Barkhangís Nostalgy

Levels by Drakan (Joel Dauvilliers)

Walkthrough written by the builder, and translated from French to English by eRIC

Not all Ďordinaryí pickups are mentioned in this walkthrough.

Level 1

Pick up the book and open it to read what may be already written.

By the opened door, slide until the bottom of a big cave.

Wait for the end of the camera fly-by and explore the place, pick up flares, there is few enemies here except for some spiders !

The men near the fire are friendly monks who have escaped from mercenaries.

You will have to find 2 stones so to open the door with the 2 horizontal bars. The order to find them is not important.

First Stone :

Letís go for the first one : dive in the big water pool in the North side. Swim around, you discover an underwater lever located behind a pillar to the North.

Pulling it shows a block that lowers, know that this lever is timed : you have to swim towards the block in the West, pull up on it and make a running jump to grab the ledge in the corner, turn and run jump to the next ledge, then a standing jump to the bigger platform (a running jump is also possible), running jump to the highest one in the same direction. Then turn to the left to jump on the ledge along the North wall (aim the angle), standing jump on the next block then run to jump to the last one before running and jumping where the opening is, the timing is generous but do not doodle too much on the way nevertheless.

Once in this opening continue your way, kill some nice little beasties, continue and you arrive to a dead end (if you look up and to the right you can see an opening). A bit farther in the far right corner where the ground is slightly higher, Lara can reach/grab a higher ledge if you press both the Jump and Ctrl keys.
Pull up, you can see the stone but canít have it now. Notice a different block, pull it and push it so to make it fall down below. Go down, and push it towards the opening ; climb on it to get the 1st Stone of Everest.

Come back to the beginning of the level.

2nd Stone :

You probably have seen a closed door (in the West side of the big cave) requiring a key ; this key isnít far.
Firstly, go pick up the Waterskin which is on the pile of wood near the 3 monks sitting by the fire.
Fill the waterskin where there is shallow water just before the big pool, then push the cart located in the centre of the cave towards an opening in the East wall. Climb on the cart. While doing so, at the top of your screen a message appears indicating that Lara has written something in her diary about a new move when exiting crawlspaces : no need that Lara go down from a crawlspace backwards (although she can still do that), but just by pressing the Jump key.
Enter the crawlspace then, and go out from it the new way, in the next little room kill the spiders and save your game.
Position Lara in the angle of the square with the fire, select the waterskin from your inventory and pour the water from on it (Lara should do the right move to turn off the fire, look at the trailer to better understand the position).

After the fire is off, retrieve the Key (what an idea to place a key in a fire !).
Go out by the wheel shape door which has opened, and go West at the opposite of the big cave to open the door, not far from the bigger one with the 2 horizontal bars.

You arrive in a big lava room, obviously you will have to do some gym here ! The camera sequence shows the place where the 2nd Stone is.

Make a running jump to the triangular ledge at lava level. Climb on the block, then walk on the tight rope ; before arriving at the end of it, jump forward towards the horizontal pole , press the Ctrl key to perform a nice move , and grab the rock ; shift to the left , pull up and slide, jump to grab the block ahead , and pull up on it (phew !).
Go down to the rock below slightly to the right to read a new indication written in the book then jump to the climbable pillar with vines (or jump to the pillar to the right, shift right around the corner, pull up, make a jump with a roll and grab the climbable pillar with vines).

Climb to the top, and Lara grabs the ceiling, follow the vines of the ceiling to monkey swing around the pillar. Let drop when Lara has her nose against the next pillar.
From the block where Lara has landed, face South and jump to the horizontal pole, grab the block ahead, climb on the block and jump to other horizontal poles ahead, while keeping Ctrl key pressed : Lara goes from pole to pole and grabs the pillar at the end. Climb a bit and shift around the corner to the right near the waterfall, you will find a medipack (
1er secret).

From this place you can see the
2nd secret on a block , but not easy to go for it, Lara has to jump again towards the last horizontal pole then slightly to the right on the pillar, and from there jump towards the 2nd secret.
Come back on the previous block and from there jump to the horizontal pole so to grab the wall.

This time, shift left around the corner and climb until the ceiling, Lara grabs it and monkey swing along the waterfall of lava until a wall where she can let drop and grab.
Turn around the corner to the left and go down 2 clicks from the ceiling, then jump backwards with a roll to grab a horizontal pole (Ctrl key pressed) then grab the wall ahead.
Climb a bit and enter to take the 2nd Stone of Everest.

