One Room Challenge Venice Hotel

Level by Larafan25

Walkthrough by manarch2

You start this level in a little chamber. An earthquake begins. Run around the dark corner and spot a crawlspace, at the end climb out and push the switch. Get to the levelstart where a door opened, get through and in the corridor go left, open the door, avoid falling stones and get in the right crawlspace to find a Yellow Key. Get back out and use the key in this room, get in the next room to get a Bunch of Keys, get back in the corridor and use it in the corridor end. Get down to the lava level and get in the passage for a Bottle, get back and jump over the safe platforms, climb up in the NE corner and turn around to spot a ledge with a lever. Pull it and monkeyswing over to the open door, jump over it with a sideflip or dive and open the next door. Get in the next crawlspace in this new room, then out at the end, avoid the falling stones and reach the next crawlspace, in the next room open the right door for a Little Medikit, get in the other exit, a crawlspace, and climb out, then push the mirror away and open the door. Go around the dark corner and sprint down the corridor to escape from the boulder. When approaching the door at the end you will get back to the start menu.