Return to Venice

Level by Leandro Dubost

Walkthrough by Yoav

You begin in an empty room with Lara standing facing windows you can the sea, kick in a door and get out to passageway. Kick in a door from left side to enter the room and shoot the soldier, pick up grenade gun and normal ammo he will drop, then climb onto a bed and pick up medipack. Back to the hall and go kick in the next door, get into the room with dead soldier, climb onto the wooden box and pick up shotgun ammo. Back again to hall and go forward over the next two closed doors, kick them both, you discover that the two rooms are empty.

Go and kick in a last door, shoot on wooden barrier and get out of the building, shoot the soldier then take the west side of the ledge and take care of soldier shooting on you, shoot back to kill. Turn back and jump in a water canal, swim to left side into the narrow opening to secret place and get the Revolver with ammo. Swim out from there and keep swimming over the wooden ledge, climb onto it, run and jump across the water gap over the next ledge and pick up Shotgun the soldier left behind. Turn face to the ladder, take standing jump and grab it, climb up and backflip, you land onto a red ledge, look for wooden ledge in a building corner. Run and jump over there, then stand face to the opening in the opposite building, run jump and grab it, pull inside and drop into
the room below.

Kill the soldier and look for closed beige trapdoor at the left room corner, proceed over the door and get out of the room to next passageway, shoot on the three bats. The black iron gate will open in front of you, kill the two soldiers in a room and get the medipack. In the room climb onto the white block, jump grab the trapdoor and pull it, clmb into the short passage above, run forward and jump over the hole. Stand with Lara's back to hole, drop and grab the jumpswitch, it opens the beige trapdoor at the first room. Go over there and drop down into the room below, you land on large bed covered with curtain, go kick in a door and get to passageway with three soldiers.

Get rid of them then shoot on the wooden barriers around, in a front blue door closed. Go and kick the door from the right, enter to library, kill the bat and the hidden soldier between the bookcase, pick up revolver ammo. Head over the east side where the short ladder leaning against the bookcase, jump grab the edge and pull onto a bookcase. Get the shotgun ammo, then jump on each bookcase over the lever and pull it to open the blue door at the passageway.

Enter to the hall, go around the fence you brown door, look over the ceiling for swinging ball. Keep to blue door and enter the mirror room, get downstairs and use the mirror to know which tile is a trap burning and pick up the lasersight. Back to the hall, combine the Revolver+lasersight; before you shoot on a ball, you need to know that an Army of five soldiers is waiting behind this door.

Now shoot the ball then kill those soldiers, there is another brown door right after this one but didn't know how to open it. Follow outside the building, head over the door, get into the building to finish this level.