The Great Wall (full version)

Level by KurtisLara

Walkthrough by manarch2

- No compass here!
- Pistol Ammo is very limited so only shoot the enemies you really need to.

After a starting cutscene go to the pond and climb the wall in the corner. A tiger runs around at the floor now.Turn left and jump and run up the platforms. Watch out for some boulders, turn around and jump to a higher ledge.

SECRET 1: Jump right and pick up some Flares. For the actual secret jump to the right platform and pick up Shotgun Ammo.

Back on the first walkway climb the blocks and jump over the slope gap. Climb right into the house. Shoot a grate and open the right trapdoor by standing in front of the swinging rope. Climb up the stairs after jumping in the pool. Run-jump to the lever block; after activating it turn and quickly jump back and sprint through the closing door. Watch a cutscene and kill two crows on the brigde. Avoid several boulders an jump in the pool. First climb out and go left to climb a ladder to get a Little Medikit and Shotgun Ammo. Now jump in the pool and swim in the tunnel. At a junction go left, pick up Shotgun Ammo. Further right now there are two right little holes; in the first pick up a Rusty Key and in the second a Large Medikit. Swim out of the tunnel and climb out at the first pool. Go ahead and open another trapdoor. Climb down the ladder, shimmy right, climb more down and backflip into the opening. Grab the monkeyswing and get to the central tile. From there turn a bit left and jump on the platform there. Pick up a Detonator Key and jump back. Go left and wade a bit, then monkeyswing to the alcove with Shotgun Ammo. Jump back and into the entrance again. Climb back the long ladder and backflip in the courtyard. Go up the hill and search for a keyhole. Use the Rusty Key there and inside use the Detonator Key behind the box. Some boxes explode; crawl through the place where they where, shoot a spider and open some doors in the passage. Run down a few steps and spot a jumplever right to both open the doors after the slope and flood the room. Avoid the blade and pick up Desert Eagle Ammo left. Open the underwater door and spot the Old Key in front of the grating. Swim back and climb out, then crawl back to the little corridor. Go through the now open door and pull the wall lever. Thereon pull the left block once, then go around the pillar and pull it in the side corridor. Pull the timed lever and quickly run out again. Shoot a tiger in the courtyard, turn around and climb the ladder to the wall again; on the way pick up Shotgun Ammo. Run to the second tower and open the door there. Shoot some spiders in this room.

SECRET 2: Climb the ladder and the block on the ledge. Another ledge higher is Shotgun Ammo.

Run up the steps and jump in the alcove to pull a lever. This raises a platform on the block ledge. Jump there and pull the block once. Open the doors behind it and find a Rusty Key. Use it in a keyhole on the lower floor to open the door. Shoot three spiders and get Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medikit. Pull the block away and slide down the water slope. First jump in the water and find a Detonator Key, then quickly get back and pull the lever, then jump over the raised blocks.

SECRET 3: Before entering the opening first jump left to a crawlspace. Find 2x Shotgun Ammo in it.

Jump to the opening and use the Detonator Key in the next room. Wait for a boulder, then go up, pick up a Crystal. Pull the timed lever and quickly jump and sprint to the door on the other side of the room. Jump in the hole and quickly use the lever and jump in the open door. Wait for the spike walls to get off, then get Desert Eagle Ammo in the room. Back in the corridor sprint over the breakable tiles and avoid several blades in this room, then avoid many traps like spike walls and the before mentioned ones. Be as quick as possible, then slide down a slope at the end, use a lever and jump in the hole. In the next room use a wall lever to lower a block. Rush through and enjoy a cutscene. Afterwards pick up one of the Torches and light it in the fire nearby. In the right corner you can find Desert Eagle Ammo. Drop down off the ledge and jump to the tunnel under it. Pick up Flares and climb up the ladder at the end. Shoot the grates and then a baddy with his giant spider. Use the key he drops a little after to let the boxes explode. Drop in the hole behind you and swim right to the end. Pull a wall lever, then quickly swim back and climb the ladder back to the last area. Sprint in the timed door and pick up a Little Medikit behind it. Pick to an Old Key there, too, and push the left block away to get the Desert Eagle. Slide down the ramp right and use the ladder again. Run back to the long ladder and now climb it down to the end. Use the key there to open the door that blocks your way. Slide down into a new room and follow the path; jump over some blades and go right.

SECRET 4: Place the Crystal there to open the crawlspace door. Crawl through, find 2x Shotgun Ammo and get down into the next room. Shoot two baddies and three giant spiders. Pick up some Shotgun Ammo and search for a lever behind one of the pillars right of the entrance. Jump to the block right of you and run-jump to another block ahead. After a slope jump and hang on the second slope. Shimmy right and jump to the other block. Pick up Shotgun Ammo and monkeyswing to the other side of the room. Jump over two more blocks back to the entrance and a right door is now open. Climb down the ladder and pick up a Large Medikit in the spikes, then climb back and jump to the alcove with the Grenade Gun.

There are two paths right and left of the last cave; go left and find Shotgun Ammo, then go right and climb two ladders at the path’s end to the top.

SECRET 5: Before doing it, search for a pushable block and push or pull it to the other side of the room, climb on it and jump to the safe green plant tiles near the ladders. Pick up 2x Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medikit.

Turn around and jump to a platform, then jump to the opening. In the next room shoot two little and a giant spiders. This room contains many boxes. There are three boxes on the high stage; pull out the left one to get a Large Medikit. You have to pull the two higher boxes away so first push a block to push the first away, pick up some Shotgun Ammo and then pull the last one once. Get an Old Key. Turn left and pull the corner block away to get access to a switch. This one lowers a structure in the middle; pull a lever there. At the alcove above you there is Shotgun Ammo to find. Get back to the last, big cave and climb down the ladders. The door in the left path can now be opened with the key so head through afterwards and climb the ladder. Kill a tiger at the top and run through the now open door. In the new room shoot another tiger and, if you approach the red door, a last baddy. Run to the computer in a side cave and the level ends.