Level by Bbfsquall

Walkthrough writing by Yoav

You begin after the long flyby showing you the complete layout of the Abandoned City and you focus on Lara standing in a small place. In front of you there's a deep pit and lighting flare might not help you much to see better. You have to take blind jump forward, grab the edge and pull up to small place, then climb up to the road.

From your right you see the brown door and from the left the wooden barrier. Go further and see there is also breakable wall, keep straight, next to the column you can enter the place with few death water pools. Kill the soldier and go toward the lever, push the lever it opens the brown door.

Enter the building and go up the slope to reach the motorbike. Drive outside and head toward the breakable wall, just keep driving slowly, smash the wall and stop right in front of the alley with fire line. Get off the motorbike and see high opening in the right wall. Pull Lara into it and crawl to other side, there you can drop through the opening and find yourself on the other side of the alley.

Go behind the building to the backyard, you can see there short slope down to the crawlspace which leads up you to
SECRET PLACE. Pick up flares, clips and medipack, then make your way back to the place where you left the motorbike in the same way.

Get on the motorbike and start driving toward the wooden barrier up the slope, pass the gap with full gas to reach the next area. From the right you'll see black gate, so turn and drive left, look for opening in the wall. Follow the road up to the top, pass the next gap, you land on the high place right above the area you've been few earlier seconds. Get off the motorbike and go forward to other side, you see the hole in the ground.

Drop down into the passage, there you can see the faraway lever, but first light flare and look for another hole in the left side. Drop down to the short passage and get the CROWBAR. Climb up to the first passage and go push the lever to open the black gate. Back to the motorbike and now you have to drive very easy via the sharp sloped wall down to the area below.

Drive to next road and proceed into the narrow road, do not keep to the right, just short drive straight and left to next road, drive around the left corner. There you can stop and get off the motorbike (you can leave it here till you manage to open the next black gate). There's an opening from the left side but leave it a while. Return back, you see the short ramp, climb onto the wall and drop into the small pool. Get the Revolver and the shotgun ammo.

Get out of the pool and head toward the high place where the dead soldier lies. Get the shotgun ammo, then pull the soldier and get his Shotgun. Back to the narrow road and pick up the clips. Light flare and follow the passage, reach the end, there push the lever. Turn back, you'll see part of the wall lower down and expose hidden hole. Drop down and get the Grenadegun super ammo, then take jump over to the Uzis. Leave the Grenadegun (it's a trap), just pick up the Crossbow explosive ammo and the revolver ammo.

Climb out and back to the black gate. You need to run fast when you enter the left opening as you have to deal with sentry gun. Just jump forward above the reversed slope into the space. You might lose health from the shooting sentry gun but now you are out from his range. Kill the soldier and get the LASERSGIHT. Now you have to get out from this space and back to near the gate. Combine the Revolver with Lasersight and take viewpoint wihtout revealing yourself then shoot on the explosive barrel. This action will burn and destroy the helicopter with the sentry gun. Enter to this place again, climb to the top of the blocks and push the lever to open the black gate.

Take a drive up along the narrow road, pass the gap over the next ramp and enter the building. Then proceed driving down the road, you get out of the building toward the hole in the ground, there you can stop driving and get off the motorbike.

Climb down, go forward and shoot the wooden barrier, you find yourself in the sewers. Notice that you can take the monkeyswing across to other side, but leave it a while as first you'll have to open the blue door.

Climb out from the NW faraway opening and run along the new road, turn left, up the ramp and get the Grenadegun super ammo. Stand face to the climbable wall, jump and grab it, shimmy right and drop onto the ledge. Jump grab the ceiling and monkeyswing over to the next ledge. Pull back the dead soldier and then push the lever, get the short flyby to focus on the blue door at the sewers.

Return back to the sewers and monkeyswing across the canal, pass the open door, you see another blue door in front of you. Run and jump east cross the canal and go toward the lever, push it, then back and go through the open door. In the next room there are three swinging balls (they might look frozen), shoot only on the left one, it should open some blue door in the tunnel nearby to you. Get into the tunnel and swim through the opening door straight and later up along the underwater passageway.

Get out from the water and run up the stairs, reach the roof area, you can see the helicopter on the landing pad. Go further, kill the soldier who comes from the corner, then turn face toward the helicopter and see the cool effect how it blows up. Go through the landing pad, over the next roof you find the motorbike. Drive down the slope, turn left then to the right. The first black gate will open and dog with soldier attack you. Now you see the second gate which also will be the final gate you open.

Turn out and drive further past near the brown door and enter to the big room, stop and get off the motorbike. As you can see there're four blue doors you can open with the crowbar. In each room kill the soldier and pick up the things he will drop. Later you can drive or if you want you can also run up the stairs to second floor, turn right or left to next stairs and reach the third floor.

Run and jump grab the rope, swing forward and land on the other side. Climb up the stairs to the fourth floor, use the crowbar to open the blue door and enter to a room with lever and brown door. Push this lever, it open the black gate at the left side. Kill the dog and the soldier on your way out from the room, head toward the open gate. Go around the wall and up to the top of the ramp, push there the lever which opens another black gate at the other side of the floor. Go over there and notice it's a copy of the same room you came from, push the lever there again.

Back to the room with the brown door, it's open now. Pass to the next room and get out from the broken window, climb down to road below. Go forward then turn right, follow the narrow road, see the brown door from the right and keep toward the lever. When you push this lever it will open the brown door and also the final black gate you saw earlier.

Go through the open brown door you just opened and follow the passage, the next brown door is open too. Back to the big room and take care of two dogs that attack. Go toward the final opening gate to landing pad with the helicopter and finish the level.