This level will not take you more than two minutes. A walkthrough has been written only for the sake of having walkthroughs for every TR2 custom levels available.

You will start in a dark hallway. If you look up you will see a key lock, but don't worry about it either. Go forward, read the author's message for you, then take a left. In the spikes maze, avoid the marked tiles and, just for fun, look for the special tile. Just in the dark corner by the "2" tile, you can pick up a
key (1). Dive into the water and  swim down. Light a flare and pick up a SILVER DRAGON near a Lara picture. Swim into a colorful tunnel and pick up the  JADE DRAGON. Coninue swimming and pull up into a room of Lara pictures. Go into the corner and climb a wall. Back flip into the open door and land in a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to the end and stop at a slope. Slide down and jump forward to grab the ledge. Pull up and pick up the GOLD DRAGON and use the key on the key lock. The door shall open and another message from the author will be delivered.

End of Level.
Kills: none
Pickups: 1
Secrets: 3 out of 3