Tomb of the Fuehrer

Level by technochaosx

Walkthrough by DJ Full

NOTE #1: Every pit in this level is deadly, except the one described some lines below this line.
NOTE #2: You don't need any pickup to finish this game.
NOTE #3: You don't need to kill any single enemy to do it as well.

Jump and slide, grabbing as many ledges as possible. When you are at the bottom, climb the blocks in the middle of the room and pick up a shotgun, 4 normal and 4 wideshot ammo packs. Shoot a wild boar and jump over the pit at the end of the room. Wait for skeletons to jump over as well and shoot them off the ledge. Go back and pick up a grenade launcher, a revolver, some revolver ammo and a laser sight. Return to the passage with a lot of pits and shoot next two appearing skeletons off ledge. Proceed, kill two more skeletons in the next room and pick up the uzi on your left. Now enter a NW room and destroy two more skeletons. When you move farther in this room, you'll trigger the next one so beat it an collect 3 grenade gun normal ammo packs and some explosive arrows. Now enter the second room, get to the last pit, get rid of the last skeleton in this section and jump into the water. Get out. There are four blocks surrounding the pool. On the top of one of them you'll find uzis. On the other one you'll pick up 3 sets of uzi clips. Now, when you have trigerred all the enemies in this room, save the ammo and blow everyone up using several grenades. Enter the next room and blow up the last three skeletons. See the smoke emitter? There's a finish trigger. Shame there's no Hitler fighting in the end.