The Way of Relic - Complete

Levels by Franco Bula

Walkthrough by manarch2

Many thanks to the immense help of DJ Full and dmdibl for finding all secrets and helping to progress. There are 10 gems to be found - 3 in the first, 3 with an extra (super) one in the second and 3 in the third.

The Seraph Monastery

Start by sliding down a sloped hill. Try to backflip with a turn in mid-air at the end of the first slope to get to a ledge, climb up here for the Uzis. Jump back on the slope and slide down further, falling into a pool. Pick up Flares and climb out to your left, you can see a keyhole there. Maybe you saw the required key while sliding down, it’s your task now to climb up again. Climb up the left single stair and take a run-jump over the illegal slopes, turn left and jump to the block over the pool, from there into the opening. Turn right and run into the room and shoot two crows (1,2). Go to the near left corner and climb up the rock formation, turn right and run-jump with a grab to the ledge. Turn right and jump to the next ledge, thereon turn once more right and jump to the crevice. Shimmy right until you can climb up and take the Shotgun with Shotgun Ammo. Get back down, to where you came from, and climb up the corridor stairs.

SECRET 1: Jump to the lever ahead and climb it for the Orange Gem.

Turn left at the end and jump to the platform with a Rusty Key from the ledge. After picking it up jump back in the pool, climb out and use the key to open the door. Kill two soldiers (3,4) and take 2x Uzi Ammo with. There is also a Large Medikit in this room, between the rolling blades, if you are too hungry to get all items, try it. You can actually get it, but you die few moments later. Instead or afterwards time your run to the door and exit this chamber. There are two ways in the next room, the one ahead leads to a keyhole, you don’t have the key yet.

Go first left up the rocky stairs.

SECRET 2: Climb down and run into the left passage to get the Golden Gem.

Now jump to or climb the first pillar, then over all platforms to the exit. Slide down the middle slope and jump to the pillar in the following passage, then further to the pillar in the left corner. Turn right and jump up to grab the higher ledge, climb up here. Again the way splits up, go right, slide down a bit and jump up another slope, then follow until you can find the first Monks Drum you might have seen in a fixed camera earlier, before the slope part, get back all the way to the junction. Go ahead now and at the end climb up the long ladder, then backflip into a passage where you can get Flares and a Wall Key left, a Little Medikit and Uzi Ammo right.

Get out and jump to the next waterfall area – you are back at the very beginning – slide down and fall into the pool, climb out left, avoid the rolling blades and get into the room where there is the passage ahead with a keyhole. Get there and insert the Wall Key, turn around – magic! The wall behind you is no longer there, you stand in a bigger room. Follow the only passage in the right corner to the end, you get into a room with four friendly monks running around. Pick up Shotgun Ammo in the niche in front of you, turn and see some Uzi Ammo in the little left niche. Get it and go to some brown blocks. Pull the first block once, go behind it and pull the second one once too, then go behind it to receive a Blue Diamond. Now drop down and go down the left stairway into a room with many pillars, go to the far right corner, first look at the right room with two crystal receptacles, let’s search the second gem now. Go through the curtain and you find yourself in a little corridor with many of these curtains. Ignore the first two and go to the other side of the passage.

You are now in front of a nasty curtain maze with included rolling blades, you can use either of the two exits. I chose the left one and to the corner of it, waited until the blade behind the curtains get away and went exactly through the corner to get the second Blue Diamond and also some Flares. First of all, go back out of the maze, to the crystal receptacles you saw earlier, place both Blue Diamonds and the middle door opens, but two soldiers (5,6) also appear. You can let them get killed by the monks, if you want, you can help them, of course, but don’t shoot at the monks or they’ll be very angry… After both are dead, pick up a Little Medikit and Shotgun Ammo they leave. Go into the open door and right, when you get close to the rocks two boulders come falling down, simply jump to the right slopes and jump over them to avoid death. Now climb up the rocks, jump over a slope to get on. Ignore the water hole ahead for now, go right, when falling into the water swim through a tunnel back, you can climb up there and get back through the just mentioned water hole. Climb up the left bit higher rocks, turn and run-jump with a grab to the ledge. Climb up, get a Large Medikit and Uzi Ammo. Pull the lever to open the door in the room below, also see two monks arriving.

Enter the room and go down the left stairs, light a flare and jump into the water. Swim around the left corner and in a very small passage, climb out at the end to pull a (timed) lever that opens a door in the big area you visited before – we’ll get there soon, first get out in the pool again and swim to the other side of it to find a little passage with Uzi Ammo and a Little Medikit. Climb out and go upstairs again to search the newly opened door. It’s in the left passage, it’s of course closed by now, get back in the pool and pull it again, do a backjump with mid-air turn, then swim and climb out, jump up and jump and run into the passage avoiding a knife trap, then left and get through the door. Get up the little stairs and jump to the platform, you now have to jump all the way up the platforms to the very top of the room. Get the Large Medikit in the niche, turn and jump to the ledge, climb up to the topmost room (there is another Little Medikit on the way) and get Uzi Ammo and an Outdoor Key, pull the block on the marked tile on the other side to see two soldiers (7,8) arrving, get down all the way, you have use the shaft to get down on one wall losing 50 % health, make your way to the floor again. Get out of this area again and back to the big area with the right pool.

