1. Lara arrives at the bottom of Vulture Tower. Three doors. The switch for the last door is back behind them. Go through the door, follow the corridor to find the switch for the big door. Keep going, open the middle door and run back around through the big door.


2. Up the stairs, climb up to the next floor, turn 180 degrees, sidestep left, jump forward and grab. Climb up then up to the right to the next switch. Jump back to the floor, run across to the steps in the middle of the black pillars. Climb to the top step, do a standing jump from the edge, grab and pull up onto the third floor.


3. Collect the uzis (you'll need them later) from the corner. Medipacks too. Through the open doorway, turn left, pull the switch, then run up the stairs into the next room, then pull up onto the fourth floor.


4. Follow the corridor, past the red symbols and drop down to the floor. Exit through the corridor and find the switch in the left-hand alcove. Keep following the corridor up the stairs, keeping to the left-hand wall. Pull up onto the fifth floor.


5. Climb up to the switch, then run back out the other corridor (you may drop back to the fourth floor). Turn right, past the door, right again and right again up the stairs into the room with the golden tiles and moveable block. Pull and push the block under the switch, pull the switch then pull the block back one space. Climb up on the block and jump and grab to get out of the room. Climb up onto the platform (uzi ammo) the up onto the ledge onto the sixth floor.


6. Run through the door and climb up onto the bridge onto the seventh floor.


7. Grab the shotgun and push the first moveable block two spaces ahead and two to the right. Grab the medipack and shotgun ammo. Push to second block into place to get the three blocks lined up under the higher block. Pull then push the fourth block across the others to jump up onto the eighth floor. Oh, you should shoot the Centaur Monster.


8. Grab the medipack and climb up onto the platform and either dive or fall through the hole into the pool (far) below.


9. Swim through to the other end and climb out and pull the switch to the left. Through the corridors to the room with the medipack. Pull the switch. Through the sandy corridor to the black pit with the moveable block. Push the block under the switch, pull it and jump and grab to get back up to the sandy corridor and through the now open door to pull the switch and get more uzi ammo.


10. Run back past the black pit room and into the room with two Centaur Monsters. Shoot them then jump up to the switch above the black pit to open the door to the room directly behind where you'll find a medipack.


11. Climb up to exit the room, then through the brick room and into the pool. Swim through to the far end and climb out.


12. Drop to the slimey floor and run up the slope, around the tiled walkway and up the steps. Jump across to get the medipack, then slide down into the spikes. Walk through the spikes to the level's exit.