Level by Die Basis


Pickups: Flares, large medipacks, small medipacks, 3x Yellow Keys, Blue Key, small waterskin, crowbar, Holy Wine, Carnival Mask, torch, Access Card, normal shotgun ammo, Ashes of Paolo Lucio Anafesto, shotgun, Bundle of Keys, Heart of Venice + 3 Secret Roses

Enemies: Dobermans, thugs, rats, phantom

Start off in a hallway with three closed doors. Turn right and go behind the potted plant. Pull the hidden switch to lower a block somewhere under water, revealing a secret pickup. We'll get to that later.

For now go to the other end of the hallway and push the button to open the nearby door, stairs leading down to the waterfront. Dive into the water and swim left, between the two gondolas N/E there's a small spot where you can climb out of the water. Head left past a wooden door and pull the chain to open it. Kill the two Dobermans waiting in the courtyard, then pick up flares from one window sill and a large medipack from the other.

Standing on the sill where you found the flares, do a running jump to grab the block by the left wall. Pull up and runjump to the red awning. Lara will start sliding off, so grab the edge on your way down and shimmy right until you can pull up onto a wooden platform. Pull the switch to deactivate a spike trap on the ledge across the courtyard, then drop down to the ground.

Return to the block from before via the window sill, but this time turn around and runjump to grab the ledge running above the entrance. Go to the left end and since the spike trap is now inactive it's safe for you to pull the lever. A camera shot shows a gate opening in a nearby area.

Drop down to the ground, leave this courtyard and go right to the chain you pulled before. Hop over to the grassy area and here you'll find the gate that opened. Climb the ladder in the N/W corner and backflip onto the red awning. As Lara starts sliding, immediately jump forwards with a sharp right angle to land on the nearby balcony.

Pick up a small medipack and turn to face the balcony E. Do a long running jump with a last-minute grab to reach the balcony. Pull up and go to the end, pick up the Yellow Key. Return to the edge, jump to the awning and slide down. Grab and safety-drop to the ground.

Go back to the water and dive in again. Swim over to the stairs where you came down to begin with and keep going to the S wall. Near the S/W corner the slopes have some flat spots that you can use to climb out of the water. Notice the blade blocking your access to the ladder on the left side; we'll deal with that in a moment.

For now use the key in the keyhole to the right to open the gate next to it. Enter a small courtyard and at the far left end you'll find a switch. Pulling it stops the aforementioned blade, the trick here is to get it to stop when it's standing straight out from the wall left of the ladder. This way Lara will not get in touch with the blade while climbing the ladder. If it doesn't work out on the first attempt return to the switch, reset it and try again.

That done climb the ladder and dismount on the balcony to the right. Keep going up the next ladder and once again dismount to the right. Go to the very edge of the balcony and look down at the left wall to spot a window sill. Hop back once, turn left towards the sill and do a standing jump towards it. With some luck Lara should land directly on the sill.

Draw guns and shoot the window, enter the room and run up the ramp as far as you can go. Jump over the slope and up to the top. From here position Lara with her back to the second slope, approximately in the middle and save the game. Hop backwards and slide down the slope while pressing Action. If done correctly Lara will drop and grab a jump switch at the bottom of the slope, pulling it down to open the main gate not far away.

Itís time for us to explore new grounds, so swim through the open gate E. Take a mental note of the wooden panels by the dock to the left (opposite of the gondolas just as you come through the gate). On your way towards the central structure youíll also pass by a garden area surrounded by a fence on the left-hand side- another one of the places youíll visit on this side of town.

The central structure turns out to be a pavilion of sorts with a huge stone block in the middle. Notice the submerged ornate tile on the E wall of the pavilion. Swim around it to the right and find an underwater lever, pulling it raises a wooden platform nearby.

Turn around to face S and above the gondolas at the end youíll find the raised platform. Swim over to the wall and climb out of the water onto the left dock. Thereís one window on each side of the double doors, shoot out the left window and enter the building.

Thereís nothing of particular interest in the first room, so just continue down the stairs. At the bottom right side youíll find a button that opens the double doors. Draw weapons, go up the stairs straight ahead and take down the thug waiting for you. Pick up the Blue Key he drops, as well as a large medipack in front of the window. Also push the button to open a door leading out to a balcony somewhere else.

Go back down the stairs and up the ones to the right. Push the button on the first landing to open the door, pick up the small waterskin in the revealed alcove. Continue up the stairs and youíll come out onto the balcony seen when you pushed the button before.

Head left and jump onto the red awning. Press Action to grab the edge on the way down and shimmy all the way to the right. Pull up, grab and roll in mid-air, finally press Action to grab hold of the platform mentioned earlier. Pull up and runjump to the next red awning, shimmy right and pull up onto the flat section.

