You will start the level in a small ice clove, where a great fence will raise to let you thru. After that the fence will close again. Climb on the block and enter the icy world. Look up to see a few wooden bridges crossing from one pillar to the other. In the distance you see a closed door. Explore the surrounding. As you walk between the two pillars you before the closed door, you can pickup a large Medi Pack (1,2) at your left and right side. The only thing you can do here is to jump over the little slopes at you right or left. If you are facing towards the closed door, turn left and take from left to right the third slope. Why? Because behind it not everything is walk able! Stand at the slope and jump. Turn right and walk slowly (with the walk button) towards the stepladder at the right side. When Lara can walk anymore, take a step back and jump normally. Climb the stepladder. Shoot the two eagles (1,2). Turn right and walk to the wooden hang bridges. If you want you can also to a detour about the outside wall. Walk over the bridges and jump on the bridge the hangs lower. If you look closely you will notice that the bell doesn't hang there for nothing. You have to shoot it! But with what?. Climb up and continue go left and follow the wall. Now you will see the other side. Nothing there he?. Glide down the slope and jump over the one of the three little slopes again. Now turn around and jump over the same slope again. You are welcomed by two white tigers! (3,4) Shoot them, before you are breakfast!. Climb the stepladder again. Look through the two closed fences to the switches. Now head to the bridges. Jump to the lowest bridges and fire your pistols at the large bell. It sounds! Now go back to the fences that was keeping you away from two switches.  Climb up and go the switches. Between the switches you can pickup 11 Uzi's clips (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13). Two dad guys (5,6) are now walking around at the base. Walk to the two pillars in front of the bell and shoot them. Now flip the two switches and make you way back down. I did it through the slope on the side where I killed the two white tigers. Walk to bad guys you shot and pickup up 4 Uzi Clips (14,15,16,17) and one small Medi Pack (18).  Now enter the building. See how the flames are blue! Nicely done. To  your left and right are two bells again. Lets fire at the right one and see what happens.  Nothing!, but when we fire at the left one. There raises at block from the middle of the room. And there is water! Ice cold frozen water!. Climb on the block and flip the switch. This switch opens the door where you have pulled the first two switches. So go outside and turn left. Jump over the slope and take a left to climb the stepladder. Jump or climb again and go right to enter the room. Explore the room. Do not jump into the water. It is water!!!!. You will die instantly without any pain!. Turn around and flip the switch. This will open the fence in the room on the ground. Now make you way back to the ground again. Enter the building again walking under the fence. Climb the block and the stepladder. Go around (left or right) and then you can climb a new stepladder down. Try to shoot the white tiger (7) before you are climbing down. Just look to the ceiling!!! Those damn icicles!. Run for your life... There are falling behind you. But then a other white tiger is attacking you. Don't stop.... If you are save from the icicles then kill the white tiger (8). Turn left and climb the stepladder.  Now make a series off jumps after each other. After that you will land in front of a switch. Flip it. Turn around and jump down. Explore the this site. Another white tiger (9) is attack you. Shoot to kill. Now go to the other side and do exact the same thing. When you have flipped the switch, jump down and kill the white tiger (10).  Now walk towards the right corner. There you will find another stepladder of the right side of the pillar. Climb up and jump to the ledge. Turn left and jump towards another switch. Flip the switch and go back the way you came up. When you are back at the ground, do the same thing on the other side on this room. Go down again and walk under the raised fence towards a new chamber.  Remember those 4 little crystals in the upper room? I think it has something to do with these 4 key locks. Well let's go. Take the right hallway... the take the first left. You will come into a chamber with a very deep pit, with spikes. Climb down the stepladder.  When you are unable the climb any further down. Let go. You will be unharmed. Jump and grab the wall. Climb up towards the switch. Flip the switch. You will notice that on one of the crystals the flame has gone. Ok. Climb down again and walk thru the spike to the other stepladder. Jump on it and climb to the top of the stepladder. Then Jump backwards and rotate Lara at the same time to grab the other stepladder. Climb out of the pit. So. 1 down, three to go. Go out of this room and take the first hallway to the left into the next room. This time you need to move the ice blocks on the dark colored tiles. Each time when a block is on his place a door will open. After you are finished hit the switch. Ok another flame down. 2 down 2 to go. Go all the way back to the room where you must insert the crystal later. Now take the other hallway. Go left. Walk into this room carefully. Walk towards the icy glass wall. It brakes! Now don't walk onto the with snow covered tiles between the two icy glass walls. It is a deep pit with spikes. Phew! Instead walk with the walk button pressed towards the edge of the tiles. Step back and jump. The second icy glass wall will brake during your jump. Now harm done. Run upstairs to pull to switch. Another flame done. Now just 1 left to go. Make your way back to the cross section. Instead of turning to the right go ahead.  In this room you will find the last puzzle. Position yourself at the beginning of the first block on the left side with your back against the wall. Jump on the first block, and then on the second block. This is the quickest way. If you started at the right side you need to jump on all four blocks. The fence opens and you can flip the switch. Now head all the way back. If you are outside turn left after you have walk / run between the two pillars. Turn left and jump the slope. Left again and climb the stepladder. Enter to room again opposite the first two switches. Now it is time to collect your rewards. Begin left and make your way to the one on the right. Tip jump from the center of the block to the next block or you will over jump the block. Take the four crystals (19,20,21,22). Make your way back again to the room where the four key lock are. No new enemies will appear. It is time to place the crystals into there key lock. After you have place one. A wall had raising between the camera and Lara. Let Lara jump backwards. She will come visible thru the tiny wall. Jump from this ledge and go to the next. When  every crystal has being placed the door will open.  Walk into the next room. Somewhere in the middle you will be attack from behind by a white tiger (11). Shoot the damn bastard! Attack from behind! Enter the next great room!. It is full of spikes, deadly flames, but the most frightened thing is the protection shield around the last item. It throws you way back into the spikes. Brrrrr. We need to find a way to shutdown the protection shield. Explore the room. We can't either kill the two white tiger which are jumping around on both side of the room. Now go to one of the columns facing the artifact. Hold down the action button and run towards the artifact. Climb on the block and the artifact is yours. But is also the end of the magnificent level. Great work, well done.


