[Note] The author's installation instructions are to install the full TR2 game with a NoCD patch. Then rename "tibet.tr2" to "wall.tr2" and copy it to the data directory. Then start a new game. I could not get the level to work with TR2 Great Wall Demo. [End note]


You start by sliding down a hill into an arctic area. Go forward into a cave and see a snowmobile. Turn around to shoot a vulture (1). Get on the snowmobile and drive through the tunnel in the middle of the far wall.  Drive down a slope and turn to the right. Drive down another slope and run over six guards (2-7). Try not to run over them on the steep slope at the end, as you cannot pick up any items on the steep slope. You emerge in an area with to a large water pool. Get off the snowmobile and return to the entrance slope. Search the dead bodies for three large medipacks (1,2,3), two small medipacks (4,5), Uzi's (6), automatic pistol (7), M16 (8), and a grenade launcher (9) with two grenades (10,11). The game statistics do not count runovers as kills.


Dive into the water pool and swim to the bottom, swim into a tunnel and swim up a large vertical shaft. Pull up and shoot two guards (8,9) that attack from both sides. Go forward into the gap in the rock walls. Shoot two snow leopards (10,11). Stand jump onto the snow hill ahead of you. To the left are two men sitting at a table. Ignore them for now. Go forward and Lara will look at the snow hill to her right. Continue forward and climb the rock walls. Turn around and shoot the two guards (12,13) on snowmobiles. Climb the wall again and climb the next section. You are in front of a tunnel entrance. Shoot a guard (14) and pick up twelve Uzi ammo (12-23) from the body.


Enter the tunnel and follow it to the left. Pull up into a large area with many columns. Shoot two vultures (15,16). Go to about the middle of the area and see three tunnels in the three walls. The middle tunnel has a closed gate. Go to the right and enter the right tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a cave.  Pick up Uzi ammo (24), harpoon gun (25), M16 ammo (26), large medipack (27) with a small medipack (28), and a large medipack (29) with four small medipacks (30-33). Exit the cave and return to the large area.


Go straight across the area and enter the tunnel in the left wall.  Follow the tunnel to a cave and shoot a snow leopard (17). You see three snow blocks at the back wall. Go behind the middle and right snow blocks to pick up two Rusty Keys (34,35). Push the left snow block against the wall to reveal a wall switch. Pull down the wall switch. Exit the cave and return to the large area.


Now go left and up the hill. Enter the third tunnel now that the gate is open. Go straight to a T-junction. To the left you can see a closed gate. Go to the right and find a wall switch in the far corner of the room. Use the wall switch and get a cut scene of the gate opening. Go to that open gate and shoot a guard (18). Go through the gate and climb the ice wall at the end of the corridor.


Pull up and turn to your left. Get on the snowmobile and follow the valley over some rough terrain. I suspect that the idea is to drive up a hill and jump over a water filled pit with the snowmobile. I could not do it. The author mentions in his notes about the false slopes at the top of the hill. Get off the snowmobile and run up the hill near the right side. Fall off the edge and do a long drop into water. Swim forward to the end and swim up a vertical shaft. Go left to find a ledge and get out of the water. Pull up to a ledge and go towards a tunnel as the level ends.


End of the level.
Pickups:  35
Kills: 18
Secrets: 0