With her back towards the opening, jump backwards and grab, go down to the max, then let drop, when Lara hits the slope, press the Jump key so to grab a climbable block with vines, pull up on it and slide, jump to the block in the corner, slide and jump to grab the horizontal pole, then the pillar ahead, shift around then go down (Lara needs to have her feet in the water) and press the Jump key.

Lara is now on a block at water level, and has to make a running jump to grab the top of the block in the North direction, then shift to the right to the maximum, pull up, slide and jump with a curve to the right to the exit.
And voila : the gym session is ended for the moment !

Exit and go place the 2 Stones of Everest in their receptacles, both bars of the door slide and the door opens, enter and pull the lever at the end : At last, Lara can reach the heights of this cave, as a block is raised.

After the 2 stones : going up in the big cave

Climb on that block and jump towards the blocks North to grab a crack, shift right and pull up, jump to the higher block above the crack. Pick up flares. Make a standing jump North where a lower block is along the wall, then jump ahead to the higher ledge in the corner.

Turn to the right. Again you are in for some gym session : Standing jump to the horizontal pole towards the slanted block, aim Lara slightly to the right so that Lara can grab the next horizontal pole then grab a block, pull up and jump to the rope.

At this point, 2 ways to proceed :
Depending on the fact you want all secrets or not.

With secrets : swing and jump ahead to land on the slanted block ; when you slide, jump again to grab an invisible crack (if you miss it, spikes will pierce your bottom) shift left and pull up.
Jump into the opening above, to get the
3rd secret.
For the 4th secret, from the opening of the 3rd secret, jump to the right and with a curve to grab a pillar with vines in the corner. Climb it, pull up, make a roll and jump to the block ahead for the
4th secret.
Come back on the previous block and look North and down to see railings on a flat ledge. Check that Lara has full health before making a running jump beyond these railings, Lara lands where she should have landed if she had used the rope directly without going for the secrets.

[ Note : if for some reason, you get the 3rd secret but do not go for the 4th, from the opening of the 3rd secret, drop just below this opening on a block which has a flat triangular surface. Make a running jump with a curve towards the climbable pillar in the corner and pull up. Then turn to the North and make a running jump to the ledge with the railings. Shift left along the railings and around the corner, then pull up on the flat ledge ].

Without secret : Turn around 90į to the left with the rope, swing to jump on the ledge ahead where railings are.

Continuation of the adventure : along the wall East is a crack, grab it and shift left, at the end climb into a crawlspace and follow the passage, you are almost at the top.
Jump on the block to the right, then with a running jump and with a slight curve to the left, grab the pillar ahead coming down from the ceiling, shift around it to the left and drop on a block. Then turn around : there is 3 breakable tiles, you have to run on them and at the end jump a bit to the left to grab a block, pull up and jump towards a ledge ahead a bit on the right.

There, a lever which rises a timed trapdoor (look with the binoculars), above which is a Jump switch that you will have to pull hopefully in time.
Pull the lever, step back and turn , with a curved running jump reach the block in the South-West corner (aim the angle) ; from there, a running jump for a series of 3 horizontal poles (try not to turn several times around the poles) before pulling the Jump switch on the wall.
You fall down on the trapdoor (if it is still up) : quickly jump to the left to grab the vines of the wall and climb .

If you havenít succeeded to activate the switch, you can come back by the passage on your left (if you have succeeded, this passage is closed).
Grab the bars of the ceiling, monkey swing until you are above the ledge beside the pillar, let drop and enter into the new opening.
Go straightforward (a new message is written in the diary), enter into a crawlspace, at the end go down.
Run up the slope, avoid the snowballs and kill some little beasties, then to the passage on the left, pull the lever in an alcove on the left to open the door, after that climb to come outside at last.

Outside : getting the Snow-bike

Follow the valley until some doggies, continue straightforward and go down into some icy room, take the medipack. You can hear Laraís voice saying ę Barkhang, Iím coming Ľ.
Come out, return where you have killed the doggies, take the passage behind the fir trees, continue (you meet some other doggies), eventually you arrive to an opening in the ground where you will find the snow-bike locked behind a door.
When coming back outside, immediately go to the right in a passage, there is a block you need to pull out of the way to reveal a trapdoor. Opens the trapdoor with your hands, go down and activate the lever which opens the door, enter, youíll have to push several blocks (see picture).

