Level by Dempsey Rosson

Revised walkthrough by manarch2

The Garden

You start the level on a wall in front of a house. Kill the two guards (1,2) and jump into the water. Swim under the brigde and find SECRET 1 with a Racetrack Key, Grenades, the MP5, MP5 Ammo, five Little Medikits and three Big Medikits. The MP5 is very helpful here, so donít miss this secret.

The First Room

Climb out and push the button to get into the mansion. Run up the stairs and push the left button. Kill a guard (3). If you push the right button, two soldiers (4,5) arrive. But that doesnít affect anything, you can leave it. Spot a high up opening on the left stairway looking from the buttons, climb the invisible ladder and use the Racetrack Key to open the door for SECRET 2, the Uzis, Uzi Ammo, five Little Medikits and three Big Medikits. Exit the room through the newly opened door.

Pool, Underwater Area

Run up the ramp to your left and find the Shotgun and Shotgun Ammo. Push the lever under the ramp and kill a guard (6). Jump into the pool and find an opened door. Throw the underwater lever which opens a second door. Swim down and follow the passage until you get into a bigger room. You hear the sound of SECRET 3, but to get goodies, you first have to throw a lever in a passage behind you. Then, swim back and the door opens. You find the rocket launcher and some rockets. After this, get into the tunnel leading to another room.

The Roof, Infada Stone

Climb out and get Shotgun Ammo, MP5 ammo, Uzi Ammo and a Little Medikit. Climb up the ladder at the opposite corner of the room. Jump back and climb another ladder to the right. Slide down the rooftop and shoot a guard (7) which arrives at the top where you came from. Push the button and climb down the ladder. Slide down one of the two ramps and take the Infada Stone. Open the door. If you go inside the door, four enemies (8,9,10,11) arrive from the ceiling. Kill them with the MP5.

The End

Climb up the long ladder and walk on. Two guards (12,13) attack from behind. While going on, kill the soldier (14) and push the lever (if you donít want to kill the two guards, you can leave that). Climb up the ramps and as soon as you reach the door, the level ends (if you want to kill the two guards (15,16) outside, you have to wait for them to come near you).

End of Level.

Kills: 16
Secrets: 3