Temple of Shiva (Demo)

Level by Matias Flores

Walkthrough by DJ Full

<Hi. It's me again. From all of the broken customs I played so far, it's the first time when I managed to make a complete walkthrough for a game without a save/load option. Why do I just LOVE annoying levels, full of mistakes or bugs, especially these projects which after the release were said to be unplayable? Because when almost everybody gives up, I find myself absorbing all their lost patience. It concentrates in me, giving me unnatural agility and filling my mind with infinite will to survive in the most extreme virtual environments. So here you have a guide to one of such realms - Temple of Shiva Demo by Matias Flores.>


1. Unfortunately, Lara has no compass in this game, so I can't tell you to go "N", "E", "W" or "S".
2. Shatter objects don't hide pickups.
3. You can do a 10-minute speedrun through this level, because no single medikit, weapon or ammo pack is needed to finish it. These items will probably be useful in not yet built part of a game. Sentences in brackets { and } describe such pickups, as well as the enemies you don't need to kill.
4. Sentences in brackets ( and ) are tips for total beginners. If you're an experienced raider you won't need them.
5. Sentences in brackets [ and ] are curiosities, not so much important for finishing the game. However, they still contain tips describing a better way of doing something - e.g. passing a trap or a timed run.
6. Sentences in brackets < and > contain history, my opinions or comments. It's optional to read them.
7. <Now I am just checking if you [(paid attention to what I said)]. IMO [(paying attention)] is a thing to remember for total beginners, as well as for advanced raiders. So I put [(paying attention)] both in two kinds of brackets. OK, OK, have fun: let's launch the game.>


{Kill all the enemies and pick up some uzi ammo from under the sculpture.}

[When picking up an item placed close to such objects - I mean objects with collision - it's better to duck. This way object collision won't push you aside.]

There are 2 switches in this room. Don't touch the right one - it sends you down into a pit full of spikes. Press the left one and and jump into the open hole. Slide down two times, landing on unstable ground. Run forwards immediately and save yourself by jumping over the next slope. You are in front of the locked door. <They actually hide a finish trigger. You need 2 keys for it.>


{At the beginning of the left corridor, pick up some uzi ammo.} Enter a room with Shiva statue. [After getting rid of the lizard, IGNORE the pool to save your time.] Enter the corridor on Shiva's left. Now go up. On the third platform press the timed switch and raise one of the next platforms. You have plenty of time to climb from here onto another platform.

[The best way, PARTIALLY REFERRING ALSO TO NEXT TIMED RUN, is to: press the switch, roll two times to find yourself on the edge of platform, turn around, jump forwards, grab the platform, pull yourself up, hit forwards + right once to get to the edge of raised platform, turn right a bit more, jump, grab the ledge and pull yourself up.]

Press yet another two timed switches, one by one (press a switch, jump sideways and press another one). Now you have more time than previously, so DON'T PANIC. You will make it. Get to the stable ground above the platforms. <You are safe for a while.> Climb the ladder and see the passage, splitting up in two paths. Enter the right one and pick up the ammo. [Advance ONE square and activate spikes to have a point of reference.] Go back a little and press the switch, triggering next timed run.


<The described method was invented by my father to pass over Venice Kniving Statues - Vi.King S. for short - in 1999, and after 11 years of raiding I must admit: daddy was right that day. IMO there's no better way.>

[Stand in the MIDDLE RIGHT of your square, turn to the wall and jump sideways through the spikes, to land just before moving knife. Repeat the manoeuvre EXACTLY FROM HERE, jumping over the knife and avoiding a falling stone. Now strafe right to get as close to the stone as possible, and, again, jump sideways, over the last knife.]

Roll and go through the door before it shuts and pick up the Read Diary. Proceed through the next corridor, {find some flares} and jump into a pit. Land in a passage full of plants.

[Their collision is set variously - sometimes you have to dive, but sometimes to keep yourself on the surface when passing by them.] When you finish with the plants, you land in a pit full of underwater grass. {Pick up the uzi from the bottom} and return to Shiva room. {Do all the things you previously ignored:
- jump into the water
- pick up 2 uzi ammo packs and a small medikit.} Now go back from where you came from and place the Red Diary key in a Red Diary keyhole.


Enter the second corridor and {kill some bats. [One of them drops an uzi ammo pack, so watch out not to kill it when it's above the deadly water.]}

See the mentioned pool? Don't fall in. Press a switch and make a rope to swing over. On the other side {pick up a medikit} and go towards the door. STOP in front of it, because when it opens, a slashing knive is triggered. There is one more behind it, and two rollingballs await you in the next room, between the knives. [This trap looks deadly, but You can easily make it, running constantly and jumping over both knives. Just remember not to stop in the middle.] Proceed through a corridor and pick up the right Read Diary. Find a switch. [{Don't press it yet. Notice a lizard you can shoot from here and do it first. Also, shatter a vase to clear the way out.}] Now push the button and backflip, rolling in midair. After landing on a platform DON'T STOP but do the running jump to the other side. Pull the underwater lever switch, jump over next blade and STOP. Now jump sideways over the last blade and turn right, finding yourself in front of the same rope that has lead you here. Jump onto it and, again, watch out for the water. Return to the remaining keyhole and place the item.


Go through open door and hit finish trigger.

<I was wondering - just like you are now - if there is a huge, mysterious, unfinished part of Matias' project beyond this trigger. I was so suspicious I launched FexInspect and checked that. The answer is NO. It really IS the end of the level, and there's nothing more.>