Level by: TanteiSakana

Walkthrough by: Nina Croft

An alternate walkthrough by manarch2 follows this one.

GOLDEN SECRET: When the level starts, before entering the building ahead, take a short detour for a secret. Climb the grey wall on Lara's left. From there runjump onto the green slope in the very corner near the wall of the building, and bounce off the slope to land in an alcove. Here you'll find a Gold Dragon. Drop in the trench and climb back up to the entrance.

Enter the building and take some flares from the skeleton straight ahead. Then find an opening in the wall to the right, and take a LMP and 2x Shotgun Shells. Return to the main room and walk to the edge of the pit.

SILVER SECRET: Jump from the edge of the pit to grab the pillar. It is climbable on this side, so climb down into the pit. Go around and use the rocks to climb to the second secret, a Silver Dragon. Use the ladder to climb back up to the top of the pillar.

From the pillar runjump to land on a ledge with ammo. Take 2x Shotgun Shells and jump on the ledge on the other side of the pit. It is the time for the Shotgun, since in the next room you will meet the only enemies in the level. Save your game before you slide down the tunnel. Then slide while a boulder chases you. From the very edge of the spike pit jump to clear it and land inside another big flooded room. Take the gun and kill two tigers who will attack (the tigers can also drown in the water).

When you killed them, go into the water ahead, and as soon as you enter the pool, swim to the left, into a dark tunnel. At the end of it you'll find a Guardhouse Key you'll need for later. Swim back to the pool and swim to the central pillar where you can pull up from the water. Take a look around: to the left there is a closed gate. To the right there is a big opening leading outside. Straight ahead (from the entrance) there are some pillars on the other side of the pool. For now, swim there and climb out of the water. Climb on the block to the left, then jump onto the lower block in the corner. From there run jump onto the first pillar, then jump onto the next, and drop on the other side of it. Use the switch here to open a door elsewhere. Climb back up to the top of the pillar and drop near the pool. Follow the path leading to the left, through the big opening.

Climb onto the ledge with a pushblock. Push it first once to the right (away from the second pushblock). Climb onto it and stand jump with Action on the ledge in the corner. Take an SMP and turn around. Stand jump with grab onto a thin ledge above the pushblock. Walk to the other side of it and run jump onto a higher flat block. Climb over the wall and find more flares near a skeleton. Climb back up over the wall and drop down near the pushblock.

This time push/pull the block to the other side of the ledge, so that you can climb on it and push another block into the tunnel. Push it as far as it will go. Then push the third block once into the room to the left. Enter the room and go around the pushblock. Here is the door you've opened earlier. Drop into the pit and use the second switch to open the gate back in the big pool area. Return there and swim to the other side. Use the blocks to climb to the open doorway. Inside a tunnel you'll find another switch which opens a trapdoor, so drop through it to the lower level. In the hallway with many skeletons, find a keyhole and before you use the key, save your game.

Use the key to open the Guardhouse, and immediately press Look button to cut the scene of a boulder coming to you. Immediately run back to the alcove where you dropped from above, before the boulder smashes Lara. When the coast is clear, go through the opened gate, and to the right. Climb the stairs to the left and walk through the spikes to take an SMP. Drop down and go towards the opening opposite the entrance. Slide down the slope and jump over the spike pit to clear it and to escape the boulder behind you.

As soon as you enter the next hallway, head for the alcove on the other side, to escape the circular blade. When the blade rolls to the right, run out from the alcove into the next one on the other side, and wait for the blade to return. When it rolls to the right, run out into the third alcove, and wait for the blade again. When it rolls to the left, run out and go right, where you'll find a tunnel. Pick up 4x SMP and 2x LMP from the stairs before you reach the second tunnel full of traps.

Make sure Lara has 100% health and save your game. The circular blade will start to move, and you'll have to run through spikes to escape it, so feed Lara with medipacks when needed. When the blade rolls to the right, run after it and steer to the right to enter the first alcove. Again, replenish Lara's health to the full. When the blade rolls to the right, run through the spikes to the next alcove and heal Lara again. Wait for the blade to roll to the right, and run to the left through spikes, and enter the alcove to the right.

Follow the short tunnel to a small room. Watch out from the spikes on the left. Climb on the tall block in the corner and run jump into the alcove with a switch. Use it to have a look at the closed gate nearby. You'll need to use one more switch to open it. Don't drop down from the alcove because of spikes below, but jump back to the pillar, and drop to the right. Return to the corridor with spikes and the blade. Cross the spikes to the other side and enter the tunnel here. Pull up onto the sloped block to the left, and bounce off from it to land on the other sloped block. Slide and jump with Action to land inside an alcove above spikes. Use the switch to finally open the gate. Don't drop down from the alcove, but run jump diagonally to the left to clear the spikes below. Return to the corridor with spikes and circular blade. This time you don't have to go through spikes. Just jump up to grab the pillar above. Run jump onto the next ledge and go through the opened gate.

