Lara arrives in a short corridor near a pool ... behind her the corridor leads to two locked doors. Ahead is a higher higher with a switch which will open one. Pick up the medipacks, dive in the pool. Swim into through the gap (some pickups around the underwater rooms). The exit is in the far right room. Climb up, push the block. Follow the stairs, from the room in the right hand wall see through to the switch. Continue along the stairs, climb through the gap in the left wall (past the door), use the switches, back out and drop through the floor. Follow the corridor, climb up and flip the switch you saw earlier. Back along through the green room (take the right hand doorway and pull the block once). Back and along through the green room, then jump over to the ledge on the left. Safety drop, swing along the ledge, drop and grab the medipack. Walk off the ledge and slide into the pool, pickups and exit by the skulls. Climb up and up to flip the switch. Up again and through the corridor at the top of the wall. Another door and switch. Kill the wolf (if you moved the block earlier) and pull the block back (standing to the right). Through green room and along the ledge again - don't drop to where you got the medipack, but climb up and jump over to the ledge. Straight ahead for a medipack, then through the open door. Push the block around so that you can push the other block across it. Push the lower block again, then pull it once to pull the top block onto it again. Climb up and run jump across to flip the switch then jump back to the moveable blocks. Turn to Lara's left and jump to the ledge to get the Uzis. Back to the floor and exit through the corridor opposite the switch. On the ledge above the first pool flip the switch, slide down then climb back up to where Lara started. One of those doors should now be open. Follow the corridor, slide down, flip switch, go up the stairs, flip yet another switch, then follow back around the corridor - the other door will be open. Keep running, jump and climb up. Follow the corridor to the skulls room, slide down climb up, push the block. Climb up and (guess what) flip the switch behind then climb onto the moveable block and jump to the ledge to get back to the corridor. The other door will be open, shoot the wolves and watch out for the bear which walks through the block. Push or pull the block out of the way, go through the doorway on the right, down the stairs, flip switch, back up stairs, through the now  open door to complete the level.