TR Forge Advent Calendar 2010 – Curse of Winter

Levels by Codo, Horus, Luke, Piper, Soul, Tifa Nazah, uranos1

Walkthrough by manarch2

Curse of Winter

Go W behind the left arm of the big sphinx and in a clockwise direction around it. You can find a Rope in the first little hole, a Crowbar in the white tent and a Shovel in another bigger hole. Go back E and into the arms of the sphinx. Go up the ramp of the white block and use the Crowbar to push down the block. The Crowbar is broken now. Push the block under the scaffolding and climb up the ladder. Turn right and jump on the right arm of the sphinx. Head W and run to the other side, then S up the second scaffolding. Jump E over two platforms to the ladder and climb up. Place the rope on the extended beam looking SE and run over the ledge to grab it. Swing and jump to the left arm of the sphinx. Go a bit W to the non-snowy spot on the arm and use the Shovel facing E. You get a Female Cartouche. Slide down S of the arm and run W and up the walkway around the sphinx. At its end place the Female Cartouche and run back after watching the cutscene. Climb and jump all the way back up to the left arm of the sphinx and look SW. Jump with a little right curve to the just created block. Climb up the ladder and jump twice W to the two platforms. Climb another ladder and get to the top of the sphinx’s back. Go W and shoot the ice the bird is frozen in. Then you have to shoot the big bird, it’s not hard when running and jumping all the time. Pick up the Animal Cartouche and place it E in the receptacle. Two W blocks raise; climb on one of them and up the platforms to the ladder. Climb it to the top and you will find a hole in the snow. Look at the hole facing S and jump to the S ledge of it. Shimmy as far right as possible and drop. On the floor roll forwards. Pull the lever to let the knife freeze. Jump over the hole and into the next room. Shoot the NW vase for a Little Medikit. Jump to the jumplever, pull it down and slide to the next area. Jump on the breakable tile and jump once more to prevent from falling in the spikes. Climb up the ladder in the corridor to get the Large Medikit you maybe saw while climbing up the sphinx. If you want you can climb back the way you came and left around the pillar. Drop in the dark passage and quickly jump on the ladder again to prevent yourself from the boulder. When it’s away run into the dark for Flares and climb back to the corridor with the ladder. Drop in the S hole with the breakable tile and into the tomb. Shoot two bats (no need to pull the lever) and drop in the N hole.

Curse of Winter (Part II)

Slide down around 2 seconds, then perform a jump with a right curve on the middle slope. Slide but jump over the opening trapdoor. The boulder behind you will fall in it. Head left of the little room and jump over the slope. Jump further, then to and fro with right curves until you get to the N slopes. Jump again to and fro with left curves and then over the E one, with a big left curve, then perform a backflip with a mid-air turn and grab the ledge. Shimmy left and climb up, then (again) backflip with a mid-air turn and a left curve onto the safe platform. When finally done run E into the new tunnel. Pull the lever and see a cutscene of a boulder rolling into a door. The door closes afterwards. After the cutscene pull the lever again and you now have to be quicker than the boulder; therefore there are two paths. The hard path is when Lara turns around and runs into the darker, left room. If you want this path, jump on the ledge in front of you, run a bit up the ramp, avoid the boulder with a jump to the left slope, jump on the second and with a right curve to the third. Jump to the swingpole and jump over the next two slopes. On the safe platform immediately run and jump right and then to the door. The easy path is completely different; instead of running in the dark chamber climb up the right ledge and backflip with a mid-air turn, then directly stand-jump up the slope.

SECRET: Go E of the entrance to the snowy area and jump in the N passage for a Large Medikit and Flares. Get back and throw the switch again, then, if you still want the easy path, climb back up again.

Run S through the snowy area and into the hole in the other part of the area. Jump directly into the door.
On both ways you slide down a bit, then jump over the knife blade hole. At the fire lake jump up to a monkeyswing and get to the other side of the corridor, avoiding the temporary fires. Drop onto the slope and jump to the safe tile in the lake. Jump to the SW block, using the higher part of the tile, then to the SW shore and finally to the four levers. These ones turn the fires off and on. To turn off all fires pull the first, the second, the third and the forth lever down and the third one again up. Jump to the NE block and follow jumping over the other ones, to finally get to the N exit. On the NE stones pick up Flares, then find a lever in the SW corner.It turns off the spikes over the central platform. Now get to the W wall and jump up the rocks. Head E and jump to the ladder, climb up and use the “ladder to monkeyswing”-move to swing around the right corner where you can find a jumplever. Drop to it and use it to turn off the spikes on the platform. Pick up the Violet Ankh and place it SW near the door that opens then. You arrive at a big chamber; on the middle E wall is a Little Medikit. Now go S to the statues and shoot a bat. Now go W behind the right statue and jump over the spikes. Pick up a Large Medikit and pull the timed lever down that raises a block in the first part of this chamber. Climb out and run back, then left and up the block. Pull the lever that raises another block E. Jump and run there and pull it quickly down. You have to do this two times more to and fro, then an earthquake happens. Now run to the middle of the W wall and climb up the structure there. Shimmy left around two corners and drop to a jumplever. Pull it down and you will fall to the floor. Climb back up again and shimmy again in direction of the jumplever until you can climb up at a risen platform. Jump E to the dog statues, drop to the ledge and shimmy around, then jump to the second platform E. Shimmy around the left corners until you reach the second jumplever; use it and drop back on the floor. You get a little cutscene of the cellar room. Drop in the hole in the central part of the room and go S upstairs. Get the Green Ankh Piece 1 and push the floor lever. Ignore the hole for now, take the Flares and leave the cellar again. Climb up the NE blocks, then shimmy right and climb in the crawlspace. Trigger – one by one – the first two boulders in the right corridor and quickly sprint to the left hole and hang on the ledge there. You have to duck under the third when triggered. The forth is a bit more difficult; you have to run on the last tile, then quickly jump back and duck. If done, climb up the ladder and get another Crowbar. There are many things to pry off the wall, but only prying off the Green Ankh Piece 2 in the NW corner doesn’t result in instant death. Climb out again and head S. Combine both Ankh Pieces to the Green Ankh and place it in the S receptacle. The tiles a bit N of you lower, get down there. Two jumplevers S and E have to be pulled down to open the SE door. Shoot the giant scorpion in the following room. Get some Flares W on a pedestal. There are two levers – W and E of the entrance – in this room. Pull the E and then the W one and quickly climb up the central structure. Kill two scarabs here and climb down the ladder. Jump in the water and pull three underwater switches, then pick up a Large Medikit and get in the open passage. In the next room get in both of the N and S passages to drop in the holes, avoid some little scarabs and push a floorlever each. In the next chamber jump over the marked tiles (the other part of the floor is deadly) and push the floor lever. Return all the way over the tiles, in the underwater tunnel and up the ladder to the last room and enter the W door there. In the W room you can find Flares, the Grenade Gun, Grenade Ammo. Don’t take the Torch yet as this could cause a bug. Go back and into the N room in the passage. Shoot the wall with the Grenade Gun and enter a dark tunnel. On the end you get to a electricity puzzle. Your task is to change the direction of it – now the E mirrors get current, we want the W ones to get. This map shows how it should float:


Pull the switch in the middle of the area to turn of the electricity.
After you solved this puzzle the rope on the container can be pulled; this opens the W exit doors. Enter the outside area and pull down all four levers on the two pillars. Go E and look through the mirror to see the broken wall at the W side of it. Run through it and jump up the stair. Run to your horse and the level ends.