TR2 - SAQQARAH by TheQuad



You start the game facing a great wall. Turn left and walk along the wall. When the wall turns right you will find a key lock just around the corner. At the bottom of the 'pyramid' is a closed door. I presume that the key will open the door. Explore the 'pyramid'. At the top you can pickup some flares(1). Now walk or run to the other side of the desert. Somewhere in the middle you will see a pit filled with sand. Lara can jump in and stands to here knees in the sand. Nothing you can find in the sand. Climb out. Walk towards a building at your right with a strange looking face and a sign "Do Not Enter". That's one thing you mustn't say to Lara! Open the door with the switch. Pull the moveable block once. Climb on the block and jump off. Pickup the shotgun shells (2) and the key (3). Jump over the block again and pull the block 2 times. The block is now outside the building. Push the block once to the right. Now climb on it, and climb on the building. Pickup the large Medi Pack (4). and the Uzi's (5). Watch the closed door when you looked down at the hole in the roof. Now go back to the front of the building. When you start walking back towards the 'pyramid' you will be attack by a bad guy (1) who is coming from behind the small sand hill of your left. Kill the bastard! Be sure to stay at the buildings site of the sand hill because you have to jump and then grab the ladder. Climb down. At the bottom pickup the small Medi Pack (6). Head back to the ladder a climb a short while. Select your look button and Lara climb that high on the ladder that you will discover a entrance opposite the ladder. Jump backwards on the ledge. Turn around and see a crystal (7) lying. Pick it up. Go back to the bottom and take the right passage. Pull the moveable block at the end twice. Then pull the block once along the wall and then enter the passage again. Pickup Uzi's shells (8) and the flares (9).  Go back and push that same block in front of the passage where you have just pickup the items. This way there will be more moving space available for the other blocks to move. Now enter the middle passage and pull the moveable block twice. Then pull the block 1 time with the wall on your right side, so the passageway will open. Enter the passage and press the white button. Now push the first block that blocks the first passage twice into the passage. Pull the block from the middle passage 1 time towards the first passage. Walk around the block and push it once again. Then push it into the first passage. Now head back to the ladder. But instead of climbing on to it. Pull the block twice that is in front of you. Now push it twice towards the first passage. A new room opens for you! Enter the room and pickup the small Medi Pack (10). Pull the dark colored block twice. Behind you will see another room. But do not enter yet. As you are facing towards the new room, turn right and see that the second block on that wall is also a moveable block. Pull it once and then pull it aside. Go in the passage and pickup the Uzi's shells (11). Walk past the blade and continue down the passage. Enter the small dark room. There is no way further, so you must head back. Pickup the small Medi Pack (12). Maybe there another way from above the ground to enter this. When return to the other room the blade is working but you are also welcomed by two bad guys (2,3) Kill them. Now light a flare and walk slowly into the dark room. Just walk onto the first tile. Look on the tile where you are standing on. Remember this. Every other tile with another mark will burn you. Jump straight forward to the tile with the same print. Turn to you right and jump again. Pickup the key (13). Turn left and jump again. Don't pickup the Uzi's shells! Instead climb on the block and pickup the large Medi Pack (14). Jump off the grave on the other side. Turn left and make a jump. Now jump again to the entrance. Head back to the ladder and exit. On the surface again head straight for the key lock on the wall and use the key in it. This will open the door beneath the sand 'pyramid'.  As you look you will notice that we have seen the before. It is hill we couldn't climb. So no need the go down again. Instead of jump in the small passage with the ladder, we have to go down from this way. Anyhow, we manage do explore the same. So no harm done. The only thing we have missed is when you slide down, you can go right into a very dark passage. (Light a flare.) The passage turns to the right, but then a boulder is coming towards you. Jump  back. Now explore the passage behind the boulder. Pickup the flares (15).  