and ignite the 2 Lemon Trees (3+4), one near the water and one on the square near the door. Open the door on that square and take the Torch inside, ignite the Lemon Tree (5) and drop the Torch after watching the flyby. On the table is Uzi ammo and in the crawlspace NE are the Shotgun and a Medipack to be found.


Top of the Pillars.


Get out, swim back to the jetty S and get onto that first roof ledge again. This time face SW, run and jump towards that roof S and roll so you can jump and grab the top of the pillar. Stand back facing the rope and hop forwards to grab it. Swing once and jump to the pillar N.


The Bundle of Keys.


There’s a Bundle of Keys on the far N pillar, jump over the pillars to the one N, the last jump is with a curve to grab the corner of the pillar with the Keys. Get back jumping over the pillars or hop in the water.


Go back up to the rope and swing N. Then swing W and grab the rope there, from the end of the rope a far swing over the roof W and you’ll land in a canal. Climb out, climb the balcony E and get the small medipack.


Mask Piece #1 and a Torch for the Waterskin.


Back in the water and swim underneath the gate S and go right (W), left around the corner and in an alcove W is a Medipack. Swim over to the jetty E and up the ladder there, climb of onto the walkway on the right. Go S and left around the corner, at the end you can jump left around the corner onto a stone ledge on the E side of the building, follow around to a lever on the N side ledge. Use it to open big doors in the passage with the stairs below.


Get down to the ground go to the grave, pull the cross standing right of the grave once so you can get the Shotgun ammo. Then head to the building S on the square where you will find the open doors you saw in the flyby before. Go in and grab Mask Piece #1, immediately a Demigirl appears, shoot her and pick up the Torch she drops. Ignite it on the wall torch and take it outside. Go NE and up the stairs of the E side building. Go up the stairs to a hole in the floor.


Throw the Torch down and down there yourself. Jump N over the water and the fence and light the wall torch to raise a block in the water. Drop the Torch and dive in, get the Waterskin from the bottom and stand on the raised block to fill the Waterskin. Go back up the chain, down the stairs and outside.


The Old Theatre.


To the left of the stairs in the E building is a jump lever just around the corner there, use it to open a door to the old Theatre. Get back to the W side canal, up the ladder to the walkway, jump over to the awning W and then to the one N. Jump up into the open door N and crawl under the Blades. Climb the crate right in front of you and jump to grab the chandelier. Jump over to the NW platform and use the Bundle of Keys to open the painting in the W wall, jump back to the chandelier and now jump E to the left side platform on the pillar. Use the first lever (#1) there to open the big doors N on ground floor. Hop around to the S side of the pillar and jump over to the SE corner of the room. Grab the monkeyswing there. Go over to the SW corner and shoot the cover to use the switch (#2) behind it (you can use the switch without shooting the cover). Doors open up N on the ground floor.


The Red Wine and making use of it.


Jump down onto the crates below and go get the Red Wine from the open painting W (opened on the NW platform using the Bundle of Keys). This is it for now.


Get out of the Theatre S and dive down into the canal (E), swim back under the steel gate left (N) and climb up to the balcony where you got the small medipack before (E). From standing on the table, jump NE over the roof and into the water. Swim to the jetty S and climb out to get to the room with the Torches SE. In the passage is that Element bowl, remember? Put the wine in it and get a burning Torch to light the bowl. You will see a door open up. Now you have to get back to the old Theatre.


Onwards, Mask Piece #2.


Back out and onto the columns in the water, using the ropes get over the roof W, in the water under the gate in the water, keep swimming and get out E. Up the ladder trough the awnings into the theatre N.

Once back in the Theatre, enter the doors N and shoot the first 2 windows E. Get the 2x Uzi ammo from the windowsills and look in the passage behind the windows for a chain pulley, use it to open a door W in the adjacent room (you might have to pull the chain more than once, you can hear the door opening). Go back through the window and straight W into the open door. Use the Yellow Key to the right of the W bookcase.


Go through the opening where the bookcase was and follow to a room with windows, shoot them and jump through, go N and jump through the windows there, the opened door is N, go in and get Mask Piece #2, another Demigirl appears. Go out to the previous room and get the Medipack from the crate. Then open the doors S with the button and follow back to the room with the Yellow Keyhole.


There’s a trapdoor in the floor, open it up and go in. Shoot another Demigirl and open the ceiling hatch in the end, climb up and the next door opens on approach, use the pulley in the next room three times and step through the open doors W. Down the chain and place the combined Mask Pieces on the stand S.


The Lament Rose, a Key Card.


When you enter the next room, you can see the Rose on the central shrine. Swim to the S side ledge and on the left side of the wall is a jump lever to open an underwater gate NW (W wall). Swim in and up at another Element Bowl. Don’t put the Holy Water in there just yet but go W, jump through the gap at the Blades avoiding the rubble and shoot the Demigirl. She will drop a Key Card you’ll need for the Secret…


The Secret: If you want the Level’s Secret, you now have to get back to the pool area with the pillars. Go up the steps NE, run to the crawlspace SE and drop down into the room with the Lament Rose, go climb out N and follow all the way back to the area with the pillars. Get onto the first rope, swing to the pillar N, then jump E, N again and then jump to that terrace E, grab the Shotgun ammo from the table and open the door with the Key Card. Inside you will find the Secret, the Lament Heart of Erida. Once more make your way back to the Theatre and down the trapdoor to the room with the Lament Rose, into the underwater gate W.


Now use the Holy Water in the Element Bowl and the water will turn solid. Go W, jump through the gap at the Blades and go up the steps, through the crawlspace into the room with the Lament Rose, go climb the shrine and pick up the Lament Rose.


The level ends…