Blue : entrance
Crosses : blocks to push
Red spot : emplacement of the block
Green : lever

You have succeeded, the lever indicated in green in the picture opens the door for the snow-bike.
Return there, and with the bike drive up the large slope to the 2nd level of the game.

Level 2

Arrived in the 2nd level with the snow-bike, drive until a closed door, leave the snow-bike and climb on a triangular ledge, you have to jump above the low wall (where there is a spot of blood) without touching it for deadly spikes are concealed on that square. When you are on the other side, pull the lever to open the door.
Get back to the snow-bike and continue your way driving, you arrive soon in a large clearing, nothing particular to do here, so continue your way until a pit, stop just before it, come near the edge of the pit by foot, there is a new message written in the diary, opens it to see what Lara has written (a turbo is required to clear this pit with the snow-bike).
First thing to do, go to the other side of the pit by jumping/grabbing the pillar and go pull the lever near the door , this lowers a block near the first door that you have just opened earlier.
Come back to the other side of the pit and go down there by the ladder on the side.

Enter in an opening in a wall and get the Turbo, a wheel shape door blocks the passage.
So exit and look for a Jump switch high on a pillar, climb on the block near by and with a standing jump pull it : that opens the wheel/door, go to the opening and into the newly opened passage to push a movable block outside. Once it has fallen , push it again at ground level towards the ladders, climb on the block and jump to the ladder, there is 2 ways to do it , the most direct way by stepping back and jump to grab the ladder, or by making a back jump on the slanted block and bounce towards the ladder and grab it.

Before climbing back to the top , shift left on the ladders to the max, then climb to the top , Lara grabs the ceiling, monkey swing and finally grabs new ladders around an opening , in which you can enter for the
first secret (shotgun) .
Now you can use again the ladder to climb to the top this time (well almost to the top), and make a back jump.

Place the Turbo on the snow-bike , make a U-turn to drive back to the first door.
The block which is lowered has revealed a Jump switch. As you pull it, a camera sequence shows the opening of the door beyond the pit. The lever is timed though, so you will have to dash while driving, jump above the pit with the vehicle and go through the door before it closes.
Pull the Jump switch again, climb on the snow-bike and accelerate (Dash Key), you need to arrive well in line with the head-land so to clear the pit and pass by the opened door. (Tip : use the Dash key wisely, there is no need to use it all the time. In the last strait line, the snow-bike needs to be in full speed to clear the pit, look at the speed bar).

On the other side of the timed door, stop before the first pillars and leave the snow-bike for a moment. You can jump up and grab the left hand wall, shimmy and pull up on rather flat ledges. From there, make a jump to the pillar, and from this one a running jump with a curve to the next pillar with the
2nd secret of the level.
Go down and drive the snow-bike again, continue your way until a place with other pillars. Lara can jump up and grab the top of a pillar on the left , pull up then climb the wall with a ladder into an opening, crawl in, at the end of the passage make a jump to the roof to get the
3rd secret. By the same way, come back to the snow-bike.

Drive it while avoiding a pit before the entrance of a cave. After the cave entrance, stop the snow-bike , you may notice a trapdoor on the left. Go forward carefully towards a pit after the corner. Make a jump towards the South slope surrounding the pit, slide backwards and grab the edge of the pit. Release and grab again an opening below. Enter for the
4th secret.

2 ways to climb back :
1) With a lateral jump, grab the side of the pit.
2) Shoot the gate on the other side of the pit, jump towards it, farther a trapdoor opens on approach, climb back to the snow-bike.

Drive the snow-bike along the right side walls to avoid the pit, then up the slope to Level 3.

Level 3

Arrived in the 3rd level, continue in the cave until you reach a large and hot pit.
You can go for the first secret immediately by foot, this secret is located in the North-East corner of the big pit room, but better stay on the snow-bike and drive counter clockwise around the pit along the stone way until the North-East corner and before the last section of the way. There is a ladder on one side of the pillar North-East, go down to the bottom to a safe ledge ; make a running jump to another ledge along the wall with the
1st secret of this level. Return to the previous ledge and climb back to the snow-bike.
To make the jump over the pit with the snow-bike while dashing, it should be positioned the farthest possible from it , so to have the longest rectilinear way possible and therefore have the maximum of momentum. Also at the end, when you make the jump, aim a bit to the right (watch the trailer).

