Lara at the Games - Legotropolis

Level by Mystery-King

Walkthrough by Yoav

You start as a Playmobil named Lee in lego city. Go to the area with center fountain and climb it to the top to find Lego Cube#1. Jump down and go over toward a maze, go forward, turn left and once again left until the end to find LegoLoot Token#1. Return and go the other route, turn right and once again right until the end for LegoLoot Token#2. Now follow the route back and go to other side end, jump over a lying skeleton into a room to find Lego Cube#2, then exit the maze. Go over toward the passage with trees, next to the second tree there is a sloped wall you can jump over and reach the end for LegoLoot Token#3 and a little bit back in the alcove you can find the Key to Mr. Ogel's House. Back out to the passage, come to a deep gap, here you have to cross by jumping between the sloped walls. Go left to find LegoLoot Token#4 between two trees, continue and climb the wall next to the waterfall to the top and spot LegoLoot Token#5. Jump into the empty pool and look for LegoLoot Token#6 at one of the alcoves, then find the hidden passage and reach the end, climb to a small place to pull a lever to fill the pool with water. Collect LegoLoot Token#7 from the corner, then jump into the water and swim to the middle of the pool. Climb a tall gray column, pick up Lego Cube#3, then back to where you started the level.

Use the key you have to open a door in the alley, enter the house and climb the wall to the upper room. Exit to the ledge and run/jump to the opposite ledge, continue jumping to the next ledge, then reach the end of the next ledge to collect LegoLoot Token#8. Return and jump to the ledge in the alley, then reach the far end ledge and get Lego Cube#4. Back to the fountain, bring cubes at their receptacles and this will open an underwater gate. Jump in the water and take from the open alcove The Key of Legotropolis. Climb out and go through the opening black gate, next to the tree you can take LegoLoot Token#9 . Collect the Car Keys in front of a hint wall, get in a race car and start to drive: your goal is reach the end in 26 seconds. If you have not made it on time a left gate will close; if so, drive through the next gate and back to start the race again. However, if you managed to do it in time, just keep driving to a place with a yellow block. Get off and take Bettle of The Bricks Trophy, then drive out. Get off again and this time go through the gate, place the Key of Legotropolis into the key hole. Break out through the green wall back to fountain, keep driving toward the road and smash the left trash can. Wonderful, LegoLoot Token#10 has been found. Keep driving into a tunnel ahead and this is where the level ends.