The adventure begins with Lara by some waterfalls. To start off, enter the caves to the left, jump and perform a mid-air roll against the slope and then grab the edge of the higher area. It's safer for you not to pick up the large medipack on the skeletal remains. Pull the block once, so you can climb up to a ledge with a ladder. Climb it up and back flip to a small platform. Jump across the room and then to the breakable floor. Push the lever and a door beneath you will open. Jump to the other side, grab the crack, let go and grab a lower crack, from where you can land safely on the ground floor. Climb up the block again, but this time, jump to the opposite side. Shimmy to the left and enter the newly opened door.

Cross the bridge to get down to the lower area. Push the block once to the left and twice forward, then go around the wall entering the other passage, climb up this block and operate the switch. Get back to the pit beneath the bridge, enter the new room, push a switch and then fall down to the water. Swim underneath the circular blades and go to the left to find an underwater lever. Swim back, taking some air along the way, then swim to the other side, where you can find a room with some goodies. Surface and find yourself back at the beginning of the level.

Now enter the caves to the right. Go to the higher area and get through the rolling blades. Push the switch and go back to the beginning, where the central caves are now open. Enter and take a right until you find a narrow passage with a boulder on the top. It's pretty obvious that you'll have to get it down, isn't it? Behind it, you will find a switch, but before going back, climb the wall, jump the spiked pit and conquer your Automatic Pistols. To return, use the catwalk above. Now go back to the entrance and go to the other side. Jump over the pit, cross the door and enter the higher narrow passage to find an area with a lava pit.

Climb up the ladder and activate the switch to open a door. Enter it to deal with a push able block puzzle. First, pull the block backwards once and sideways once. This should reveal another block, but before moving that one, push the previous block against the opposite wall and then towards the entrance. Now pull the other block backwards twice, then sideways, so you'll have access to a switch. Push it, then move the blocks in a way that will unblock the entrance. Follow to the next area. Save your game.

Slide down and quickly find the three working levers, before the spiked wall gets you. The three levers will open the exit door, climb the giant steps to arrive at the other side of the lava pit. Push the block to get to the higher passage on the wall, where you will find a switch. Operate it and enter the door with skeletons. There are a lot of icicles on the ceiling, so run around a bit, without stopping, to drop them down. One lever won't be blocked, and you shall operate it. You can now cross what used to be the lava pit to get back to the entrance of this room.

Follow the waterfall to find the pit now flooded. Swim to the bottom and get the RUSTY KEY in the middle of the spikes. Swim through the underwater corridor to surface in a room with three pedestals. Pick up the goodies and a second RUSTY KEY, then swim back to the spikes area, then surface. Go to the other side of the room, where you dropped the boulder before. A little further is a room with several slopes and double doors. Use the keys on the columns at the entrance to open the doors, then jump across the room using the slopes to get to the double doors.

Pull one of the two blocks twice so you can proceed, then take a right. Cross the stone bridge and jump across the lava pit. Shimmy to the right, hoist and climb the ladder to enter the cage. Pick up the GOLD KEY on the floor then pull the block to jump across the lava pit again. Now go to the other side, use it on the wall to open the grates of the cage. Enter the cage and push both levers to open two doors a little further. Go around the cage, across a wooden bridge to find sealed double doors. Look at both sides to find two bells, shoot them and the doors will open. Enter the new area to finish the level.

End of Level.
Secrets: none