One Room Challenge - One Room Contest

Level by Philip Reinking (PH)

Walkthrough by rtrger

You start in a room with lambs. Go to the room on the left and climb up on the wines at the north wall. Backflip to the pillar behind you, and carefully avoiding the rotating blade, side flip to the left. Wait until the spikes pop up, and jump to the room. Pick up the Pole Stick, climb back to the previous room. Go east, and jump into the room with the star symbol. At the entrance of the room, look down, you'll see a socket there. Go there and put in the pole. Climb back to the entrance, position Lara in front of the pole, and press Action. She should land near the star symbol. Pick up the Key Disk and go back to the room where the lambs are.

A scary snake rushes to the other room while killing the lambs. Go where our fancy little creature went, and go to the other side of the room. Put in the Key Disk. Jump to the opened door.

Jump past the 2 fire emitters, pick up the Torch. Go back to the small fire before the 2 emitters, and light your torch. Now you can go to the room at southwest.

You can see the snake with a mercenary caught up in his mouth. But first, throw away the torch to a safe place and pull up to the small snake's cage on the left. Pick up the Jerrycan.

Now go into the snake's mouth, and sprinkle the content of the Jerrycan to the mercenary. Now pick up the torch and light the mercenary. And the end trigger kicks in.