Enter a short passage and prepare to deal with another thug just around the corner. Pull the switch at the end to raise another platform, go back outside and dive back in the water. Swim over to the pavilion and this time keep going E. Just before the dock on the right side Lara can stand up, just a perfect spot for filling the waterskin.

Next swim N/W towards a closed wooden door. To the left you can climb onto the recently raised platform and enter the garden mentioned earlier. Pour water onto the scale to raise both a block and a wooden platform.

Go back in the water, swim towards the pavilion and turn right to face W and the gate you came through to begin with. The block and platform are found on the dock to the left. Climb up and use the blue key to raise the red curtain. Push the button ahead and go through the double doors that open. Head right and pick up a small medipack near the corner, then push the harp onto the ornate tile identical to the one it stood on to begin with. A block rises, letting you climb up onto the chandelier. Do a running jump to the next chandelier and from there a standing jump to grab the jumpswitch on the wall.

The second set of doors opens, letting you into a beautiful mirror room. Go right towards the mirror and look near the right wall for a crowbar (naturally this can only be seen when you look in the mirror). Not only did you get what you came into this building for, youíve also been shown where to use it.

Return outside and dive back in. This time you wonít even have to go that far: the wooden panels that can be pried open with the crowbar are located straight across the channel. Go up the wooden ramp, position Lara underneath the gilded handle of the trapdoor on the left side and facing the back wall. Press Jump and Action to make her hop up and grab the handle, pulling the trapdoor down.

Climb up onto the next floor, here youíll find (among other things) a yellow keyhole. We donít have any keys left in the inventory, but thatís about to change. Climb onto the table and then the chandelier to find the Yellow Key (what a brilliant hiding place that was).

Using the key in the keyhole and enter the small library. Go around the shelves and youíre met byÖ.a dead end? Not at all: stand with Laraís back to the slope and take three steps ahead. Backflip onto the slope, leap forwards and press Action to grab an overhead monkeyswing. Shimmy around to the left and position Lara directly above the jumpswitch. Drop, grab and see a door open in a so far unexplored location.

Back on the floor return to the previous room and go through the red curtain behind the table. Head up the stairs to reach the door you opened a moment ago. Pull the switch to open a grate elsewhere. Climb onto the block, but donít use the zip line just yet. First of all weíre going on a detour for some secrets and other necessities.

Turn right and do a running jump to grab the lower part of the yellow wall. Pull up onto the roof, head right and jump across the flat parts of the roof until you reach the end. Jump onto the larger roof, facing upwards, and grab the edge. Drop down onto a balcony and go to the far S end, just by the potted tree. Do a running jump over the railing to land on a ledge, at the end of it you will find Secret Rose # 1.

At this point you canít go back up where you came from, so dive into the water on the E side. Swim towards the pavilion and go left from there until you reach the garden with the water scale. Climb onto the wooden platform and turn your focus towards the wooden door at the end. Thereís a gap in the fence above the door, so standing on the platform you can do a running jump through the gap to land on the other side of the fence.

To the immediate right of the door thereís a lever, this can be used to open the wooden door and leave you with an easier way of going back and forth between the two areas. Swim towards the orange tower ahead, on the other side of it youíll find the block you lowered at the very start of the level and with it Secret Rose # 2.

Turn around, swim N and climb up onto the dock to the right. Enter the secluded garden and run up the stairs at the centre. Push the cross out of the way to reveal a bottle of Holy Wine. Return to the water and swim E past the two speedboats. Locate an underwater lever on the wall of the orange building ahead, it raises a platform on the right side of the same building. Climb onto said platform, jump to the white balcony of the building across the channel and pick up another Yellow Key.

Dive into the water and climb out of the water behind the orange building. Here youíll find a keyhole. Unlock the door to the storeroom, approach the doorway and kill two rats, being careful with the swinging crates just inside the room.

Cautiously run past the crates as they part (also being careful with the fire inside) and climb the stack of crates near the S/E corner to find a large medipack. Thereís also a box of flares on the right window sill. Behind the other set of stacked crates youíll find a jump switch, pulling it down sets off the sprinkler system. The entrance door reopens, the fire on the floor is doused and you can pick up the Carnival Mask before leaving the building.

Swim back to the tower and keep going W until you reach the end. On the dock to the left thereís a pedestal for the mask you just found. The trapdoor above the chain to the right opens, leaving you to climb up and backflip onto the balcony.

First of all a small detour for the final secret. Climb behind the table and runjump past the potted tree, across the railing and grab the next balcony. Push the door open by standing in front of it and pressing Action. Inside youíll find some flares. Push the next door open as well, climb the ladder and dismount on the left-hand side. Cross the bridge with the glass windows and find Secret Rose # 3 on the other side.

Go back across the bridge, outside and return to the previous balcony. This time do a running jump through the gap in the railing to grab hold of the balcony across the channel. Pull up and head right, do a long running jump with a grab to the last balcony. Shoot out the tower windows and do one final long running jump with a slight left angle and a last-minute grab to reach it.

