Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


[Note] The author's installation instructions are to install the full TR2 game with a NoCD patch. Then rename "neighbours.tr2" to "wall.tr2" and copy it to the data directory. Then start a new game. However, you can rename it to "boat.tr2" and then continue the game from the previous level and keep all the weapons. I could not get the level to work with TR2 Great Wall Demo. [End note]


You drop into a canal of water. Swim forward and pull up onto a ledge. Go forward to a water trench. Drop into a water hole in the water trench to pick up the jade dragon (1) as secret #1. Get out of the water and notice a closed door and a key lock. Go to the dry trench in the far wall and shoot two dogs (1,2) in the trench. Climb down into the trench. At the other end, climb the left wall and shimmy to the right to drop into a corridor. To the left is an empty room with chairs. Go straight and loop around to the right to enter the second room. Turn to the right and pick up the Boathouse Key (2) from the floor in the corner. You get a cut scene of a thug. Return towards the trench and shoot the thug (3). Pick up a small medipack (3) and shotgun shells (4) from his body.


Safety drop back into the trench and climb up the wall on the opposite side. Use the key to open the door. Step inside and pick up automatic pistol ammo (5) from the floor. Enter the room and go left. Follow the corridor to the end for three automatic pistol ammo (6-8). Return to the room entrance and go up the steps. There is a straight path and a corner path ahead of you. Go straight and shoot a thug (4) for harpoons (9) and shotgun shells (10). Return to the top of the steps and take to the corner path. Shoot a thug (5) and pick up flares (11) and a large medipack (12). Go straight and a trap door opens in front of a white door.


Drop into the open trap door and fall into water. Swim forward and ignore the hole in the floor. Continue to the end and pull up onto a ledge. Hop onto the ledge at the left wall. Use the timed switch on the middle of the left wall. You get a cut scene of an underwater door opening. Run and dive into the water. Swim to the bottom of the hole and swim through the timed door before it closes. Follow the underwater tunnel to the end and pull up into a small room. Go left and enter the next room. Shoot a thug (6) in the far left corner. There are headphones on the floor but you cannot pick them up. Go down the steps to a water pool.


Dive into the water and swim to the bottom to pick up two Uzi ammo (13,14). Pull down the two underwater levers on the side walls. Turn and swim down the main channel. The white floor just indicates a water current. Swim into the next channel and swim towards the upper left corner to surface. Pull up onto the ledge at the entrance to a corridor. To the left is an empty room. Go straight and be careful of an invisible wall at the door entrance in the corner. Follow the corridor to a small room. Hop onto a block and pick up the Steel Key (15). You get a cut scene of a thug and hear a door open. Return towards the open door and shoot a thug (7) and a dog (8).


Enter the open door and just follow the corridor to reach a wall of climbable ladders. Climb up any ladder and pull up. Turn around and see an opening in the far wall. Go there and jump over a gap to enter an area of hanging laundry. Go around the laundry and shoot two thugs (9,10). One thug has automatic pistol ammo (16). Continue around more laundry and shoot a thug (11) for Uzi ammo (17). Go to the end and shoot a thug (12) for a small medipack (18). Hop onto a short wall and dive into water. Swim to the left and pull up into a large auditorium with many chairs.


Run to the podium and shoot the thug (13). Pick up three automatic pistol ammo (19-21) and three small medipacks (22-24) from the body. Use the key in the key lock on the front of the podium. The door opens in the lower wall to your left. Enter the door and go forward to shoot a thug (14). Continue and go left to see a wall ladder on the far wall. There is a closed trap door at the top of the ladder. The side corridors lead to empty rooms that you can ignore. One room has a platform and chairs. One room has a platform with a gondola. One room has some steps and a balcony ledge. Go to the corridor with the ladder and the closed trap door. Go to the opposite end of that corridor. That is to the right as you enter the corridor from the room. Look at the trap door and draw your regular pistols. The trap door drops before your eyes. Go to the ladder and climb up. Near the top of the ladder, stop and notice a corridor behind you. Back flip into that corridor and go to the end. Pick up the gold dragon (25) for secret #2. Jump back to the ladder and climb up into a large open area.


Go forward and you can see two doors open ahead of you. Enter the doors and shoot a dog (15). Go left and enter a room to shoot a thug (16) and a dog (17). There is something on the corner ledge but I could not pick it up. Enter the next room and hop onto a ledge. I could not pick up the first item but the second item seems to be pistols. Pick up the pistols (26) and go to the corner to press a pushbutton on the wall. Return to the entrance and go to the right. Shoot a thug (18) and continue to a room and see a ladder. Approach the ladder and shoot another thug (19) that appears. On the ledges are headphones and glasses but I could not pick them up.


Climb up the ladder and through the open trap door. Climb to the top and pull up into a large open courtyard. Go straight across the courtyard and enter the brick corridor. At the end is a gondola. In the corner to the right of the gondola is a wall switch. Pull down the wall switch and exit the corridor. The courtyard is gone and replaced by rubble. Loop around to the right and find a new tunnel. Enter the tunnel and go to the end. Turn to the right and enter a corridor. Go forward and shoot two thugs (20,21). Pick up Uzi ammo (27) and a small medipack (28) from one body. Pick up automatic pistol ammo (29) from the other. The two side tunnels contain nothing. Go straight and drop into a water hole.


Swim forward and enter a large pool. Turn right and swim to the block in the corner. Pick up four automatic pistol ammo (30-33) and a silver dragon (34) for secret #3. Swim to the far end of the pool and surface. Pull up to the ledge. Shoot one thug (22) for three Uzi ammo (35-37) and a large medipack (38). Some another thug (23) for automatic pistol ammo (39) and a small medipack (40). Continue down the center corridor and dive into water. Swim through an underwater tunnel and pull up into another large open area. There is a water pool in front of you.


Go to the left and shoot a dog (24) and a thug (25). The thug drops two small medipacks (41,42). Go back to the entrance and dive into the second water pool. Turn around and see a tunnel with closed doors at the end. Swim down that tunnel towards the closed doors and the level ends.


End of the level.
Pickups:  42
Kills: 25
Secrets: 3 out of 3