Once inside the tunnel, leave the snow-bike for a moment and retrieve the Crowbar on a block on the left side, drive again until the end of the tunnel where another tunnel is on the right and stop there. Leave the snow-bike again, through an opening go open a door with the crowbar to get the
2nd secret.

Come out, and with the snow-bike drive into the next tunnel, continue until some machine guns, no use to go too near of them. Climb on a block on the right where some flares are, and look up for a trapdoor, position Lara under it, jump up and Lara opens the trapdoor. Position Lara North on the left side of the block and climb the ladder. Then go down in a cave, kill spiders and a baddy, there is another baddy behind the waterfall. There also, some monks who are prisoners are standing still. Behind a gate is a lever.
Go towards the left side of the waterfall and look for an opening, light a torch to better see it.
Enter the opening then crawl in the passage and a bit farther you will find the Revolver. A camera shows the opening of the gate in the cave with the waterfall, return there to pull the lever, this blows out the machine guns. It also opens the gate where the monks were prisoners.
Go south to a wheel/door, pull the lever near by to open it.

Back to the snow-bike, continue until a ramp and a new pit, stop just before it, go down and to the left you can go retrieve the
3rd secret.
Climb again on the snow-bike. To clear the pit you need to drive enough distance before making the jump so to have enough momentum. And you need to aim the right side of the ramp, otherwise you would fall down in the water.
After this jump, stop again, and look for the Laser-sight in a dark alcove on the right side.

Climb again on the snow-bike and drive until the exit of this cave.
There are 3 baddies around a lake, and 2 doors ahead protected by some machine guns. You can kill one of the baddies with the snow-bike on the left. You can also leave the snow-bike and kill the baddies.
When the baddies have bitten the dust, dive in the lake on the right side and to the North, you will see 2 gates, one of which Lara can open with her little hands, opens it and pull the UW lever, this opens the other gate nearby, swim there, get some ammos after this gate. Swim up and get out of water North. Beware to crawl or walk slowly (otherwise the machine guns would detect you) until the end of the way. Combine the revolver and the laser-sight and aim the back of the machine guns (the red part) to blow them out.

The way is clear now to go towards the 2 levers on each side of the double doors. Before going through the doors after pulling both levers, dive to find the
4th secret through an UW gate which has also opened.
Swim back, and now you can go through the double doors towards the 4th level (the monastery).

Levels 4, 5, 6 (they are linked with each other)

Level 4

Arrived at the monastery, take down the baddies and explore the place, under some ice you may see a Jewel, and in the end, near a cart, is a keylock; we shall come back for those later in the game.

For the moment, you need to find a way to enter the monastery, and everything is closed there.
At the left side of some grated gate with smoke, a ladder is hidden behind fir trees. Climb it, shift to the right, then up and enter into an opening. After a short crawlspace, go forward and you can deduce that you have to go to the pillar ahead, jump to the snowy wall to the left with a running jump, then shift to the right until the pillar, and let drop. Go your way along the windows of the monastery, the windows are not breakable, well the first ones arenít. But yes the last one is, shoot it and enter into the monastery.
You can see a lever high up on a wall, that canít be reached for the moment.
Opens the door to the next room , there is a closed door and some ammo in a corner , climb on the green table and jump to open the trapdoor, climb to the upper level and up there follow the corridor until a closed wooden door beyond a block. Spot an opening high up on the left side of the corridor ; climb on the block and jump into the opening (NOTE : for realism sake, you will not be able to save your game in the next section with moving spiked walls)
As soon as you enter, beware ! A spiked wall is triggered, you need to hurry to go through this room and jump in the opening ahead (avoid sliding on the slanted opening otherwise youíre dead, you better then have to jump near the opening so to avoid sliding), in the next room, do the same : run ahead fast, and eventually a gate closes behind you.
Arrived on the other side, you can see a lever behind the gate and a crowbar.
In this new corridor, go through an opening in the right hand wall for another series of runs. Do the same as before, running fast and avoiding 2 other moving spiked walls (When it is done, you can quietly trace back your steps to pick up a medipack). Then, go quietly at the other end of the room to pull the lever (this extends a block below the lever seen earlier in the small library) and take the Crowbar (you may have it already in your inventory if you have found it in level 3) and return at the other end of the room to open the wooden door with the crowbar.
Go out, a gate closes behind you (NOTE : you now have again the possibility to save your game).

