In the beginning, climb up the crates and jump to the right top of the fireplace, then climb up through the ceiling and drop through the hole to get to the main hall. Running around the house you will find a lot of closed doors and, eventually, a key lock and a switch. Follow the map below to find out what door is opened by each of the buttons (you won't get camera shots). In the pool, by switch #4, you will find the ARSENAL KEY. Use it on the key lock to pick up your only weapon in this deadly adventure - the Shotgun. The switch number #9 will open the exit door. Once you have it open, save your game before exiting.

The showdown should begin. Lara will be attacked from every side from a number of thugs and dogs. Dispatch them all, keeping an eye on your health bar - it will run out faster than what you think. Enter the grassy room, push the switch and enter the maze. Inside, take the first right and the door will open, push the switch, go back and then to the end of this corridor, climb up the wall and drop into the next room. Push the switch and go back to find the newly opened room, enter it and push the switch. Climb up the wall again and enter the next area. Push the two buttons and go back to find the last door open. Kill the Mafioso leader before entering the room where he came from. Climb up the blocks until you reach the end of the level.

End of Level.
Secrets: none