As you start the level, pick up the large medipack (1) right behind you. The moveable block has no use at all, so just climb up through the obvious path. You will reach another moveable block, climb it up and jump to the rocks ahead and from there, to the flat rock to your side so Lara won't slide down. There, go down in the gap and pick up some shotgun shells (2). Slide down the slope and pick up a small medipack (3), then climb up the rocks to your right and pick up more shotgun shells (4).

In the room with two movable blocks, you can find the
Magnums (5) beneath one of them. Climb up and shimmy all the way to the left, where you can climb up. From there, climb up to the higher part to your side and pick up the Shotgun (6). Dive into the water and pick up shotgun shells (7) and a small medipack (8). Climb out of the water and pick up the magnum clips (9). Soon you will find another water room.

Underwater, find a narrow passage below the large one and pick up a
skull key (10). Through the larger passage you can get some magnum clips (11) and on the very bottom of the pool, there are Uzis you can't pick up. Climb out of the water at the wooden part and pick up two shotgun shells (12-13) in this level. Then climb over the block and pick up another shotgun shell (14).

It all gets you here. I don't know if those blocks serve some purpose, but I didn't find any use to them. There's nothing else to do (I checked with RView and found there were no other rooms) and even if you use the corner bug to climb up to that higher column, you won't find anything to do. I believe this is it. This is the end.

End of Level.
Kills: none
Pickups: 14
Secrets: none