Back to the small library to activate the lever, this opens the door in the next room with the green table.
Go there and enter by the newly opened door, take down a baddy. At the end of the corridor you can notice a keylock, there is also two closed doors on the sides of that corridor, one big and one small.
Run up the staircases to arrive in a bigger library, kill the baddy and explore the place.
In a corner on the left is a keylock, go towards the right side where the baddy was. Pull the book which is sticking out of the central bookshelves along the South wall (no camera shot shown, know that this opens the bigger door in the previous corridor). Go now beyond the sofas ; in a corner pick up a big medipack and pull the Jump switch (camera showing a door opening). Return to the corridor towards this door and take the Key on the pedestal, itís the one to place in the keylock near by.

At this point , there is several choices to proceed , itís up to you, either you go open the 2 big doors with that key and continue this way, either you go see whatís beyond the other door that you have opened with the book.

This walkthrough describes the latter option : so go through this opened door. You can see a closed door on the left and a ladder on the right, go to the ladder but itís useless to climb it yet as you will later face a closed door. Instead make a roll, and notice a Jump switch high up opposite the ladder, with a running jump, pull it to open the door ahead.
Go there and run down the staircases, you arrive in a mirrored room with exact reflection in the floor. On the opposite end of the entrance is an opening but you canít go there yet as it is trapped. Look in the mirrored floor in a corner on the right, you see a Key which is hanging somehow, come to this square and take the Key. Then run up the staircases to a hall, pull a lever to open big doors and you are back outside. Go to the right to place the key in the keylock near the cart, this lowers a block. Pull the lever which frees the trapped passageway in the mirrored room.
Return inside and enter this passage, run up some staircases. In a wall mirror you see a Stone of Everest on the pedestal, take it. Look again carefully in the mirror, you see a passage , you can deduce you can go through the wall in that spot indicated in the mirror, this Ďwalkthrough wallí is the way to pick up the first
Golden dragon (Secret 1).

Now you can exit the mirror rooms, this one and the next, run up the staircases, and return to that corridor to use the key in the keylock to open the 2 big doors.

The 2 big doors open revealing an immense hall with a gigantic Buddha statue in the far end. Step forward and a great flyby starts.
As soon as the camera sequence ends, pull out your pistols or the shotgun to get rid of 2 baddies. Explore around this big room, kill some dogs (Dalmatian dogs are naughty, lol) and 2 others baddies.

Pick up a big medipack in a pedestal in the centre of the room , then go towards the Buddha, jump above the railings, pull up, you are at the level of the Buddhaís feet, go around it and see a lever, which opens the door near by and below, go there and kill a baddy. A new message is written in the book (ĎI need 8 prayer wheelsí). This is the room with the Prayer wheels receptacles.
Exit the room and down the stairs, enter left in a room where a baddy is waiting for you, take him down and pick up the important Key he was carrying.
Go use this key (if you havenít spotted the green keylock, it was to the left when you have entered in the big Buddha room, so go back upstairs and to the opposite corner of the big room). An extended block appears when you use the key , allowing Lara to go higher ; climb on it , then climb higher and retrieve the
1st Prayer wheel.

Turn around and jump on the pathway beyond the railings, follow the way until the corner North-East, climb the ladder until the last bar, then jump with a roll to grab the horizontal pole, and grab a ledge.
Go until the end of the pathway and jump above the railing to the Jump switch ahead on the pillar, which opens a gate below located in the North wall. Go to this new room where you have to face some good challenge.

Youíll have to go across this red room from breakable tile to breakable tile, this isnít hard, make a running jump to the first one, then a standing jump to the 2nd and grab it (as long as you donít walk on it, it does not collapse) , pull up on it and make a running jump to the 3rd tile, run immediately on it to the right for a running jump to the couple of next tiles , turn quickly to the right, run and jump to the right to a safe block in an alcove (phew !).
(Note : it is also possible to do the whole sequence in one go without grabbing any breakable tile ; if you choose to do so : after the first running jump, quickly go forward a bit on the tile, standing jump to the 2nd tile , then running jump to the 3rd, and the rest is the same).

