If you ever played the original TR1 Lost Valley, this level should be no big challenge for you. Other than that that, Gecko Valley, in it's very essence, could be called a challenge for experts. The puzzles are the same as in the original, but the valley did become very dangerous... Add to that the fact you start without guns and you can't save, then you have the experts challenge. If you are a masochist, you could try getting through this level without killing any dinosaur. THAT would be quite an impressive achievement.

Also, a small note regarding pick up number. There is this "glitch" in TR1 that will display in the screen only three items at once, so the pickup counter is wrong. I decided to list only what you see, though. When I ended the level, I had a total of 68 pickups, even if I only had counted 35. Thanks Jackie.

Authorized Walkthrough

Pick up the
Uzis (1), the Magnums and clips (2-4), some Uzi clips (5-7), large medipacks (8-10). To your right, you can kill a T-Rex (1), 3 raptors (2-4) and 2 wolves (5-6). Jump to the block and to the passage in the wall to find SECRET #1 - shotgun shells (11-12) and a large medipack (13). If you fall into the fake water, going through the corridor, you will get to the Shotgun (14), and climbing a little more, to the cog machinery. Past that, shimmy to the left and you should find SECRET #2 - one large medipack (15). Jump into the water and fall to the lake where you killed the T-Rex a couple minutes ago.

Jump the wall to get deeper into the valley. Kill the
four wolves (7-10) on this next area and then climb up the rocks. At the top, pick up a large medipack (16) from what's left from an unlucky tomb raider and go a little further to reach the lost valley itself. Here, kill the four raptors (11-14) and the three T-Rexes (15-17) on the ground floor. You shouldn't worry about the dinos on the upper areas, yet. Now the area is safe, let's explore it a bit. In the temple at the very end of it, jump into the water to find the first cog (17). Come out and turn to the left, a little beyond the tree branch on the ground there's a rock Lara can climb onto. From this higher point, kill the raptor (18) in the next rock and then turn around. From here you should be able to kill, safely, one raptor (19) atop the heart stone. Turn around and keep climbing to reach the temple's roof. That's SECRET #3 - a large medipack (18), Magnum clips (19), Uzi clips (20), Shotgun shells (21). Using the block a little further, you can pick up three additional small medipacks (22-24) and three large medipacks (25-27). Get down.

Now go to the passage to the left of the temple entrance. You will arrive to the broken bridge, kill the
raptor (20) and then jump across the gap. Pick up the second cog (28). Climb the block and jump to the greenery above. Jump to the sloped one and use it to jump to the higher area, from where you can kill a T-Rex (21) and a raptor (22). Keep going to fight another raptor (23) and then pick up three shotgun shells (29-31) on the corner. Turn around and jump into the waterfall right beneath you. Get out of the water and go to the left, in the very corner. Climb up and behind one rock you should find SECRET #4 - shotgun shells (32). Go to the other side of the waterfall and climb the rocks. Shimmy to the center of it and climb through the crack to find SECRET #5 - shotgun shells (33) and magnum clips (34). Fall into the water and swim into the cave. Kill another raptor (24) and climb up the rocks to find the third cog (35). Get out and, if you want to, you can kill the last T-Rex (25) atop the heart stone by getting near it. Go back to the beginning, use the three cogs on the machinery and fall to the T-Rex lake. Enter the now revealed Tomb Of Qualopec.

End of Level.
Kills: 25
Pickups: 35
Secrets: 5 out of 5