Then you must jump over a pit and you will come in the room you have visit already. If you feel like playing it the right way, your welcome. In the meantime we continue. Follow the wall on your left side. At the end turn left and you will notice a closed door and a key lock. The key you have doesn't fit, so off we go to the building with the "Do Not Enter" sign. Climb on the roof and walk towards the gap in the roof. Climb down and pickup the shotgun shells (16). Push the moveable blocks behind the shotgun shells twice. You are entering a room with a pool. Explore the room. Jump into the pool and pickup a key (17). Both keys don't fit on the key lock, so we go back outside again. Go to closed door with a key lock at the head off the wall. Insert the key in the key lock and the door will open. Enter it and you will see a thru pyramid with a bad guy (4) walking on it. Let's nail him first. Along the wall the is a closed entrance downwards. More bad guys are showing up. Take the right side along the pyramid. At the far right corner we see a closed door and a switch. Before we flip the switch, we going to hunt for bad guys! Run around the pyramid exploring the surrounding. Now Climb the pyramid to the top. When the bad guy (5) comes in range, kill him. On the second last ring of the pyramid you can pickup some flares (18). Continue to the top. Nothing there. Go back to the great door and flip the switch. Now you are facing two door and 1 key lock. But first pickup the small Medi Pack (19) in front of the right door. Then turn around and walk toward the corner with the two palm trees. There you will find another key (20). Place the crystal in the key lock. The left door opens. Kill the bad guy (6) and the monk (7). Climb the pillar between the two doors. Pick up the cylinder (18). Now jump off and go the middle of this place. Hop in the opening and glide down. You stop just before a blade slice you in two. Pickup small Medi Pack (18). walk further until you reach a point where you can go several passage. Take the one to the right. You see a moveable block. Push it hole the way along. Push it until you can't push it anymore. it will reveal 3 chambers. Turn around from the block and take the first one right. Push the block on your left 1 time further into the wall. After that pull the right block 1 time. Walk around and pickup the small Medi Pack (19). Now push that block twice. The passage is clear. Walk thru the other passage to the other block and pull it 4 times. Walk around and pull it once. Take the first passage right. Now take the second right and pickup the flares (20). As you are now looking towards the closed door with a key lock on your left. We need to find that key... so we go right and right again. This time we need to clear the space where we pushed the two blocks in it. So let's go.  Push the one on the right 1 time. Go back around (left and left). Push the block twice. Go back thru the opening where the block just was, and pull the next block twice into that corridor. Walk around (right and right) and push the block 1 time. Go around again, and push it once. Walk to the other block in the passage and pull in three times. Another passage opens. Go around again and enter the passage. Pick up the key (21).  Now head to the closed door with the key lock, and insert the key. Insert the new passage and kill the bad guy (8). Explore and pickup the second cylinder (22). Go out again and go left. Go the closed door again. Place the cylinder in the holder on the left. (nearest to passage with the blade). The door opens and continue to walk down the passage. At the intersection you can turn left or right. But first kill the bad guy (9) on the right. Search the area on your right and pickup a large Medi Pack (23). Then explore the left side and pickup some Uzi's shells (24). No go back to the place where you have placed the first cylinder. Look around you to see a ladder. Climb it. Jump to the other side and go left. explore the room. Notice the gate in the sealing. Pick the small Medi Pack (25). Walk towards the moveable block and pull it 6 times. The block is just under the gate. Now find a way to open it. Go back to the place where you moved the block from. Pull the next block 1 time.  Nothing under or behind it . Now pull the next block 1 time. And last pull the block in the corner 1 time. This block reveals a key lock. Insert the key in the key lock and towards the gate. Climb onto the block and then on the ledge. Carefully walk on the first red tile. Then jump on the grave, and pickup the golden statue (26). Head back to the ladder. If you want to kill another bad guy (10) , make a walk around and he will come towards you. Remember to jump first before climbing down.  Now place the second cylinder in the holder. The last door opens. Walk slowly into the new passage. In the distance you see a bolder, and to the left and right a small opening. Run for your life! Take the left one. Don't stop, but immediately take the right, because another bolder is chasing you. Before we flip the switch we go back to the hallway where the first bolder was coming towards you. Go back and go left. Then right and pickup the Uzi's shells (27).  Now flip the switch. Turn around and go right and right. It's a timed door so get some speed.  Explore the room. Find the switch, but don't use it yet. Look for a way to climb up. When you a pulled yourself up, there will be gun fire. Kill the bad guy (11). Go back down and flip the switch. We must get out of here. You must speed up. It is a timed door, so no hesitating. Enter the surface. Walk towards the building with the strange sign. I notice a small Medi Pack (28) on the right side of the building. Can't remember if it was lying there from the beginning.  Pick it up and immediately draw your weapons, because you are under fire from a bad guy (12)! Kill him with no pain! Climb on the building again and jump down the gate. Walk into the room with the pool. Insert the golden statue in the key lock.  Slide down the dark passage to the end of the level.


End of the level.
Pickups: 28
kills: 12
secrets: none