Pull up and crawl around the tower to the other side. Drop down at the central depression and pull the switch. A box rises across the channel, upon climbing out of the depression youíll see it by looking straight ahead and down. Dive into the channel and swim across, climb out of the water and climb the box. Do a running jump to the S balcony and go through the building, pulling the switch to open a nearby door.

Youíll emerge near a large stone bridge. Thereís another scale in the N/E corner and a small medipack opposite of it. Open the manhole nearby and climb down the ladder to find a pipe with a valve wheel. Turn it and youíll hear a door open somewhere not too far away. Climb back up, turn left and shoot the window. Climb onto the sill, go through the red curtain and ahead youíll see the door you just opened.

To the right youíll find a window with a blazing torch behind it, you canít get there yet so just be patient. Continue out to the balcony, turn left and run with a jump and grab to the next one.
Iíd recommend you to save the game before the next part. Itís not necessarily that difficult, but getting it right might take some practice.

Youíll have to reach the ledge on the left-hand wall and to do so you need to sail in through the leftmost arch. For my part it worked well to stand at the approximate centre of the balcony and do a running jump, giving Lara a good left angle in mid-air. Once you reach it go to the end and do a long running jump to the last wooden balcony. Pull the switch and youíll see the stone block at the middle of the pavilion lower, revealing a third scale.

Look down from the balcony and youíll see the pavilion nearby. Dive into the water and get ready to retrace your steps back to the zip line from before. Swim W and climb the dock to the right. Go through the door you pried open earlier, up the wooden ramp and climb up onto the next floor. Finally go through the red curtain, up the stairs and there you go: weíre back by the zip line from before.

Itís about high time to try it out now, go to the end and land on a balcony. Open the door ahead and all youíll see is a burning torch and a glass window. Remember this place? You passed by on the other side of the window a little earlier. Go to the end of the balcony and do a running jump back up to the large stone bridge from before.

Take a quick look up to the left. On the high balcony at the far end a gun-wielding thug is waiting for you. Youíre not going up there so itís not necessary for you to try to kill him, just outrun his gunfire the best you can.

Thatís the exact direction weíre going now so sprint across the bridge until youíre safe and sound underneath the balcony. Pick up a large medipack from the alcove to the right and a torch from the left side. Next youíll be looking for a place to light that torch so dash back across the bridge, jump up onto the right side and hop down to the balcony by the zip line. Light your torch here and return to the bridge, this time go to the far right side where youíll find the second scale.

Drop the torch for a moment and pour the Holy Wine onto the scale. Retrieve the torch and use it to set the wine on fire. The red curtain nearby rises, granting you entrance to the Church. Climb the altar for some flares and near the N/W corner of the room there is a trapdoor for you to open. Inside youíll find an Access Card, use it in the card slot on the wall left of the altar to lower the ornate block next to you.

Pick up the normal shotgun ammo before climbing the ladder. Go on until you see the floor behind Lara, backflip and go left to the far end. Pull the switch here and return to the ladder, youíll find that a block has risen nearby. Climb onto it and face N.

Draw guns and jump up and down while firing, the goal is to hit the church bell hanging on the wall (youíll know that you hit because of the sound it makes). Climb the ladder back down and a youíll find that a bag containing the Ashes of Paolo Lucio Anafesto has magically appeared on top of the cross on the altar. Grab it and the church door opens, weíre now ready to leave this place.

Run to the bridge and dive off on the left-hand side. Swim straight ahead to the pavilion and use the ashes on the last scale. An ornate block lowers at the base of the pavilion, swim down there and save the game.

The block rises behind you and youíre stuck in a partially submerged room. Youíre not alone down here either: a nasty phantom of sorts is hot on your tail already. Swim right and pick up the shotgun at the bottom near the corner (very useful for dealing with this sort of creature, but you can also ignore it if you prefer to spend medipacks rather than shotgun ammo), dodging the blue bolts as best you can. Keep following the perimeter and at the second pillar on the left-hand side youíll find a lever. Pull it, go around the next corner and just past the gate on the right wall a platform has risen.

Climb onto it and get ready to deal with the pestering phantom. If youíve picked up the shotgun this is a very efficient way of taking care of it. Using the pistols will take longer and youíll most likely lose much more health. Thereís also a medipack and some shotgun ammo littered around the room if youíre running low on that, but youíll have to go back in the water to get it.

When the creature is finally off your back, dive into the water and pick up the Bundle of Keys left behind. Grab the normal shotgun ammo and a large medipack, then climb back up onto the platform and use the keys in the keyhole at the back of the pillar.

A gate opens in the wall nearby, swim over there and the gate closes behind you. Pick up the Heart of Venice and as you run down the dark passage ahead the level comes to an end.