Levels by Brazilian Croft

Walkthrough by manarch2

London Hotel

After a little slideshow you find yourself in a hotel room. Run ahead and go to the SE door of the chamber. Follow the corridor and find another door in the next room. Get outside and search for a crawlspace NE. At the end slide down and jump over the railing to a roof. Run E, jump to another roof and climb the boxes, then jump even more E. Again climb the boxes and find the Lost Key on the blue one. Get back to the first roof and this time go S, jump to the black walkway and follow it (jump over two gaps) into a second hotel. Run in the S room and find a crawlspace SW. At its end get on and use the key in the right keyhole. The door opens; drop in the lower room and approach the board with a key in it.

Havaian Beach

Watch the cutscene and swim out of the tunnel; then N and somewhere on the floor you can spot the Lasersight. Pick it and swim to the far N end of the sea. Jump to the NE rocks where you can find a Jail Key. Back in the water get out E now and run as far S as possible. Turn E and climb the right block. Jump over more blocks to find the Gate Key in the far SE corner. Jump back on the floor and go to the NE part of the beach. Find a passage there and use the Gate Key to open the door. Go right and use the Jail Key on the S wall. In the left, now open door throw a lever to open a N door. Get there and pick up the Revolver with Ammo. Combine it with the Lasersight and shoot a ball in the high SE corner. The door on the W side of the central pillar is now open; go through and the level ends.

Aqua Ring

In the starting room you can spot two keyholes. For getting them, first go in the S passage and shoot two soldiers. Pull a switch in the SE corner and jump in the pool. A door right under it has opened; swim there and get a Pool Key. Swim up again and use it on the S wall. Jump again in the pool and you get into a little underwater maze. First get some air before it, then swim in and search for a lever on the middle N wall. So Ė first swim to the W wall and then swim N to find a high opening. Get out, pull the timed lever and quickly jump back, then swim SE in the room to get through the door. Pick up a red key and swim back to the beginning of the pool, climb out and get to the starting area. Use the key N and get to a room with another timed run. Pull the lever to activate it and then either try it yourself or watch this video for help:

Video (thanks to Scottie): ... r_embedded

Pick up the Yellow Key and jump back to the exit, then use the key on the W lock in the starting room. Shoot a soldier and jump in the pool. Follow and get out finally, then run a bit to see a short cutscene. Run further and the level ends with another slideshow.

Haunted Island

See the cutscene and run in the E tunnel. After a short cutscene shoot two goblins. Pick up Flares from the dead soldier (duck to get it) and jump over the E green platforms. There are more ways to go on now, go left (N) and at another two junction again stay left. Get to a platform with a mummy and several Torches. Quickly pick one of them and leave. At the junction head left and light the Torch at a N fireplace. Get back to the beginning of the area and look E. Light the wall torch there. Now let the Torch where you want and go back N, at a junction now go right and jump to another timed lever. Use it and quickly jump back over the platforms to the central platform, then ahead and to the opened doors. Follow the corridor to find a SE opening; climb the blocks there up and down until you reach an outdoor area. Jump in the pool; after climbing out at the other side enjoy a cutscene and shoot three knights in this area. Jump to the floating blocks and climb them to the top. Jump and hang from the green slope, then jump several times (the last time with a curve to the right, then shimmy left) to arrive on a safe tile. Climb few platforms higher, then run as high S as possible and jump to the balcony. Run further and find a crawlspace SE. Afterwards jump down the steps and into a small chamber. Shoot two goblins and jump on the slope in the hole. Donít slide to the end but jump to a higher ledge in the middle of it. Follow the corridor with few crawlspaces to the end. You get to a big area with three immortal ghost mummies. There are four keys to find to place them on the S wall:

Use the ESE ladder to climb up and use the SE jump lever. Thereon go SSE to the crawlspace. At its end there is a room with three sleeping bulls, donít run in front of them to not awake them. Jump over the lava river and the slopes; go SE and pick up a Yellow Key. Now go SW and follow the passage. There are many deathly tiles; renember where they are and you solve this puzzle quickly. At the end use the floor lever and get back to the big hall. A NE door should be open now. Go in and climb a ladder at the back of the N pillars, then shimmy right to climb up. Jump on the block and to the slope, then backflip on the ledge with another ghost mummy. Climb the S block and a ledge higher, then climb on the N (then S) block and to the next two ledges. At the roof pick up the Keys and quickly jump back to the floor as a wraith attacks you. It will be distinguished when going in the pool. Get out and run directly on the nearest W hill. From there jump to the windows in the N wall. There is another maze; search the E wall for an open door. When picking up the Red Key another fire ghost appears; run back in the pool to extinguish him. Back in the maze search for some Keys, just in a passage N of the first key. (Thanks to eTux for making this clear.)

Place all keys in the keyholes near the mansion doors and step in to change the level.

The Haunted Mansion

Go in the right corridor and jump in the water at the end. If you get off the right path Lara will die, so be patient and have attention. Pick up the Red Key at the end and swim back carefully. Back in the starting room use the key to open the door. After it shoot three lizards in the next room, pick up a Ring and a Yellow Key from the central tile and open the exit doors. When going through the game freezes. That is the end of this levelpack.