Inside this hallway, WALK, because there is a concealed spike pit. When Lara will not walk further, run jump across the pit. Take 8x LMP and save your game before entering another trapped hallway. Make sure Lara's health is 100% and finally enter the spiked hallway. Run to the right through spikes as you run away from the spiked wall, and feed Lara with medipacks when needed. At the end of the spiked hallway run to the left where it is safe. There is a pushblock here, and you can use it to reach a high window, but if you try to take an SMP in the window, one boulder will smash Lara. So leave the pushblock as it is, climb over it and exit through the doorway.

JADE SECRET: Climb the long ladder ahead. In order to take the last secret, you'll need to find an invisible ledge. When you see an ammo “hanging in the air” to the left of Lara, climb to the right edge of the ladders and drop on the invisible ledge. You cannot take the ammo on the other side. Turn so the ladder is behind Lara and run jump to grab the edge of the wall. Climb up and claim the Jade dragon along with the Grenade gun and 4x grenades. Make sure Lara's health is topped and drop down to the ground. This time climb the ladder all the way up (you can also jump back to the invisible ledge and then perform a slightly tricky stand jump to grab the ladder).

At the top of the ladder, slide down into the last room. There are two SMPs lying on the floor. If you try to take the one on the left, a boulder will kill Lara. So, take the one on the right to finish the level.


Level by: TanteiSakana

Walkthrough by manarch2

You start this level sliding onto the Great Wall.

SECRET 1: Climb the left wall and run-jump on the far slope in the corner, then backflip
to a ledge with the Gold Dragon. Jump back on the wall.

Get into the building and look right for an alcove with a Large Medikit and 2x Shotgun Ammo. Get out and run to the big gap. Find some Flares near a skeleton. Jump to the first pillar in the gap.

SECRET 2: Drop down backwards and climb down an invisible ladder to get on the floor of the gap. Go around the structure and climb the blocks for the Silver Dragon. Climb back up.

Jump to the ledge with 2x Shotgun Ammo and take it, then to the following ledge and slide down the slope. A boulder starts running down too, behind you, so jump over the spike gap quickly. Shoot a tiger and take a look at a big pool room. Find an underwater alcove left in the water and swim through to find the Guardhouse Key. Nothing more to find underwater so swim back and climb out. Looking from the entrance, enter the cave ahead, climb the blocks, jump up left, turn and run-jump few times until you find a gap with a lever to pull. A door opens somewhere.

Get back out and in the left cave. Push the lower block right (first away from the other one) and climb on it, jump to the ledge with a Little Medikit, turn and jump up to the top. Find some Flares behind the wall ahead of you, then get down and push the lower block under the upper and then push the upper one twice, turn left and push the block once. Go around it and drop into the gap with another lever to pull. Climb back out and leave this cave, running into the opposite one and climb the blocks to find the next open door. Pull a lever at the passage’s end to open a trapdoor behind you. Drop down and go right to insert the Guardhouse Key into the keyhole. Draw a weapon to get the camera back to you, turn immediately right and run-jump few times, then run into the left alcove to escape the boulder.

Follow the tunnel, go right, climb the stairs to find a Little Medikit in the spikes (walk to get it). Drop down, there is another tunnel. Place Lara in front of the tunnel (as far away as possible with the next move) and press End to roll, immediately press it again and the triggered boulder rolls down without hurting you. Jump in the passage below where a rolling blade dangers you. Everytime when it’s away run into the next left or right alcove. Climb the stairs at the end, finding four Little and two Large Medikits. Go into the spike trap with rolling boulder, walk or if needed run (with jump) through the spikes when the boulder’s away, and finally reach the end. There are two passages – get into the left one and jump up the slopes to find a lever in an alcove, use it, get down and into the right alcove. Jump up the blocks and pull another lever to open a door in the last room. Get back, climb up on the rightmost point of the uneven square outside and jump to the door.

Follow the passage, jump over a fake tile and find eight Large Medikits at the end. A spike wall and some floor spikes await you. Since you have enough health reserves, run! Get through the spikes, at the end turn left and you are safe. Push the block twice, climb on it and jump into the alcove. Trying to get that Little Medikit leads to instant death by boulder so let it there. Climb the long ladder (nothing to find in the side passages).

SECRET 3: When you see Automatic Pistol Ammo floating in the air left of you, drop on the right invisible platform. Turn right and jump to the wall there. From there, jump to the central wall to find the Jade Dragon. As a bonus, you get a Little Medikit, the Grenade Launcher and 2x Grenades. Get back on the ladder.

Climb the ladder to the top. Slide down and find a room with two Little Medikits. Grabbing the left one again leads to death by boulder. If you grab the right one, however, the level ends.