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Level by Drakan

Walkthrough by eRIC

Firstly, make sure you have the title.tr4 in the data folder to avoid possible crashes.

There are 5 secrets to find in the level, they are not necessary for progression or to finish the level. You get the fifth secret when you place the 4 secret roses at the end of the level.


You begin your raid in Venice by the sewers. At the end of the sewer is an underwater lever that is not accessible yet because of the current. Swim to the sewer on the right and get out of water on the left side where
flares can be collected. Then jump East over the water and go South, make a jump South-West to a corner platform and another jump to the South, kill 2 rats, then go right and jump back North (kill another rat ) to pull a wall switch: this changes the current in the water, now you can pull the underwater switch which opens a trapdoor in the ceiling. Get out of the water North and go East to see the trapdoor, you can kill another rat nearby, donít climb to the trapdoor now, but go the East end where two movable crosses are, under the one on the left is the Crowbar. You donít have to push the other one, unless you want to endure a flock of bats.

Now you can go to the block, face South and reach the upper room above the sewer with a jump with grab.

In the room above, use the crowbar on the wooden panel to open it, then run down the corridor to the outside.
On the left is an alcove with a big medipack and a switch behind a closed door. It will open only at the end of the level. At the end of the street to the right (West), there is a closed room with a Scooter in it. Remember this garage for the end of the level. There is also a small courtyard with clothes hanging and a trash can on fire. It is not possible to progress under the hanging clothes except along the left wall. Approach carefully the left hand wall, while avoiding the burning trash can, for a
small medipack you can pick up in crawl position. Return the way you came, on your feet or on your knees, exit the courtyard and go to the right (East).

At the end, letís go first to the left direction to another courtyard. Kill
2 black gunmen . Pick up shotgun ammo in the trash can along the wall. In a corner are two other trash cans, one on fire and a second one in an alcove where a wall switch is. It opens a door in that courtyard. Go in and pick up the 1st SECRET ROSE and a big Medipack on crates. Exit this room and back in the courtyard, notice a different tile which is a floor trapdoor that Lara can open if you place her on it looking to the East. Go down by the ladder into the water room below to pick up the Waterskin.

You can fill the waterskin in that room, although you will also find shallow water later on when you will need to use the waterskin. Return to the courtyard by the ladder and exit the courtyard to go forward (passing the narrow street with the Scooter garage on your right).

Soon you are at the entrance of a large sewer. Kill one
white gunman who gives you a small medipack and a black gunman . There is nothing in the water. Go to the end of the sewer and to the right to the next sewer, by foot or by swimming.

Go to the end of that second sewer as well. On the left (East) , you will notice a closed door ( this door will open only at the end of the level for the Scooter ride), and an opening in the water. This is for later when you will have a Carnival mask. There is another underwater opening in the South-West corner, swim into it, avoid two sets of underwater popping spikes, and continue until you see a Mask behind a working fan. Swim to the left, then up to find an underwater switch that stops the fan (it would have been impossible to pick up the Mask otherwise).

At this point , you may choose to return to the large sewer if you feel you have not enough air, then return for the Mask, or go to the Mask now. Once you have collected the
Carnival Mask , return to the large sewer, avoiding the two sets of popping spikes on your way.

Swim into the opening East. Get out of the water. On the North is a passage that leads to a big area, on the West is a passage that leads to a switch, and to the South is shallow water (you can fill the waterskin here if you havenít already) and the receptacle for the Carnival Mask. Placing it opens the door South. In the next room is a receptacle for Water element, but is on fire. On each side of the Water receptacle, are holes where a
big medipack and revolver ammo
can be found. Now you have to pour water in the receptacle, which will turn off the fire. It is easily possible with prudence and maybe some tries to turn off the fire without burning Lara. (if ever Lara burns, you can choose to return quickly to the sewer, using a couple of medipacks on the way).

Turning off the fire opens a trapdoor over the Water receptacle. Reach the room above by the open trapdoor to pick up the
Glock 17 revolver , and a big medipack.

Go down and exit the room to the sewer and go left (West) to a passage with a wall switch. The next action is timed! Pull the switch which raises a high raising block, hop back twice and jump North-East on the raised block. Quickly, face South and jump up without grabbing to the room above. Pick up the
Turbo Scooter, revolver ammo and another big medipack. Go down, return to the Ďcrossroadsí and go left (North) to a big area with a stone bridge over water.