Go up left, there are two doors – the right one leads you back to the area with the first crystal, the left leads to a keyhole, insert the Outdoor Key to open the door. Kill two crows (9,10), push the right button and get in the passage with the empty firepots, time your jump when the blade goes left, jump in the right passage and follow around, thereon jump over the first firetiles and time your next jump over the second firetiles. Get the second Monks Drum and jump back, time your run with the blades and jump over the second firepot, in the left passage and quickly jump up into the alcove with the Little Medikit. Jump back, to the right passage, get Uzi Ammo, get back and jump into the open door. Get the Sewer Key and jump back over the now lighted firepots, then back to the big area (everything done here for now) and again left to the blocks you saw very earlier, get downstairs and into the curtain maze. After getting into it go to the opposite wall and get some Uzi Ammo, then run into the single curtain. Get some Shotgun and Uzi Ammo around some corners and insert the Sewer Key to open the trapdoor.

Jump in the pool, swim through the only exit and climb out at the bridge, get over the boxes to the other room and jump over the pit where you fell down, get to the new tunnel. Swim down and to the longer passage, picking up first a Large Medikit and at the very end the third Monks Drum. Swim back and spot a opening in the ceiling, swim up there and through the opened trapdoor you also noticed earlier in this level, swim through the passage, find a tunnel and get out at the very end, jump to the opposite ledge and get out at the water hole. Jump over the rocks and run behind the boulders, to the corridor and back right into the maze. Work your way through the room heading to the direction of the first blade until you find a Little Medikit. Get it and exit through the single curtain, through another curtain and shoot the windows. In the next room you can see the receptacles for the drums, so place all in the tunnels to make three doors open, get back all the way to the big room.

SECRET 3: A door has opened near the receptacles for the diamonds, so enter and climb the left blocks for the Purple Gem.

First get back to the boulders, then over the rocks, the bridge and into the right area where you found the second wheel. The door in the left passage is now open, get through, pass another open door and get a Large Medikit and 2x Flares. Follow the passage through more self-opening doors, meet some monks and avoid some deadly blocks, follow further and pull the lever at the very end, get back jumping over the boulders and into the right passage, the door is here open now, get down into the hole. Follow the passage, avoid the doors by simply running through or doing turns, get in the new room, jump over the lava twice, then left down to Little Medikit, Flares and 2x Uzi Ammo, get up again, follow the platforms jumping and get up the big stairs. Turn left and shoot two soldiers (11,12), jumping up and down. Turn and jump to the tile on the far right corner, it’s the only safe tile, jump to the safe ledge, get the SERAPH and insert it one square further. Jump back using the aforementioned tile, get all the way back to the entrance of this area - a trapdoor has opened, jump in it and then into the hole at the end of the passage. Avoid the swinging blades by keeping close to the walls and get another Little Medikit at the end. Drop into the hole, if you want get full health and do a grab while getting backwards into the hole so that you can explore the room a bit, you still can end the level when running between the firepots.

End of the level.
Enemies: 12
Secrets: 3

The Eye of Horus

Right at the start, pick up a Little Medikit, 2x Flares and Uzi Ammo in the opposite part of the room. Exit this room by the only passage and pick up the Automatic Pistols. Find a passage on the left wall and pull down the lever in the new room, this awakes two Xian warriors (1,2). You can either kill them (costs lots of health/ammo) or sprint into the opposite passage – the door closes behind you. Pick up Shotgun Ammo and go left around the corner to find a block with Uzi Ammo under it. Pull it out, get the ammo, and then push and pull the block to near the now closed door (a bit further), climb on it and jump to the ledge above. Get in the alcove and shoot the warriors from here. Now get back in the previous room and follow the passage into a room with another (yet) frozen warrior. Get in the left and right passages to find Uzi Ammo and M16 Clips, then in the central warrior area. Run around (headlessly) until the Xian Warrior (3) wakes (Tip from DJ Full: saving/loading helps), then run up the stairs and shoot him from the little balcony. The door behind you is now open so get in the new room. Go left, then right to find Automatic Pistol Ammo and Shotgun Ammo, then head back and find the pushable in this room. Push it under the opposite balcony and get up there. Pick up 2x M16 Ammo and enter the next balcony. Look on the left legde – a key can be seen in the pillar, so just push it away and receive the Black Key. Now take running jumps over the ledges to the other side, inserting the key in the keyhole. You can see the door opening in the starting room, so get down.

