Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


You are in a room with several water areas. You are in dry area #1 and you can run into the water in area #2 and start swimming. Swim to the surface and there is a sign stating to just swim out and you jump back into the dry area.  Under the water you cannot swim through the water wall to the dry area. However, if you try to swim through the water wall over the two small water filled tiles on the side, you can go through the water wall. The back area is just a completely water filled room where you can try the same trick of swimming through a water wall. But you can only do it if there some water, perhaps at a lower level, on the other side of the water wall.


End of the level

Pickups: 0

Kills: 0

Secrets: 0


TR3 Test Level: Climb Test

Author: IceBerg

Walkthrough: Lucas (Treeble) (Oct-15/06)


This level is more useful to new builders, it explains some differences regarding climbing animations in the TR3 engine:


Area1: Lara will climb up the first column with her crouch animation, and she won't even grasp the edge of the second column, even though in theory there is room.


Area2: if there's a non-climbable wall on top of a climbable wall, Lara will be able to climb up both of them.


Area3: monkeyswing sections must be applied on the bottom of the lowest room, otherwise it doesn't work and Lara falls.


Area4: to make climbable walls when there's no floor straight underneath, you must apply the climbable sections on the bottom of the lowest room.


End of testlevel.

Secrets: none