For practical purposes, we shall call this big area with water and a bridge : Big Area 1. On the other side, there is an opening with some blocks, useful only at the end of the level (or as a shortcut if ever you had missed the Waterskin). There is also a climbable chain in the North-East corner. On this side (South), on the right are two openings, a large one which is the way over some crates to a beautiful courtyard where two key holes are, one blue and one yellow. There is no need to go there before you have these two keys. There is another opening farther on, useful for the end of the level when you will have the Scooter. In the South-West corner on a ledge, a
big medipack is waiting for you. And finally, by the water, another big area is accessible, we shall call this one Big Area 2.

But let us stay in this first big area first to search for the yellow key. So after picking up the big medipack in the S-W corner, let us go to the N-E corner and climb that chain, with Lara facing North. At the top, back flip to an orange ledge. There are balconies there but there is nothing on them. If you look West, you will notice a couple of bells at the other end of that area, but you are still missing the laser-sight.

From where Lara has back flipped, make a running jump to a couple of orange tile roofs, then another running jump with grab to a stone ledge West, where there is an opening. Enter this opening, you will notice a door on the left. Go right and jump to the table and pick up the
Laser-sight. Push the movable harp that stands in the corner towards the hole in the floor. Then go down by this hole. Below is a room with a switch, pulling it raises a high raising block where the hole is. In one alcove is a wooden panel , use the crowbar on it to open a way back to the room above.

What you have to do is obvious: push the harp on the raised block, and go down by the staircases. Flip the switch to lower the high block, and push the harp on a marked tile along the wall East. You hear a door opening. Exit again by the staircases, the door you saw earlier is now opened. Enter, climb a block and pick up the
Yellow Key. Return outside to Big Area 1.

When you are outside on the balcony, look to the right and up; combine the Glock revolver and the Laser-sight to shoot the two bells West. Nothing has changed, for in fact two more bells have to be shot. It is time to explore another big area.


Dive into the water and swim North-East towards Big Area 2. There is a strong opposite current, but you can overcome that easily by swimming along the left walls. You reach Big Area 2. On the South are an opening and also big doors, but that concerns only the end of the level. However, it is better to enter into the smallest opening now for a secret, you will find a ramp and before it a block that you can reach. At the top of it a shootable window, and behind is the
2nd SECRET ROSE . Return outside to the big area.

There is a
small medipack on a ledge South-East, and a closed door in the North-East corner. Come back West, and look up East to see two more bells to shoot. If you have shot the two other bells in the previous big area, a camera shows the opening of the door in the North wall. While you are there, shoot the metallic box at ground level, and pick up the Wires with the crowbar. Now go climbing to the opened door in the North wall.

Kill a
black gunman , then run up a ramp. At one point in a corner, use the crowbar to open a wooden panel on your left to enter a storehouse with many swinging crates and spiked objects. The strategy to pass them is up to you. In this room, you find a Bottle of Wine and shotgun ammo on the floor, and at the end of the room, a Heart on the floor, plus the Shotgun and a small medipack on a crate.

Avoiding the swinging traps, come back to the ramp, then continue up. At the end, place the Heart to open the next door to take the zipline. At the end of the zipline travel, continue pressing the Action Key so that Lara grabs automatically the ladder, and climb. Go left to the balcony, at the end of which jump to a ledge, then go left to find a wall switch that opens the door located North-East at water level. Dive, then go to the opened door North-East.

There are some steam emitters in that room, where you can pick up
revolver ammo on the floor, and at the end place the Wires: you see a door opening in a courtyard. It is time to return to Big Area 1, for you are presently done in Big Area 2, so back in the water and swim West to Big Area 1.
Once you are back there, go out of the water on the left and into the larger opening with crates South, to the courtyard with the two keys receptacles.


The door you have opened earlier while you were in Big Area 2 is there, in the East. There also, at the Eastern end of the courtyard, you can find
revolver ammo in a corner on the right, and a button on the left which opens the way to a trash can on fire. Then enter the room East, where a receptacle for the Wine is, a few white blocks and two closed doors, one on each side. As soon as you enter, kill 2 black gunmen , one on each side. Pick up the Blue Key inside one of the window alcoves.