What remains to be done is to jump on the ledge ahead, and a last standing jump into a corridor and now you are up for a few stunts on slanted blocks !
Grab the slope on the left , on the right side of it , pull up and jump backwards on the slope behind , aim Lara to the right , and she should bounce on two slanted blocks before grabbing a crack. Shift to the left. Pull up and jump backwards, jump forward and grab another crack. Shift to the right, pull up and into a crawlspace. Go down and pull the lever (it opens the gate, and most importantly makes a column rising a bit farther). Continue and go down. Climb on the column which has risen.
Jump to the horizontal bars and grab the pillar, shift right around the corner, pull up and jump backwards without grab to land in a corridor. Pick up the Bundle of Keys laying on the ground and pull the lever at the end (a prayer wheel appears).
Go down and out, back to the big room to pick up this
2nd prayer wheel.

Now exit the big Buddha room, and return East to the bigger library where you have been before ; when you enter the library go left, in a corner use the Bundle of Keys to get the
3rd prayer wheel (only 5 left to find).
Now that we have this Bundle of Keys, we can go climb the ladder we also saw earlier (thatís what it was said earlier it was useless to climb it for now).
Exit therefore the library and in the corridor go to the left, then to the right and climb this ladder until the last bar, make a back jump with a roll to grab the ladder behind, climb this one also until the last bar and make a simple jump backwards to land in a passage. Open the door with the Bundle of Keys. Go around the top of the big Buddha room until the end.
You enter in a corridor (passage to the 5th level)

Level 5

In this short 5th level, your goal is to raise a kind of big table at the top.
Firstly open the gate on the right with the Stone of Everest you have and pull out the table, place it in the centre of the room on the different patterned tile.
Where the table was, is also a lever, pull it to raise the table upper. Now you have to climb in this iron tube, return towards the entrance of the room and climb by the opening, go push the table to the end, this lowers a block revealing a lever ; a gate opens as well. Pull again the table to the centre and go down again at ground level, go by the lateral corridor, and run up to arrive where the gate has opened, pull the table until where it has to be (near the open gate, on the purple tile under the hole in the tube) , climb again in the iron tube and activate the lever, this rises the table at the upper level. Go down at ground level.

In a corner (S-W) of this room is a ladder, climb it, at the top Lara grabs the ceiling. Monkey swing until above the iron tube and drop, go pull the table to the centre, then to its definitive place : on the different patterned tile on the North side : this rises a block in the centre. Climb on it and to the room above to get the
4th prayer wheel (only 4 left).

Exit this room (we donít have to come back there anymore) and come back to level 4.

Level 4 (2nd time) :

Go along the pathway around the immense Buddha room then down by the ladder, and return to the Buddha room, run to the small room under the Buddha where you have been before, there is a keylock. Use the Bundle of Keys to open the trapdoor just behind you, go down. Below is a corridor with some statues with swords, pass them carefully then go to the Spiral , which carry you in a frozen passage, proceed to a frozen room under the ice where you can collect a Jewel of Kathmandu. Come back the same way by the Spiral, then out of there through the trapdoor.

Before running up the staircases, you can notice the receptacles for the Jewels of Kathmandu (2 are needed to open the door above them), run up the staircases and go along the red corridor until the end, then to the right ; there you discover the poor monks enclosed with their weapons placed along the wall ; there is a big keylock on the pillar in the middle (Lara has to find a way to open their prison).
You can exit this room to the large red corridor, if you meet baddies make some holes in them with bullets. There, open the double doors to arrive at
level 6.

Level 6 :

You arrive at a big pool with shallow water, and naturally you will have to fill it. Go to the other side of the flaming vase (you can drop below, climb a ladder, and back flip with a roll to that ledge), from there you can see a ladder on the central pillar.
Make a running jump to the slope in front of that ladder, jump towards the pillar, grab the ladder and climb to the top, pull the Jump switch to fill the pool.
A door has been opened in the West but you canít go through as the current is too strong. To the North side is a closed gate; we shall firstly find a way to open it: look behind a pillar East for an underwater lever and pull it : that gate is opened. Now swim to the right around pillars and to the corner to open another gate with your hands, swim in the passage, go out of water and pull the lever in that small room, to drain the pool.
Come back to the open gate and you can pull the block out of the way, you discover the
5th Prayer wheel (only 3 left to find).

Take it but before going out look up to see an opening to the right above the small column, you canít access it now, you have to fill the pool again. Return therefore to the lever in the small room to pour water again in the pool; then swim to this opening and pick up a Gem (it will be useful later to get a secret).

