Spooky Pyramid

Level by Bfbsquall (April, 2004)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

down a steep slope and face a huge pyramid structure. Save often so that you do not have start again when you slide to the bottom. Go forward to the west and climb a block. Jump over a sloped part to the north to another flat section. Climb up west again and then north over two sloped parts. Jump down to a lower flat section to the north. Jump a sloped part to the north and pull up to the west. Jump to a north flat section and see a small row of blocks going up the west side of the pyramid. Go up three sections and then jump to a flat section to the south. Run and jump south to another flat section.Stand jump south to another flat section. Stand jump twice to the west and then south until the camera view changes. Make a difficult run and jump with a right curve to land on a flat section around the corner of a block.


Climb the block to the west and jump to a flat section to the north. When the screen shakes, look up the side of the pyramid to see a rolling spike ball. Move out of its way. Stand jump west to a higher ledge and follow the ledge north to kill a dog. Stand jump to the west onto a higher ledge. Run north and when the screen shakes, stand against the west wall and duck as a spike ball goes over your head. Run and jump to the north-east and over the slope to land on a flat area. Go north again to another slope section. Run and jump north-west over the slope and land on a step. Go west up the steps to the end and reach a higher flat ledge.


Look down the pyramid to the south-east direction and see a dark square. Carefully go south and watch out for rolling spike balls, scorpions and wall darts in six alcoves. After the sixth alcove, turn around and see hat a block has risen at the lower dark section. Go north and slide down the pyramid to land on that block. You get secret #1 and pick up Uziís. Beside the block you can pick up a large medipack. Jump north to the steps and go up again. Go to the south end of the slope and run and jump south to another flat area. Run and jump to the south to a higher flat area and you should be next to a deep pit.


Grab the edge of the pit and shimmy to the right as far as possible before you release. You land on a ramp and loose about half your health.To the south is the way back to the pyramid slopes. So go north and follow the ramp down into the pyramid. At the bottom the tunnel splits. To the west is a closed gate. Grab the ceiling and monkey swing north over the spike traps. Use the reach-in switch and monkey swing back. The gate is open so follow the west tunnel to a large deep room. Slide down a slope into the room.You can go up the ramp in the north-west corner and follow the ramp to a monkey swing. Monkey swing to a south alcove and use the reach-in switch to start the fires in the floor lamps. Then drop back to the ground. Go down a north ramp and save the game in front of the pedestal.


Grab the Amulet of Horus and an earthquake happens.The camera view changes. Roll and run south while the floor of the room collapses into a lava pit. Return to the room and jump to grab the central column. Shimmy around to the opposite side and back flip to a ledge. Turn and climb a ladder on the north wall. Enter a tunnel and slide down a slope. Make an easy run through the sequenced popping spikes and jump onto a platform. Pick up the Guardian Key from the pedestal. There are numbers above the floor levers. Use floor levers #4 and then #1 in that order. Two blocks will rise in the middle of the room. Floor levers #2 and #5 are falling spike ball traps.


Climb the blocks and climb a ladder in the west wall of a vertical shaft. Near the top of the ladder, back flip into an east tunnel. Follow the tunnel to another ladder and start a long climb to the top of the pyramid. Go east and slide down the side of the pyramid to the bottom. Then run south until you see some gray steps. Climb up the gray steps to reach a closed gate. Use the Guardian Key and the gate opens.


You cannot go up the slope. Look up to the upper south-west and see a corridor high in the air.This is a bug or incomplete build. The DOZY cheat is active so you can fly up to that corridor and slide down a slope to end the level. Or you can just exit the level now.