End of the level.
Pickups: 22
kills: 11
secrets: none






Jump over the block as soon as the gate opens. You're in front of the temple, jump over the slopes on either of the sides and climb up the ladder to the top. Use the catwalk to reach the bridge and drop between the two central columns, to a piece of bridge, from where you can shoot the bell. Walk back the catwalk to find the open gates near the ladder that got you here. Enter the room, pick up the Uzis and throw both levers. Climb down to the temple entrance and enter through the door beneath the bell. Shoot the bell to the left to twist this room, climb up the block and throw the lever. DO NOT SHOOT THE OTHER BELL. Return to the Uzis room, where the door has just opened. In the first room, throw the lever on the block. Notice the four crystals in blue fire: we'll get here later. Get back down to the twin bells room. Shoot the bell on the right and climb up the ladder. Climb down and rush through the alley as stalactites fall over your head. Take either of the sides, climb up the ladder and negotiate the jump sequence. Throw the lever in the end, drop down to the ground and head to the opposite wall, where's another ladder you can climb, jump onto the then raised trapdoors and into an alcove where you throw a lever. Repeat the process on the other side, drop down and cross the gate. In this room, there are four receptacles and four paths to go now, each one with a lever that extinguishes the fire on the crystals: Left, left: jump over the fake floor between the set of shatter able walls. Run up the ladder and throw the switch. Left, right: step on the four blue tiles to open the gate. Enter and throw the switch. Right, left: climb the ladder all the way down, then back flip and roll in midair to grab the opposite ladder. Climb down a little further then back flip into the alcove. Throw the lever. Right, forward: move the three blocks onto the three blue tiles. Three doors will open, and the lever will be revealed. Now the four levers have been thrown, make your way back to the previously burning crystals room. Collect the FOUR CRYSTALS and then work your way back to the room you were, with the four receptacles. Use the crystals and get into the wildest room you ever saw in a Tomb Raider level. SAVE YOUR GAME. So, here's the deal. You must get to that crystal, but as soon as you approach it, an energy wave will throw you away, and, as you surely noticed, the room is fulfilled of deadly spike teeth and bonfires. If you survive the wave, you're done and the artifact is yours. Here are a few tips: use the two columns as reference and just keep on trying. Run into the crystal and hold down action: luckily you'll fall between the spikes. Remember to hold down action, otherwise you'll bump in the wall and die. Good luck: you're certainly due for some.

End of Level.
Secrets: none