SECRET 1: Look for a marked tile on the lower ceiling in the middle of the room and push the block under it to open the door in the corner. Get the Silver Gem in the adjacent room and return.

Run all the way back to the starting area, using the first block. Before dropping into the room shoot two more Xian Warriors (4,5), then get down and head into the just opened room. First of all, climb the long right ladder to the top. Turn left, jump to the slope and climb up. Jump to the next, then not the following slope, but with a left curve to the ledge. Climb up, then see the slope under the corner tile. Turn backwards to it and place Lara near the corner of the tile that touches the slope. Behave as follows: Lara has to look to the long ladder, then you have to press Backwards so that she falls on the slope. Do a jump pressing Action and Lara lands on a pillar. Jump to the central one and then in the passage.

SECRET 2: Before jumping in the passage look to the alcove with the fence. There are some goodies behind it. Jump to the invisible platform right over the alcove, shimmy left and drop, then grab the alcove ledge. Get up and pick up a Large Medikit, Uzi Ammo and M16 Ammo. Run through the corridor and find the Lightblue Gem. Get down the stairs and a door opens that leads you to a well-known place, get back to the first area of the level and to the ladder room, then up the pillar again and in the passage.

As soon as you hear a boulder get back and jump back to the last pillar, then, after the boulder has fallen to the ground, get back and run through the passage. Climb up the ledge, then drop back since a second boulder dangers you. Now get up and follow the stairway, then climb up in another monastery where a friendly monk awaits you. Get in the passage ahead and find 2x Automatic Pistol Ammo in the next room. Get back to the main area and head right to climb up the ledge. Here is a deadly gap so watch out for safe or fake platform: Jump to the middle platform in the first row, then the right one in the second row. From here, perform a running jump to the last platform’s right end, then jump to the exit. The door opens so run in the hall. Quickly jump on one of the four slopes and up to the ledge to avoid the next two Xian Warriors (6,7) – you can shoot them from the ledges, to lure them jump on the slope and up again.

Now find two levers on the blocks above the ledges to open a door by pulling them. Find the door, first picking Flares and Shotgun Ammo in the alcoves beside it (and in the opposite alcoves, a Little Medikit and Automatic Pistol Ammo). Get in the new room thereon, picking up the M16. Two soldiers (8,9) arrive – shoot them and take the Automatic Pistol Ammo one of them drops – you can also find 2x M16 Ammo in the passages left and right of the entrance. Get to the exit (opposite of the entrance) and kill another soldier (10) who leaves a Little Medikit for you in the next room. Explore the room for Automatic Pistol Ammo and Uzi Ammo. Find the pushable block and push/pull it into the other side of the room, climb on it and then on the balconies. Run and jump to the other side of the room, then drop to the sloped floor (you still can stand on it). See the boulder left of you? We have to trigger but avoid it, so head to the rightmost part of the little gap, make a turn and soon after that the next so that Lara is safe and the boulder triggered. Jump over the boulder and run through the tunnel to find the Gold Key at the end.

Get back to the balconies and drop down. Run all the way back to the room with safe/real platforms and follow the way back until you can see the open door. Don’t go in yet, but jump until you are in the room with the monk again. Go right and climb the ledge, another door is open here. Jump directly to the other side as there’s nothing to find in the pit except for the way back. Get out and jump over the slope, slide down left and jump to the ladder. Get up and use the two opposite slopes to jump left and finally reach the ledge. Jump on the slope in the pit so that Lara slides down backwards, then drop and at the second slope catch the ledge. Shimmy to the rightmost point and drop into the spike pit. Walk to the alcove with the second Gold Key, pick it up and get back out using the ladder. Jump to the single flat slope and then into the first pit. There, pick up a Little Medikit and jump up the opposite slope, get in the passage and climb the ladder. You can visit a fight between two monks and two soldiers (11,12), if you want help the monks a bit. Jump back over the little pit and to the main hall of the monastery, then left and to the platform puzzle. Jump on the middle platform in the first row and from there into the alcove with the open door. In the new room, jump into the pool to find a Large Medikit, then use the underwater lever to open the door in this room but also trigger a Xian Warrior (13).

Get back out and return to the entrance – the warrior can’t follow, so shoot him from here. Now enter the new room and go right. The closed door in this room can be opened by using the Gold Keys in both left and right receptacles. Shoot two soldiers (14,15), one of them leaves Uzi Ammo. Now enter the new doorway and pick up some Flares in the room at the end, find the other exit, slide down into a room and shoot a soldier (16) that appears. Get in the passage he came from and use the slope as a boost to get up the ledge. Jump in the new room avoiding more spikes and use another slope to get up the next ledge, then climb to the top, turn and run-jump to the right alcove, thereon to the next right alcove. Get down, then to the slopes. Slide and jump to the next ledge. Get up and jump to the right hand slope, then with a left curve to the second slope, then drop down. If you got to the very bottom just pull out the box and jump to the next higher ledge. Jump to the opposite alcove and use the platforms to get around the room, at the end climb into the window and turn right to get up higher. Get to the very top, then search for a lever on the left side of the windows to open a door somewhere.