Now for a secret :
Go pick a torch on the left of the room and go outside to light it on the burning trash can, then come back.
Pour the Wine into the receptacle, and do not save your game before lighting the wine with your burning torch. This opens one of the two doors on the side. Go there into the alcove and pull the floor lever. The second door opens, the entrance door is now closed, a couple of blocks are lowered and a
flying phantom has appeared. After killing it, go into the second alcove and pick up the 3rd SECRET ROSE . To reopen the entrance door: place the two movable harps, which are now at ground level, on the same white patterned tiles towards the entrance: a block near the entrance door lowers, revealing a button. Press it to reopen the entrance door and exit outside to place the 2 keys and enter the palace.


Kill a
flying phantom. Admire the beautiful palace and the 2 dogs standing still. There are big doors between two staircases. Run up either staircase, and on the first floor, pull the movable table with a mirror to the right side on the different white tile in the West: a block rises in the opposite side, allowing Lara to open a ceiling hatch when she stands facing North on the now raised block.
Pull up in the ceiling and progress to a slope, you hear the ominous sound of plinth blades, and there is not a lot of space to deal with them comfortably. What I did is to place Lara backwards at the top of the slope, along the wall on her left, and slide backwards. Then turn back, and pass the first blade while jumping. For the second blade, I timed a run and jump over it without taking damage. (It is also possible to run with dashing to pass it: it is also possible to try a lateral jump to pass the blades.)

Go forward to an opening overlooking the palace. Make a running jump to the first chandelier. Notice another chandelier ahead, but for the moment turn right, shoot a couple of windows above the palace entrance and jump there to reach a balcony overlooking the courtyard outside. Go to the right and press a button: The big doors between the staircases open, but donít go down yet. Instead, make a running jump to the chandelier on the right. Then looking West, you see an opening; it is too much on the right to be accessed with a jump, but there is an invisible crack on the left of it. Place Lara on the right side of the chandelier and make a long jump West but slightly on the right, and grab the invisible crack. Shimmy to the right, hit the Crawl key and enter the opening, a little room with the

Return to the opening, and shimmy to the left to the max, then you can drop to the ground safely. Go by the opened doors between the staircases.

Kill one
black gunman on the right and 2 white gunmen on tables on the left. On the right, there is double doors in a corner that Lara can open when you press the Action key. Go pull the switch at the end of the corridor. This switch opens the door of the garage where the Scooter is parked. Return and you can inspect the rest of the area for a big medipack beyond the tables.


Now you are done with the palace, you can exit it. Your next goal is to return to the beginning of the level and find the opened garage with the Scooter. After the courtyard, you return to Big Area 1, cross the bridge over water, at the end go left and enter into the opening North. Climb two blocks to a little bridge overlooking a street. Pick up
revolver ammo and jump to the right, follow the street , take the first left, and always forward to the garage.

When you enter, pull the wall switch that opens the door to the alcove with the
big medipack and another wall switch. 2 black gunmen are coming, kill them either by gun power or with the Scooter. Park the Scooter in the street on the right of the switch alcove towards the East direction, ready for quick use. Place the Turbo Scooter on the right side of the Scooter for Turbo speed. Then go the alcove, pick up the big medipack and pull the wall switch. A flyby camera shows where you have to go next, with the Scooter. The opening of these big doors shown by the sequence is timed, and the switch resets.

The upcoming timed route you will have to do with the Scooter is:

Drive to the right , then forward to the 1st large sewer,
at the end go to the 2nd large sewer.
At the end turn left, into Big Area 1.
In Big area 1, turn right, then take the second opening to the right.
Arriving in Big Area 2, go to the right and enter by the hopefully still opened door.

Pull the switch again, and quickly go to the Scooter and make the timed drive to the door, crushing a few
gunmen on the way, and accelerating in the straight lines by the power of the Turbo (dash key).

Once you have made the timed door in time, you leave the Scooter. There is a switch in an alcove left, in case you want to return outside (if you havenít found all secrets, pull it twice to reopen the door). Climb a block to the next room, where a valve is, and a pillar with 4 rose receptacles.

You have two different endings, according if you have found all 4 roses, or not. If you have all 4 Roses , place them around the pillar, and a block lowers: you get a Card which is the
5th SECRET. Use it nearby to open a red door, then go forward in the corridor to the end of the level.

If you donít have all 4 roses, simply turn the Valve and the small door nearby opens, go forward to end the level.