Lara starts the level in a corridor, right in front of the Uzis (1), a large medipack (2) and some Uzi clips (3) - do you have the feeling that this level is going to be somehow dangerous? Kill the panther (1) and pick up a small medipack (4) to the left. Drop down on the edge to the right and kill the crocodile (2). In this pit, there's a small medipack (5) on the corner. Move the block so you can climb up to the higher levels and pick up Uzi clips (6) right behind another moveable block. In this catwalk, there's a small medipack (7). Here is a good, safe spot from where you can kill the four panthers (3-6) lurking beneath you. Drop down there and activate the lever to open the door by the second movable block. Climb up to the left, kill another panther (7) and keep climbing to reach the upper level. Jump to the new passage.

As you enter this room with several columns, a
panther (8) will attack you. Dispatch it and pick up some shotgun shells (8) near the wall to the right. Then go to the other side of the room, and pull the moveable block in order to climb the lower column. From this point, climb to the higher ones and in the farthest one, there's a large medipack (9). Go back to the other side, and in the highest column, push the lever.

Back in the outer area, jump to the greenish side of the room but, before entering the door, go all the way to the left and pick up a hidden
large medipack (10). Enter through the door and kill the crocodile (9). Go to the right and climb up the columns to pick up a small medipack (11) and to push a lever. Go down and, to the left, pick up the small medipack (12), push the lever on the wall (might be a little tricky to see it) and drop down into the water. A crocodile (10) will try to get you, but I am sure you can easily dodge it. In the top of the underwater room, there's a narrow path where you can pick up some Uzi clips (13), and after picking it up, you can go to the lower passage, where you will find the Shotgun (14), some shotgun shells (15) and a large medipack (16).

Return to the initial room and enter in the new passage. Kill the three
panthers (11-13), pick up the small medipack (17) to the left and, going to the right, push the lever. In this small and some sort of maze, kill the last panther (14) and go to the embrace of the eagle to finish this level.

End of Level.
Kills: 14
Pickups: 17
Secrets: none