SECRET 3: This lever is actually timed – it opens the closed door in the room where you had to jump over the balconies (far away), so first get back up to the very top and jump into the corridor, run downstairs and avoid the boulder, don’t enter the new door but return all the way to the pool room, then to the fake block puzzle, jump over the blocks to the left entrance and run/jump all the way to the balcony room. Enter the passage and at the end you will get the Pink Gem. In the new room, go ahead and run onto the red tiles to open the door back. You now have to return all the way to the last lever as the door it opened is closed again.

SECRET 4: In the room with the last secret, you can find a different coloured tile that opens a trapdoor in the green maze, return there and to the area with the difficult slope jump (block on bottom to come up again). Find a hole in there and then another (loosing a lot of health) to enter a dark tunnel – here you can find an open trapdoor with a Large Medikit, Flares and Uzi Ammo. Go into the alcove to open a door to the last gem. First, climb out and run through the corridor to enter the very first room, then first return to the lever (phew) and do the things that are needed to proceed in this game.. When you get into the room with the Eye of Horus room, the right door is open – pick up the Big Silver Gem as a reward which can be called the Super Secret.

Use the lever and get back up to the very top and jump into the corridor. Run downstairs and avoid the boulder, then enter the new door. Get down and drop into the courtyard, then get through the opposite passage and jump over the ledges (watch out at the spike ledge – jump and grab the crevice under it first, then climb up into the spikes) until you don’t seem to can progress. Jump to the right crevice in the wall and shimmy all the way left until you reached the other side. In the next room pick up a Large Medikit and Shotgun Ammo, then, in the middle, the EYE OF HORUS. If you triggered the door you now have access to the secret. Three Xian Warriors (17,18,19) appear, so get back to the last ledge in the corridor and shoot them from safety. Now drop back in the pit (nothing more to do in the Horus room) and run to the end until you can jump over some platforms to reach the start of the platform room, see the open door left and get through the passage.

Use the right blocks to get to the opening in the corner and get into the room with a lever. Pull it, then pick up Flares and Shotgun Ammo behind the vases and leave this room again. Get back to the little pool room, there’s an invisible and invincible creature (20) on the floor so watch out and quickly get back in the passage and kill maximal two (if the monk didn’t kill one) soldiers (21,22) – one of them leaves Uzi Ammo for you. Get back all the way into the Horus room where a door has opened. Get in the left passageway and find a Little Medikit in a left alcove, then run into the opposite corner and start a timed run by running in the spike room. Jump and run to the middle (not to the end) of the corridor, there’s an unmarked trigger tile and get back as quickly as possible, then through the spike room and in the safe last room. Get through the open left door, to the end of the tunnel and kill two soldiers (23,24) or let them fight with the two monks. Afterwards, head to the stairs to finish this level.

End of the level.
Enemies: 24
Secrets: 4

Lost in the Desert

Run up the sandy hills and kill a bird (1). Climb up the ledge – a soldier (2) is coming from the right, so shoot him.

SECRET 1: Jump on the ledge right of the blocks you just climbed up – there is a high tile where you can stand on. Turn right and jump in the area left of the starting area and search the Brown Gem, then return to the start and the junction.

Get left and find a ledge in the maze where you can climb up. Jump into the new area and quickly find the block and jump on it, then kill the snowmobile driver (3), then enter the vehice and drive through the maze to the ramps, kill the bird (4) by driving over it, jump over two hills and shoot another snowmobile driver (5) with your own vehicle, then climb off and pull the lever to open a door somewhere.

SECRET 2: Go left of the lever and find a lower ledge, climb up there, then jump to the ledge with The White Gem Room Key. Jump back on your snowmobile and return to the area where you found the bike, get into the building and open the door with the key to find the White Gem.

Either way, with or without secret, return to the starting area and then go left to find the door you have opened with the switch. Get in the area and find Shotgun Ammo and Flares at the end. Now return and find an exit left of the area entrance, get in and shoot a soldier (6) and a bird (7). Progress through the sandy area and kill two leopards (8,9) and after few metres another bird (10). Jump over the slopes.

SECRET 3: Don’t get to the helicopter yet but head left through the passage and jump into the pit over the slopes at the end to find the Grey Gem.

Run towards the helicopter to finish this levelset.

End of the level.
Enemies: 10
Secrets: 3

End of the levelset.
Enemies: 46
Secrets: 10