Come out of water and then to double doors you open with your hands; in the next corridor you have to make your way carefully through some moving blocks.
At the end, jump to the right corner, slide down the slopes.
Some knifes are a hindrance for you; you deduce that you can pass them by grabbing the ceiling (that is if you could jump to the ceiling).
Look just at the end of the slope, on it there is a lever, do a jump backwards on the slope, slide a bit and jump to pull the Jump switch: this rises a block behind a big table. Go to the left, on this block and push the table to make it falling down. Push it towards the corridor with the big knives. Climb on the table and grab the ceiling, pass the knives then let drop.

Turn left, you arrive in a room with on one side some big gate protecting a golden dragon (secret) and on the other side, some other gate with a shining cube which is in fact water.

Look for a keylock near a ladder and use the Bundle of keys on it, the trapdoor above the ladder opens, climb and pull the lever which opens a wooden door. Take a torch and go down, go towards the door that has opened (take the corridor to the right just after the one with the big knives), leave your torch for a moment to place the table just under the lighted torch on the wall, take again your torch to light it, and come back towards the big room. Go right to light the torches on each side of the big gate: doors open on this side.
Enter in the new room with the cube of water, you can see a Prayer wheel and a Jewel as well behind a gate.

Go beyond the cube of water, turn and look at it. On this side are small drawings on it, itís by this side that Lara can enter inside the mass of water. Press the Look key to retrieve Lara if needed, and pull the Under-water lever, the trapdoors above open, swim up. Next swim to pull another U-W lever to the right, return and continue swimming. Then out of water, go down and slide in a corridor, then come back to the room with the cube of water and get the
6th Prayer wheel (only two left now) and a Jewel of Kathmandu on pedestals. Exit this room and the room with the cube of water as well, go right as now you can climb back to level 4 via a series of blocks in the North-West corner. At the top go right.

Level 4 : (3rd time)

Go right in the large red corridor, stop at the next door to place the Gem in its receptacle to open the door. Slide and youíre back for a short revisit of Level 6. Pick up the 2nd Golden dragon (Secret 2).
To come back, use a couple of blocks and a ladder, at the top jump backwards with a roll and grab. Use the crowbar to open the next door. After that, donít go left towards the moving walls but to the right, and you will soon be back at level 4.

Level 4:

Back in the large red corridor, return towards the big Buddha room ; when entering go down the stairs immediately on your right. Place the Jewels of Kathmandu in their receptacles : the door above opens. Go there, then make your way up, you are soon facing the Buddha room from above. Go on its head to enter the small opening in the wall behind the head, enter therein and push a block outside, it falls down on the ground (remember this block). Return to the head of the Buddha ; on its hands are 2 keylocks, use your Bundle of Keys on both, this will open the gate on the ledge where a prayer wheel is waiting for you.
Go get this
7th Prayer wheel (only one left) on the ledge ; then enter by the opened gate, slide , and get the Golden Key. The gate opens, go down and use this Key near by in the keylock : a flyby shows a trapdoor closing.

Before proceeding, go behind the Buddha, the block which has fallen is there, climb on it and retrieve the 3rd
Golden dragon (Secret 3).
Now go climb where you have retrieved the first prayer wheel (the starting point is South-East at the green keylock). After the climbing, jump to the trapdoor, then to the next trapdoors, until the pillar in the corner, climb near the wicker vase, then jump to the next trapdoor, and a last running jump to the one where the
8th Prayer wheel is. Take it and see a Golden dragon on a hanging platform in the centre of the room. Impossible to go for it, but if you look in the far left corner of the room, you can perceive a vase inside a broken pillar, draw revolver with laser-sight and destroy the vase, a rope appears and you can reach the platform with the dragon; beware though to not swing too much otherwise you may reach the square with the Spiral and you would find yourself back on the platform where you found the 1st prayer wheel.
Pick up the 4th
Golden dragon (Secret 4) then step on the square with the Spiral to make your way down.

Now that you have the 8 Prayer wheels, you can place them in their receptacles, the 2 horizontal bars slide and the door opens, kill the baddy, you see in the far end a closed door and another small door on one side.
If you have the 4 dragons, place them to open the small door and claim the Chalice.

Come back in the previous room, in a corner is a Jump switch, pull it to open the last door, enter and take the Key of the prison. A flyby shows the keylock of the gate where the monks are prisoners: Lara can set them free !

Itís the end, enjoy the final cutscene.